Farrah Abraham Took A Run At The Kardashians

Here’s Farrah Abraham at the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo because she’s a porn star who makes porn and derives fame and income from said porn along with selling porn-related items such as rubber fuck-copies of her butthole and subscriptions to a pornographic web cam site called “Farrah’s Friends Live,” which I somehow missed. However, if you correctly point out what an empty, horrible cunt of a person Farrah is, she’ll accuse of you doing porn, the exact profession that Farrah Abraham actively participates in and receives profit from because, again, here she is at a porn expo. And such was the case this week when Kendall Jenner sided with Nicki Minaj prompting Farrah Abraham, who’s famous for making a sex tape, to make a photo slamming the Kardashians for only being famous because of a sex tape. I’d ask how this didn’t tear a hole into the very fabric of our reality, but then I remembered Farrah’s rubber anus, and that’s the hole. The hole’s already there.

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All that said, this post sounds a hell of a lot like I’m defending the Kardashians, which I don’t want to do because this is like choosing between fundamentalist Christianity and radical Islam even though one of those will eventually kill us all because of a goddamn story book. So for the record, I’m Team This Britney Spears Turning Into Jesus GIF. Whatever this says to do, I’m doing it.

britney spears jesus gif

Hmm, I’m not sure blowing up the Burger King by your house will make McDonald’s the only French Fries in the whole wide world, but hey, you’re the boss. *buys grenade launcher on Craigslist because AMERICA, baby*

(h/t Robyn for the Bertney gif)

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