Farrah Abraham Sucks At Raising Animals, Too? What Are The Odds?

“Gawrsh, kid, your mom sucks dicks. Anal pooooorn!”

If there are two things I’ve learned that the Internet loves from all my years jamming celebrity breasts into it for cash money, it’s watching Farrah Abraham rubber butthole her way from one fuck-up to another, and going absolutely bananas ape-shit about animals. So you might want to get a towel ready for this one. Us Weekly reports:

Uh-oh! Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham revealed on Instagram Saturday, January 30, that her dog, Posh, is pregnant — but some of the comments on her post aren’t messages of congratulations.
[email protected] [is] going to be a #Grandma,” Abraham, 24, captioned a video of her daughter, Sophia, 6, and Posh the Pomeranian. “#Congrats Posh is #Pregnant. countdown to new Pom babies! 20 days til birth.”
While the post soon had almost 3,000 likes, and some fans said they couldn’t wait to see Posh’s puppies, others criticized Abraham for being a “backyard breeder” who was being irresponsible for not spaying her dog when “there’s so many in the shelters.”

I don’t have any pets because if I’m going to raise something, I’m getting at least 8-10 years of lawn mowing out of it, and even I know you’re supposed to spay or neuter the damn things. Then again, Farrah’s parents couldn’t even get that right with her, so can we honestly blame her for keeping the cycle going? It’s not like she has any idea how pregnancy works. She probably still thinks Jesus left her kid under her pillow – for her mom to take care of.

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