Farrah Abraham Just Made Ted Nugent Look Like A Genius

July 18th, 2013 // 84 Comments
I Take It Back
Ted Nugent
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For the record, I don’t (entirely) mean to keep bringing up how it’s open season on black kids in Florida now, but this time, I thought it’d be nice if we heard an opinion about Travyon Martin that we can all agree encompasses everything that’s wrong with America, starting with the hole it snowballed out of. TMZ reports:

“Backdoor Teen Mom” made the unbelievably stupid comments on the “Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour” show … when the host asked how she felt about the Trayvon situation.
“I feel like I’ve met her or something,” Farrah blurted out of her stupid mouth … adding, “It sounds so familiar … I don’t know what she is so I can’t picture the person with the name right now.”

I may have said some shit about Ted Nugent, but at least he had a basic understanding of the most prominent court decision affecting race relations today. Whereas Farrah Abraham apparently thinks Trayon Martin is a porn actress she met at a convention, or the woman down the hall she leaves her daughter with. She can’t remember all these names.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. To be fair, it’s hard to keep up with the news when your head is permanently up your ass.

  2. The Illuminati Did It

    Ah, yes. Open season. All of that racism sure is keeping this country down. How ’bout the President signs into law that all white people that defend themselves in this country should be sent to prison immediately, no matter the circumstances. Who needs evidence when we have all of this media fueled emotion to rely on!

    • Whatever

      Lighten up, Francis

    • George Zimmerman's Father's Rabbi

      Yes it’s “open season” on the blacks now for all you white hunters. Go get your huntin’ licenses. You gotta catch up with all them black hunters who have their year-round huntin’ licenses.

      • Joe Blow

        White hunters? You, ah, do know that the gentleman who capped Martin is Hispanic, right?

      • Hey, we’re gettin’ a good white guilt frenzy worked up here…don’t go confusing people with facts.

      • Joe Blow

        Damn.. that was supposed to be a reply to “The Illuminati Did It “

      • George Zimmerman's Father's Rabbi

        Can no one sense sarcasm in print anymore? Anyhow, going by the CNN and AP label: He’s really a “white Hispanic”, kinda like Barack Obama and Halle Berry are “white African Americans”.

      • Jussayin

        Ummmm white and Hispanic are not mutually exclusive. White is a race, Hispanic is an ethnicity. I, for example, am non-Hispanic white.

    • Yes, poor white people, being hunted down by all of no one. Board up your windows else Obama will fly in on his negro space jet of black injustice, take your guns and sodomize your feelings.

      • The Illuminati Did It

        Of course your’re right! Black on white crime NEVER happens! Those four black marines absolutely DID NOT rape a white marine’s wife then kill them both! Here in St. Louis, that gay man was absolutely NOT beaten to death by a gang of black teens! Whites NEVER are killed by violence. You are so brilliant! Hey, could I make a suggestion. Why don’t you look SHIT UP before you make your retarded comments. Oh, and FUCK OFF! I know you’re going to call me a rascist. Not true. You see, I actually looked at the evidence in the trial, plus I read the news (not watch). May I suggest you learn how to read, so you can do the same.

      • George Zimmerman's Subconscious

        But don’t you remember what Obama said? “If I had a daughter, she’d look like Quiana Jenkins?” Ooops. My bad, he actually said that somewhere else, different universe, different reality.

  3. anonym

    I hope her kid turns out at least a little bit smarter than she is.

  4. Tronald Dump

    The lying and race-baiting didn’t work. Get over it and move along.

  5. It’s not possible to be this stupid and narcissistic, is it? Wow.

  6. Customer: Excuse me bartender whiskey and coke for me and send a vinegar and water to that filthy thing at the end of the bar. Whats her name?

    Bartender: That’s Farrah Abraham

    Customer: Oh make that a double for her then.

  7. Nonnie Moose

    Zimmerman is as white as Barack Obama, so all you’re doing here is demonstrating to everyone that you’ve got your head further up your ass than James Deen’s cock in Farrah Abraham.

    And since The Superficial is now your personal blog to vent your ill-informed political angst, I’ll be going elsewhere for my entertainment.


  8. Cock Dr

    There’s no saving this one. She was born to have her holes stuffed full in front of cameras.

  9. EricLR

    It’s okay, sweetie. Your mouth wasn’t made for talking.

  10. tlmck

    Wait… We still have radio?

  11. Toni

    This post spelled mr. martin’s first name differently each 3 times.. Trayvon, Travyon and Trayon.. Proofread?

    • Juror B37

      It’s “Crayon”, as in, “when I want to draw something beautiful I use the light colored crayons.”

  12. It doesn’t bother me that Fish, at times, uses this blog for political and social commentary. There’s nothing that turns me on more than a man with a brain.

    Fish, you are one fucking intelligent man.


