Farrah Abraham Doesn’t Even Know What The Book She ‘Wrote’ Is About

June 9th, 2014 // 22 Comments
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If you’ve been following the illustrious, blowin’ all the haters away career of Farrah Abraham, then you know she’s joined the elite ranks of morons with a ghostwriter even though everyone knows they can’t read or write. Which can be lucrative provided you’re never asked even the most basic questions about the book you supposedly wrote. Try and avoid that at all costs. Via Huffpost:

The book has been touted by its publisher, Ellora’s Cave, as based on Abraham’s experiences in the adult industry. Abraham , however, is quick to claim the similarities between her and Fallon end there.
“Yes, I had a sex tape, the book talks about sex tapes, but Fallon Opal is way different. The story is way different,” she explained in a recent interview with The Huffington Post. Abraham said Opal is “way different” than herself because the character doesn’t have a child and didn’t start out as a reality star. Except she did: Fallon gets her start on reality television, a fact Abraham has seemingly forgotten about.
Discrepancies like that might make it hard for some to believe that Abraham possesses the talent and creativity necessary to even craft a story that wasn’t just a page ripped out of her own diary (with some names changed for legal reasons).

That was Farrah Abraham having no idea about a main character she claims to have written three entire novels about. Although, in fairness, she also doesn’t seem to remember the details of her alleged rape, so maybe memory retention isn’t exactly her strong suit. We all have weaknesses:

When asked about the assault, Abraham said, “I mean I personally would not name names and other things I had to deal with after that article came out I probably shouldn’t be talking about it. But, like, there’s a lot of that. That goes on in clubs and a lot of celebrities deal with things like that. And that’s really sad.”

Wait, I’m sorry. Did Farrah Abraham basically just say celebrities get raped all the time, so the interviewer wouldn’t understand? Jesus Christ, I owe Charlize Theron an apology. There’s a real enemy here, and it squirts out its butt. My eyes are open now.

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  1. In Farrah’s defence, the books aren’t pop-up.

  2. anonymous

    Who cares? At this point I have a hard time believing she isn’t just an animatronic Real Doll with a butthole option.

  3. I’m surprised she ddn’t say “way differenter”.

  4. I wondered who would buy this dumb fucking book with this dumb fucking camel’s name on it, but then I remembered that Snooki is a best selling author and the average american is intellectually equivalent to an above average 8th grader.

  5. Stop talking, Farrah. Oh well, I’m off to watch her sex tape. I’ve got a week off.

    • JimBB

      Don’t bother. It’s about as sexy as watching your grandmother do laundry. Poor girl can’t even lay down and get banged in the ass right.

  6. Im just here looking at the pictures.

  7. Farrah Abraham Bikini Throwing Football
    Commented on this photo:

    Squirt power activate!

    She looks like a sex doll, though, a more soulless and less human sex doll. It’s fucking creepy.

  8. Kimmykimkim

    Fallon Opal. Lol. Jesus fucking Christ.

  9. And if I were the ghostwriter, I’d be anonymously laughing all the way to the bank. Farrah’s particular brand of stupid probably sold another few thousand copies.

  10. D-chi

    I still can’t get over the name Fallon Opal. It sounds creepy. Like…. fallopian tubes?

  11. TheOtherMsBitchhands

    Wishing she would marry some idiot
    Hush up and
    Ostensibly, go away.
    Really tired of seeing
    Endless ‘news’ about her.

  12. Makrel

    It’s like Napoleon Dynamite’s Pedro has a sex change…

  13. “Who’s going to show me how to jack off this football?”

  14. She got her start on “reality” television, then her “sex tape” was “leaked,” and now she “wrote” a “book.” She’s a “star”!

  15. Why will this idiot just not go away? She and the fucking Kardashians, just can’t get rid of them.

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