Farrah Abraham Didn’t Approve A New Sex Tape If You Don’t Count The Part When She Did

February 10th, 2014 // 48 Comments
Butt-Squirt 2
Farrah Abraham smiles during her photoshoot
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Now that she’s used rape as a cheap marketing tool, Farrah Abraham has moved on to part two of her sex tape sequel release plan: Act like she doesn’t want it released even though everyone knows exactly how these things work, you butt-squirting snozz-hole of fuck. TMZ reports:

Abraham is upset over Vivid releasing a follow-up video to “Backdoor Teen Mom” … claiming she never approved a sequel.
Small problem … We have an email Farrah sent to Vivid … in which she gives the porn company the right “to release video or Videos(s).” Plural times 2.

And, sure enough, if you click over to TMZ, you’ll see an email from Farrah’s lawyer granting Vivid the right to release the video within 60 days of – wait for it – completion of filming. Wow, that almost sounds like Farrah is some sort of person who’s paid to act in pornographic movies. Which can’t be right because clearly these are intimate tapes she’s filmed with her boyfriend after a cameraman breaks into her house to adjust the lighting and hold a boom mic over her tits. Haha, first dates. Amirite?

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Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. Cock Dr

    Looking at her reduces the libido….that can’t be a good attribute for an aspiring porn star.

    • You can often counter this effect by upping the humiliation factor in the video. This might be the tack they should follow with Ms. Abraham. I suggest that they could literally shove a copy of her parenting book up her ass.

      • Cock Dr

        I wouldn’t watch that either but would love for McFeely to provide a page by page description.

      • Dox

        -Lights Up. Camera Focuses on a copy of Farrah’s new book. Slowly, the field of focus pulls back, to reveal her face down on the bed.
        -Enter: Ron Jeremy in a clown suit, because art. Ron walks slowly into center frame, with hands behind his back. Serious look inspite of large red nose.

        “Hello, my name is Ron Jeremy. Today I would like to talk to you about something vitally important. Genetic testing.”

        -Ron picks up book, pauses in monologue to consider the cover, which of course has Farrah’s horse face plastered all over it.

        “Genetic testing is vital, in order to insure your children aren’t born defective.”

        -Considers huge bottle of lube in corner, shakes head, and motions to assistants dressed in chicken suits because Drama. Assistants grasp the slightly greasy flesh of Farrah’s butt and begin pulling mightily in opposite directions.

        Wait… Whaddya mean I cant finish Fish? This is art, Its classy, and I haven’t even gotten to the part in the script where the Shetland ponies, and twelve rabid wombats get brought in…..

  2. LOL! She is so full of shit. what a pathetic, delusional woman.

  3. JC

    Her third sex tape will be released “against her will” after a tearful revelation on “Bethenny” about the time she spent in a German POW camp during WWII.

    • mark

      jc, that comment was so inspired…I give the most sincere tip of the hat in your direction sir/ma’am. absolutely perfect!

  4. So she never approved a sequel? Did she just let some random porn actor throw it in her, on camera, for fun then?

  5. I don’t give a shit until I down load the torrent of “Plural times 2.”

  6. anonymous

    So is she banging different dudes or is this just the extra footage from the first tape spliced together and called a sequel?

    And they need to stop calling her Teen Mom. She’s what 22 now?

  7. Title guesses?

    Backdoor Teen Mom — Take (it in the Number) Two
    Plumbing Farrah’s Faucet
    Farrah’s Abraham Lincoln Log Hole gets Shot
    Teen Mom Becomes Technical Virgin

    • “Jihad on that Camel’s Cornhole”

      • Bringing up Farrah’s Rear
        James Deen Drops a Load on the Road Less Traveled
        Christian Farrah Endorses Santorum

      • Christian Farrah endorses Santorum – LOL

        Road less traveled? That asshole looked the 405 in the first video.

      • mark

        HA!!! I just had a quick look at her sex tape for the first time. her bod is pretty nice but that fucking camel face? the only thing that makes this tape of hers worth a look is her asshole which hangs open and is motherfucking GAPING!! it’s almost deformed. it makes me wonder whether or not she actually birthed through that hole in some medical phenomenon! it’s literally the widest, most open anus I’ve ever seen. her turds must just fall out of her without her even knowing.

