Farrah Abraham Claims James Deen Raped Her, Here We Go

When the porn industry started turning against James Deen and began outing him as an “alleged” rapist and sadist sociopath, my biggest concern was that Farrah Abraham would jab her lying bullshit beak into this and immediately muddy the waters because she’s Farrah Abraham. Which must be odd coming from a guy who believed Janice Dickinson’s claims against Bill Cosby, but I’m also of the school of thought that, oh I dunno, being raped by Bill Cosby at a young age will mess a person up. Whereas Farrah’s penchant for pathological lying goes back years before she would’ve been allegedly raped by James Deen. That said, I don’t want to be the asshole telling rape victims that they weren’t raped – like I already did once with Farrah, who may actually have been allegedly raped by James Deen – so let me tell you what I do know:

1. James Deen is a fucking snake in the grass. The accounts of him allegedly being a sadistic, manipulative, and abusive rapist are overwhelming. Not counting Farrah, he’s up to seven accusers already.

2. Part of that manipulation involves pretending how “honest” he is, which is the card Deen pulled when he blew up the marketing of Backdoor Farrah by claiming he didn’t want to be a part of the deceptive marketing. I’ve heard rumors to the contrary that he was on board from the jump and threw her under the bus to fuck with her just because he could.

3. Farrah Abraham’s exclusive interview accusing James Deen of raping her was for The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail pays for interviews.

For once, I’m going to let you guys decide and not get on my soapbox unless a gun or Starbucks red cup falls out of Farrah’s vagina. Which could happen! Who knows what they keep up there?

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Photos: AKM-GSI