How Did Farrah Abraham Fail At Parenting Today?

Farrah Abraham already caught shit a few years back for tweezing her daughter Sophia’s eyebrows when she was only three-years-old, so whether this latest titty brouhaha over Farrah slathering her in makeup for her first grade photos is worse or better, I have no fucking clue because I have a penis and dad bod’s are fully acceptable, so I’ll never once have to worry about any of this. High five, patriarchy! Anyway, here’s the tweet that started everything:

And here are some of the choice reactions for your amusement:

In defense of all these moms with too much time on their hands, only an absolute monster would start altering their child’s appearance at such a young age and artificially manipulate their photos because they’re not beautiful enough on their own. And in case I’m being too clever, those are all links to Kim Kardashian whose parenting skills are on the same level as a teen mom turned rubber vagina merchant because say it with me, class, the worst of us are always our most fertile.

Very good.

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