    • JC

      Teen Mom’s Farrah: The (Fake) Girlfriend Experience
      Couples’ Ther-ass-apy
      I Blew My Auditions for Soap Operas, so Now I Blow James Deen

    • Tearing Up Farrah’s Estrada Chocolata?
      Rearing an Idiot?
      Happy Scrappy Hero Pup?

      Whoops, that last one was from “Clerks”. I almost pulled a Shia… wait a sec…

    • joe

      Ugly, Stupid, Lying Whore Takes it in the Shit Pipe For Money, Part Two: This Time, it’s Personal

    • “Backdoor Mom 2: Electric Buttaloo”.

    • mark

      1. felching Farrah’s fart furnace

      2. fragrant Farrah’s fecal fantasy

      3. filling Farrah’s festive fart funnel

  8. I bet Vivid shoots a ton of video that’s not pre-signed off for distribution. That happens.

  9. Yeah, yeah, you didn’t agree, it’s a private sex tape, etc. And I drink every day because red wine’s good for my cholesterol. Or something.

  10. mx3

    i wanna see Teen Mom Take 2….Guys.

  11. I usually save the cameraman and boom mike for the third date. I’m a gentleman.

    • I still think Fish hasn’t seen it or he’s deliberately twisting the facts…

      There was no cameraman nor any evidence of microphone operators. However, those are not things that are necessary to make the jump between a private sex tape and straight up porn. I think the contracts and payments from Vivid Entertainment, LLC are where the jump is made.

  12. There were people trying to get on the last helicopter out of Saigon with less desperation in their eyes than this woman.

  13. At least we have McFeely’s review to look forward to

  14. Does Vivid also have first rights to make Farrah’s daughter’s first porno when she turns 18? Cuz you know that’s coming. Or squirting.

  15. Farrah Abraham Bikini Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    Pouch full of pussy

  16. Farrah Abraham Bikini Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    You know, there are a lot of fine, pretty porno actresses who specialize in taking it in the ass and who don’t have near the infamy that this one-time-only skank gets. And those girls work hard (har har get the pun) and do lots of movies just to make ends meet. Meanwhile this motile blow-up doll gets all the fame.

  17. Murray Langston

    You guys are crazy. She has a pretty banging bod.
    I’d poke her if she wears LaBeouf’s paper bag over her head.

  18. It SOUNDS like this is a release of footage that was edited out from her first porno, which she regrets so much that she can’t bear the idea of even more footage becoming public.

    But since this is Farrah, this is probably a brand new tape with a new actor she will pretend she was dating and having private sexy time with, and it was stolen from her again, and released without her approval, forcing her to take a paycheck.

    In reality, she’s probably pissed off that Vivid is going to release the extra footage from her first porn and she won’t get any money from it, since she’s already been paid for that performance.

  19. Farrah Abraham Bikini Diet Pills
    El Cacas
    Commented on this photo:

    Not because you have the ass, you become Miley Cyrus

    • I Am,Satan

      Are you really trying to relate her to ugly ass Miley Cyrus??? You sound like you beat off to ugly cyrus

  20. 13-Shendrit Abraham

    This is gone a little too far now, since last year, it shouldn’t happened if this unnecessary media article mess kept going.

  21. she’s hot and sexy ;)

  22. So Farrah allows Vivid Entertainment to film her getting mauled once again, after making sure they know it’s not for distribution. There ya go. That makes perfect sense, especially from the business point of view. I’m sure Vivid would be glad to take vids of just anyone who asks for a free sex tape — no charge, of course.

  23. Really...?

    The company name…”F&S By Farrah Inc”

    I wonder how long before this poor innocent lamb of god claims that stands for Films and Songs…

  24. gary colerman's ghost

    I’m surprised she hasn’t claimed she was drugged, raped and forced by her lawyer, Steve Hirsch – and her father to sign the release form.

  25. Just a disgusting, pathetic pathological liar.

  26. Farrah Abraham Bikini Diet Pills
    The Satan
    Commented on this photo:

    You all sound like a bunch of virgins, you all know damn well if she came to your house and wanted to fuck you would so shut the fuck up

  27. Farrah Abraham Bikini Diet Pills
    I Am,Satan
    Commented on this photo:

    You two are fat fucks

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