Farrah Abraham Gave Her Daughter $600 From The Tooth Fairy

Farrah Abraham gave her daughter $600 dollars from the Tooth Fairy which just put a $12,000 precedent in motion. Here are all of the awful ways Farrah could (and probably will) earn that money while simultaneously teaching her daughter that the road to riches is paved with butt-gold:

1. Star in ten anal sex scenes.
2. Sell 113.59 rubber pussies molded from her own cavernous pussy.
3. Stripping.
4. Sell 866.43 hardcover copies of her book My Teenage Dream Ended, which is somehow not about the anal porn, rubber vagina molds, or stripping. It’s about becoming a mother.

*reads over list* I’m just now realizing how easy it is for Farrah Abraham to make $12,000. I would cry but I don’t even have the emotions left. *looks at picture of her adorable kid, imagines her finding Farrah dead on Christmas morning, impaled on Monster High Deadluxe High School, webcam still on* Nope, I’m getting nothing here. *makes sandwich*

Photo: ELMO/STMX/AKM-GSI, Twitter