Farrah Abraham Said Something Smart, IT’S THE APOCALYPSE

In a remarkably self-aware move for a rubber butthole merchant, Farrah Abraham has revealed she’ll teach her daughter Sofia the greatest lesson about sex education anyone could possibly teach her: Never once be like Farrah Abraham. Us Weekly reports:

Farrah Abraham told Us Weekly at an event on Friday, September 30, that she wants to use old episodes of 16 and Pregnant to educate her daughter about sex when she grows up.
“I mean, that’s something that’s so normal to me,” the 25-year-old reality star told Us at Johnny Donovan’s 30th birthday bash at XL Nightclub of bringing up the topic of sex with Sofia, now 7. “I public-speak with teenagers and get to do fun things and awareness campaign. I think that’s really gotten me ready as a public speaker and gotten me ready to talk to my daughter more so than anything.”
“I can always play those 16 and Pregnant episodes and all these things back, that’s just, like, the help and I wouldn’t take that for granted,” she continued. “I would use it as a big tool.”

Of course, I’m very generously assuming Sofia will see her mother on the show and go, “Jesus, getting knocked up at 16 turns you into a goddamn terror whose face should be lit on fire.” When in all likelihood this will probably happen.

“Now that you’ve watched the show, here’s the most important lesson: All of those other bitches were wrong, I was the only one who did everything right.”
“You yelled at grandma for not painting a room she was letting you live in after you couldn’t afford an apartment.”
“Wow, how did you make horns come out of your head and flames shoot up?”
“Does that really happen? I always thought people were joking.”
“There’s a burn mark on the ceiling.”
“Holy shit…”

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