Farrah Abraham Can’t Keep The Lies About Her Sex Tape That’s Really A Porno Straight

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary like, oh I dunno, you’re looking right at her at a porn convention with Ron Jeremy, squirting tit-bag Farrah Abraham is still trying to claim Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was an innocent sex tape she filmed with her “boyfriend” porn star James Deen who betrayed her by leaking it, so she had no choice but to do promotional appearances at strip clubs to sell more copies for her to earn a cut from. Exes, amirite? So, amazingly, it’s taken this long to trip over her own feet while selling this tap-dancing horseshit because here she is on last night’s Couples Therapy deliciously fucking her story all up. Via Gawker:

On last night’s episode, The Real L Word’s Sada Bettencourt called Abraham out on her blatant lie (part of her story is that James Deen, her sex tape partner, is/was her boyfriend). Bettencourt inquired why someone would hire a camera crew to film a sex tape, causing Abraham to slip and say, “No there was not—there was only me and the camera person.” And then she denied ever saying “camera person.” Literally, she said, “I don’t know if I ever said ‘camera person,’ but there was never a camera person.”

Until now, I’ve been able to safely say I’ve never gotten off from Farrah’s “sex tape.” The second I read the words “camera person,” that was all over. So while I fetch a mop, here’s Farrah losing her shit on Twitter because crying and stamping her feet worked on her parents, so why not the whole Internet?

I love how everyone thinks there was a camera crew to film me having sex with one other person when my partner was holding the camera (WOW)
I think if this is the one thing in the house people make up & use against me & lie about to others #FUCKTHEM #LIERS #LOSERS
It’s amazing these people are all making assumptions and talking about something that they have no idea about, sad #GetALife #SoWrong

If you watch just the trailer for Backdoor Farrah, there’s a moving shot of James Deen holding Farrah with one hand while fingerblasting her with another that’s taken from across the room. So either his dick is 20 feet long and can work a camera (“It’s possible.” – Jon Hamm), or James Deen’s the kid from Chronicle and we’re all going to get lightning stormed in the face. Which is it?

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News, WENN