Farrah Abraham’s Mom Raps Now, These Truly Are The End Times

A long time ago, in a post far, far away, Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra became my hero after she was arrested for finally cracking Farrah in the face. And while I normally only celebrate violence against Nazis, if you’ve seen just 1/10th of a second of their interactions when Farrah still lived under Debra’s roof, you would’ve stood up and cheered if not screamed, “FINISH HER.”

Except here’s the thing, Farrah Abraham didn’t become Christian author/anal porn enthusiast Farrah Abraham in a vacuum. That required years of parental malfeasance. And now that malfeasance has its own rap video and apparently calls itself “DebzOG” because clearly we’re living in a new butt-squirt circle of Hell forged by the whitest of white people.

On that note, remember when everyone was like, “Oh thank God, Debra’s raising Sophia instead of Farrah.” You should probably stop thinking that now because there’s no way that has a happy ending. Well, I mean, technically it will, but we’ve got 10 years until we should make that joke. Put that one in your back pocket.

Music Video PREMIERE: DebzOG

OMG! Check out the music video premiere of Debra's FIRST ever rap song, DebzOG! 🎶🔥

Be sure to catch the "Being Debra" special Wednesday at 8/7c to see the making of the video.

Posted by Teen Mom on Monday, February 13, 2017

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