Farrah Abraham Is a Really Good Mom, Guys Srsly

When Farrah Abraham isn’t shilling her vaginally accurate fleshlights, letting dudes put things in her butt for branding, or scarring her daughter for life during some other wholesome and Christian activity, she gets paid for making appearances at strip clubs. Here she is in Vegas throwing money and California rolls all over some strippers who are hopefully on their last semester of dental school. Farrah can’t relate to them though because she’s not a porn star, you guys. She’s a mom first. Srsly. She wants us to know that.

From these photos it doesn’t really look like anyone is there other than Farrah and her holiday hos. I think strip clubs are kind of like a spur of the moment decision. Do people actually go to strip clubs to see a “featured act?” Even if it’s like the Meryl Streep of strippers? Not that I’m attracted to Meryl Streep or anything, the purpose of that simile was to highlight a highly decorated stripper with a bunch of awards that she paid good money for.


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