Farrah Abraham Didn’t Approve A New Sex Tape If You Don’t Count The Part When She Did

Now that she’s used rape as a cheap marketing tool, Farrah Abraham has moved on to part two of her sex tape sequel release plan: Act like she doesn’t want it released even though everyone knows exactly how these things work, you butt-squirting snozz-hole of fuck. TMZ reports:

Abraham is upset over Vivid releasing a follow-up video to “Backdoor Teen Mom” … claiming she never approved a sequel.
Small problem … We have an email Farrah sent to Vivid … in which she gives the porn company the right “to release video or Videos(s).” Plural times 2.

And, sure enough, if you click over to TMZ, you’ll see an email from Farrah’s lawyer granting Vivid the right to release the video within 60 days of – wait for it – completion of filming. Wow, that almost sounds like Farrah is some sort of person who’s paid to act in pornographic movies. Which can’t be right because clearly these are intimate tapes she’s filmed with her boyfriend after a cameraman breaks into her house to adjust the lighting and hold a boom mic over her tits. Haha, first dates. Amirite?

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Photo: Pacific Coast News