  13. When they said, “Trayvon” she thought they said, “strap on.”

  14. Jake

    Reminds of my friend who has dating a woman 20 years his junior. Stolling downtown, he asked her if she wanted to stop in Barnes & Noble. Her answer? “YES!! I LOVE ICE CREAM!”

  15. vandal

    You know what? Blame MTV. It’s those fuckers that are making these cretins famous. Fuck that shit.

  16. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    AZ Ken
    Commented on this photo:

    The shoes really don’t match the whore.

  17. Little Tongue

    “Yes, Ladies and, especially, Gentlemen, my clitoris is IN my bellybutton! It means that even if my partner of the moment has really small arms, he can still clit-o-stimulate me while buttfucking me. What else can I ask for? I’ve been blessed!”

    PS: Stay tuned for my next flick : Navelishious Teen Mom! Of course, that tape was stolen from me, like the one before, as it was intended for my sole pleasure only. I might sue someone over this. Or not.

  18. kevin federline

    the stupid person is the one asking a porn star what she thinks

  19. JC

    Don’t be so hard on Farrah. It turns out that in her next “accidentally leaked” “private” sex tape, she’s sharing a double-headed dildo (ass-to-ass, naturally) with a young starlet named Tracy Martin. It’s a simple misunderstanding.

  20. Wow. I think she just unified the country in a solid agreement about how ignorant she must be. So maybe this is like the plot of ‘The Watchmen’ where she’s secretly a benevolent supergenius and only pretends to be a dumb slut in order to save humankind from itself. (That happened in The Watchmen too, right?)

  21. No matter what party wins the next election, can we make her leave the country? I mean any election at all. There’s got to be one happening today somewhere.

  22. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    Bradley Cooper is going too far trying to make us forget he gave Gerard Butler a handie a few weeks ago.

  23. Farrah Abraham … Farrah Abraham … sounds familiar … wasn’t she a character in this brilliant short story written by … what’s his name, it’ll come to me in a second … McFeely Smackup?

  24. cc

    ‘Farrah Abraham Just Made Ted Nugent Look Like A Genius’

    Wow, you really through the hyperbole gauntlet down with that one.

  25. logan

    It’s a good thing she is good with her butt hole, because nothing of any intelligence comes out of the hole in her head. Lord I feel so sorry for this truck stop ho’s child.

  26. Yoda Mann

    Was it open season on white folk when O.J. Walked? Get a grip.

    • BigOkie

      Ask Reginald Denny…

    • Johnny Barbells

      …your clever retort would be as poignant as you think it is IF: OJ had targeted, stalked, confronted and murdered nicole simply because she was a suspicious-looking white woman he saw walking through brentwood …but since that is’nt why he killed her; “your argument is invalid”.

      • Yoda Mann

        Hey, Asshat. Why don’t you come to my town, Chicago, and see what open season really looks like?

        Right in the heart of the tourist area. Estimates of up to crowds of 400. The radio is squawking about State and Chicago, Huron, Ohio, Orleans. Wagons have been called in from at least 4 districts. The Mounted Unit has been clearing streets and breaking up crowds of “youths” for the past few hours.

        Channel 2 actually covered this somehow. We’re amazed Rahm didn’t stomp on them yet:
        Chicago police made several arrests Saturday evening following another “wilding” scene instigated by young people along the Magnificent Mile. Photographers shot chaotic video of police officers and vehicles swarming Michigan Avenue near Huron and detaining several young people around 7:30 p.m. Some of the disturbance leaked onto Chicago Avenue near State Street on a relatively warm night with temperatures in the 50s.

        Chicago Police News Affairs confirmed officers arrested “a number of offenders” and said charges were pending. Details weren’t available.

        But community activist Andrew Holmes, who happened to be shopping with a relative in the upscale retail district, described a scene in which hundreds of young people misbehaved, with some of them harassing and attacking people on the street.

        “They assaulted a Chicago police officer who was on a mounted horse. And all of a sudden, they assaulted the citizens walking the streets – just normal citizens shopping, enjoying the weather,” Holmes told CBS 2’s Chris Martinez. “I caution those parents if their child has been arrested … You need to think about your child. Just don’t say the Chicago police picked on your child, when we watched all the assault going on, especially by teen women.”

        This is the first warm weekend of the year – summer is going to be a fucking disaster.

        Trust me, the tone of melanin amongst the wee Elmer Fudds is not a whiter shade of pale.

      • you are a moron who seems to be intentionally ignoring the fact that, Zimmerman had every right to ask someone he knew did not live in his gated community, cutting through neighbor’s back yards at night in the rain, ‘hey kid, whatcha doin?’, and had the kid responded with ‘going to that apartment over there where my dad is staying with his girlfriend’, instead of ducking behind some bushes and jumping Zimmerman, the kid would not be dead. You have a right to ask people who are sneaking around your neighbor’s back yards wtf they’re doing – and they do not have any right to violently attack in response to that question. I got asked the same damned question every night I stepped off the subway on Flatbush Ave and walked the 2 or 3 blocks home at 11 pm, I answered factually and respectfully. I felt no need to punch anybody for keeping an eye on their neighborhood.

