Farrah Abraham Taught Sex Ed On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

The show that kicked Tila Tequila off for her past as a psycho Nazi midget went ahead and let Farrah Abraham teach a sex ed lesson, because who better to do that than a girl who got knocked up at 16 then dove butt first into porn before authoring a christian parenting book? Via Us Weekly:

With all of her housemates sitting at full attention, the Teen Mom OG star, 24, began a sex-ed lesson on how to use a condom. Rather than having a male castmate volunteer for the demonstration, she went with a trusty ol’ banana, as health and science teachers have done for so long.

And here’s the clip, which I could only find an autoplay copy of, so even if you didn’t hate yourself enough to watch it, I forced it on you. (Send the cops, I’ll deny everything.)

The lesson continued when she and fellow pornstar Jenna Jameson simulated sex positions in a kiddie pool filled with chocolate sauce because anal porn. It references the gaping anal porn that Farrah did, which is now a socially acceptable pop culture reference, because everything is awful. So, here’s that clip as well, because you came down this far — You’re through the looking glass and into the buttpocalpyse with me now. *pops tab on beer can* It’s not so bad, really. I embraced the sadness years ago. *inlines Farrah Abraham sex tape stills below, chokes back lump in throat*

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Photo: Channel 5