F*ck You, Farrah Abraham, You Were Not Raped

Let me just start this post off by saying as much of an asshole-ish, boob-obsessed dickhead as I am, I understand very serious concepts such as rape culture and victim shaming. In fact, I’ve been pissed to no end watching it happen with the Dylan Farrow situation. So for all those people just itching to call a supposed rape victim a liar, let me divert your attention to Farrah Abraham who’s now claiming on Couples Therapy that she was raped while promoting her sex tape – You know, the one she’s still lying about not being a porno. – and beaten and abused by her parents. Radar Online reports:

“Violence has been a big part of my life,” Abraham, 22, tells InTouch magazine, claiming that her now-divorced parents Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham “would beat me with a belt if I acted out” when she was just a young girl.
She claimed to InTouch, “I had cuts, bruise, welts, swelling and scars. … The abuse tore me down and at times made me feel like not living.”
As a result, Abraham explains, she looked to plastic surgery for a self-esteem boost, spending more then $30,000 on a nose job, chin implant, Botox and two boob jobs.
“Abuse made me feel that I’m never attractive enough,” she says. “I try to be so perfect.”
Despite distancing herself from her parents with a move to Austin, Texas in 2013, Abraham continued to endure more pain after she released her sex tape last year. In the promotional blitz following the tape’s release, Abraham said she surrounded herself with “the wrong type of people” at porn conventions, strip joints, and nightclubs.
She reveals, “I was drugged and raped more than once. It was a dark time.”

I’m just going to start pulling apart this bullshit a piece at time.

The Abuse

If you’ve seen just one episode of Teen Mom, you know Farrah is an absolute spoiled brat who completely dominated her parents. She shit on them constantly while they repeatedly provided a place to live every time she ran out of money on top of basically raising her daughter. Nothing about their interactions suggested a girl who was terrified of physical abuse. In one episode of the show, after her mom bailed her out again, Farrah bitched about a room in their house not being painted to her liking which if you were terrified of someone beating you, is not something you’d ever think of complaining about. Even more damning, the one time Farrah’s mom finally did give her the smack across the face she’d been lacking her whole life, Farrah called the police. As for moving to Texas, to “distance herself” from her parents, she moved next door to her dad so he could babysit.

The Rape

I’m sure Jezebel will write a really nice article highlighting sexual assault in the adult industry and how we shouldn’t simply ignore Farrah’s claims just because she’s a shit stain of a human being. Which is fine, they should do that because rape no matter where it happens is serious. That said, there is no fucking way it happened to Farrah. For starters, she conveniently revealed this on a reality show she lied about being in a relationship to get on. From there, she lied about her sex tape, so is it really that big of a stretch that she would make up shocking details about her life to maximize her screen time? That’s the entire point of her being on the show: To promote brand Farrah. Because if she really was raped, maybe she should’ve gone to a reputable therapist and then done something constructive like using a credible outlet besides a VH1 reality show to shed light on rape in the adult industry. Which is why this is probably the worst shit Farrah Abraham has ever done because there’s nothing that hurts the cause of actual rape victims more than attention whores like her who make up false claims and treat sexual assault like it’s a goddamn prop. I don’t even have a snarky ending for this. Just fuck you. That’s all I have. Fuck you.

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