  27. Meshuggah Tits

    What’s the only thing that Farrah Abraham and NPR have in common?
    They’re both member-supported.

  28. Juan

    You are such a woman. This case has nothing to do with race relations. A black kid jumped a fat Hispanic guy who was legally carrying a gun. He got shot because he was being the crap out of the fat guy with the gun. Backed up by all the evidence at the trial. We get it, you hate America. You’re Perez Hilton without the jizmarks on the pictures.

    • j/k

      You forgot the part where the fat hispanic guy got out of his car to stalk the black kid. I suppose you tell your kids they should embrace strange men that follow them…

      • OMG!!! He got OUT OF HIS CAR!?!?! Didn’t he know that when you see a young black man walking around in your neighborhood, you’re required to lock yourself inside and piss your pants until the cops show up, and if you dare to so much as ask the black guy who you know does not live in your GATED community, wth are you doing here, he has the right to pummel the bejeezus out of you?

  29. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    I just can’t help it. I wanna fuck the stupid out of her so bad. I realize that would be equivalent to trying to scale Everest with a Buick on your back, but I’d try.

  30. Paul Phoenix

    Fish, I know you’re reading this.
    I think we can (mostly) all agree that Zimmerman dun fucked up and probably should have went in for the manslaughter charge at the very least, but -

    The man never once in his life did or said anything to even suggest that he’s a racist or he was racially motivated in anything he did.

    It would seem that certain portions of the media really, really want us to fight a race war in the total absence of anything that could be described as racism.

    Could you please stop helping them? This is my country you’re shitting up. Thanks.

    • “he man never once in his life did or said anything to even suggest that he’s a racist or he was racially motivated in anything he did.”

      Except assume that a black kid walking through the neighborhood was a punk trying to do something illegal because he was, y’know, walking through the neighborhood and black…

      I mean, it’s not like he had a history of calling 911 due to black folks “walking around looking suspicious”…oh, wait…

      • Paul Phoenix

        Except he never said or suggested he did anything because Trayvon was black. The dispatcher specifically asked him what race Trayvon was, and he replied “he looks black”.
        That’s it.
        You’re being fed lies.

      • It was a GATED community, that means nobody who doesn’t live there should be in there. Trayvon did not live there. Trayvon’s father did not live there. Zimmerman did live there, and knew that Trayvon did not, so he asked a simple question, wtf you doing here, and he had every goddamned right to ask that legit question. Try walking through a black neighborhood at night sometime (assuming you’re white), you won’t get half a block without being stopped and asked wtf you’re doing in their neighborhood. That’s what people who give a shit about their communities do – they ask people they know don’t live there wtf they’re doing in their neighborhood at night. And FYI, all of the dozen or so burglaries in Zimmerman’s neighborhood over the prior year were committed by black men between 16 and 30 years old.

  31. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    Kinda looks like Paul Stanley in drag.

  32. anonymous

    Meh…she gets paid to show tits and shove things up her ass not for her insights on society.

  33. Kill it before it lays e…..
    Oh shit too late.

  34. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    He: I’ll pretend to play and YOU blow farts out your ass. Get it?

    Farrah: I don’t get it.

  35. eh

    Well, I’m just glad this site is no longer writing about her because she in no way became a celebrity by making a lot of money doing porn. The silence is deafening.

  36. Vapid

    Can someone get her a Darwin Award?

  37. I’d gladly kill Farah Anusham and Courtney Slovven if it would guarantee that this blog and it’s staff would never, EVER wade into political waters again. I mean if my tax money goes to buying hoodies and weed for black kids in America, then I shouldn’t be reminded of it constantly by a website devoted to the daily likelihood that somebody famous showed their udders, clams and/or turd-cutters in public.

  38. Why is there a child’s penis sticking out of her navel?

  39. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    The main problem with high health care costs is the serious lack of honeydew-melon-sized tits in this country.

  40. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    If this is a Miss Backdoor 2014 Competition then no fair to the other girls… it’s clearly fixed.

  41. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    “Silicone? Of course not! They’re full of my baby’s soul, after they sucked it out of his tummy!?”

  42. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    Fake tits and bad life decisions does not make you anything more than a public joke. Ask the Octo-mom and Amy Fischer how being one is working out for them.

  43. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    all the other girls are hotter than her

  44. Farrah Abraham Bikini Sapphire Pool And Day Club Vegas
    Commented on this photo:

    Note to Self: DO NOT go in the Sapphire Pool.

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