Farrah Abraham Gave Daughter $1,400 From The Tooth Fairy Now

“Mommy says souls are for babies.”

Let’s just cut to the chase: How many nightmare fuel fuck dolls is Farrah Abraham selling?! Us Weekly reports:

In the photos, Sophia holds up a stack of British pounds, which Abraham claims add up to £900 — the equivalent of around $1,400.
This comes just two months after Sophia posed with a stack of six $100 bills, which she got for losing her two front teeth back in July.
The latest photos of Sophia were among several the former porn star posted of her family whens he arrived home. Other pics showed her dad, Michael, and mom, Debra, greeting her outside her house. She also shared a shot of Sophia in a princess outfit, and one of her little girl holding up her lost tooth.

Honest question: Do you really get to call someone a “former porn star” when this is for sale?

Farrah Abraham Inflatable Doll

I seriously don’t know what the ruling is here because for a stupid amount of money, any empty shell of a person can buy a rubber replica of Farrah Abraham’s anus and have sex with it in a pool of their own sadness. And then later she’ll give that money to her daughter for losing a tooth which will be really awesome the day she learns how to use Google.

“Let’s see *types* Far.. rah.. Abra.. ham. *hits enter* Turn off SafeSearch for more results? Oka- HOLY SHIT. The money came from her butt! All of our money is from our butt! Ah, god.”

Fifteen years later

“And that’s when I started stabbing migrant workers for heroin money, which really wasn’t so bad. Now, marrying Rob Kardashian for a reality special on the other hand…”

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