Farrah Abraham Made Fake Fan Accounts On Instagram, BAHAHAHA!

Not since bipartisan hate of Justin Bieber rallied this country to set aside its differences and collectively say “Fuck that maple weasel,” have we seen anything like the well-deserved backlash Farrah Abraham gets on social media. Just for an object lesson, I’m going to screencap a few of her Instagram posts from before she stopped allowing comments where I didn’t even have to guess that I’d find some variation of “Go back to your rubber butthole factory, demon!”

Farrah Abraham Instagram 1
“square booty ass hoe,” couldn’t have said it better myself, aeilme.

Farrah Abraham Instagram 2
Yes, jahrkte22, we all remember that she does anal. We will never forget. So what is Farrah doing about this response to her abhorrent behavior that she not only recognizes is probably steering her own kid directly towards porn, but is also so universally hated that a goddamn comment section all shook hands on it? She’s squirting butt-lies all over it by starting fake usernames to compliment herself and her shitty businesses. Of course. She already got caught doing this on Yelp, so naturally she’s denying that she’s doing it again. Because if she could deny making porn with a pornstar twice, this is nothing. So I really can’t believe what I’m about to do here, but I’d like to address the commenters on Farrah’s social media directly right now:

Please keep up your good and valuable work. I don’t know what that sequence of horses and green duck emoji is supposed to be, but I assume it’s some kind of NSA psy-ops you kids learned from Wikileaks. And if it’s not, please don’t ever tell me otherwise. For the love of God.

Squirt Gun Chipmunk Clappy Hands Kim Crying Face out.

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