Spooky! Farrah Abraham Is Shoving Things in Her Butt for Halloween

After her recent double vagina rejuvenation, Farrah Abraham set the bar pretty high for how gross she could get in public. Now it seems like she’s really shooting for the moon after announcing that she’ll be doing another CamSoda feature on October 30. According to TMZ, her last cam appearance was a monster success because people in India must actually find her attractive (WTF??). This next feature will be a little different from her first however, as this time she plans on shoving things in her butthole… seriously.

Farrah is known as the “Backdoor Teen Mom,” so she’s making good on her reputation by performing anal with a toy for her next show. The show will take place for Halloween on October 30, so if you haven’t locked down your costume, you could always stay in and check out Farrah’s moves… According to TMZ, Farrah’s doing this in an effort to promote her new show, Single AF. (from TMTN)

The idea of joining tens of thousands of horny men in a chatroom to watch Farrah shove toys in her butt has about as much erotic appeal as a Craigslist casual encounter in the bathroom of a Greyhound station. At least they serve coffee and donuts after the Greyhound meetups… I wouldn’t know though, I totally have a girlfriend—I just know a guy who went to one… for science and stuff.

Also, has anyone seen her daughter lately? Has she been completely ruined by her mother and flushed into a life of petty crime and hard drugs yet? Farrah needs to get this out of the way now I guess, once that kid becomes old enough that her friends know how to use the Internet she’s going to have a pretty hard time showing up to a Halloween party without someone dressed up as her mom’s vagina.

You can find the link (if you dare) and read the full article on Farrah’s solo donkey show here…

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