‘Fantastic Four’ Is Your New Shitty Comic Book Movie Trailer

Last week, Ant-Man managed to surprise everyone by not looking like a complete shit-wreck which paved the way for Disney to epically wreck everyone’s faces with a second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that, by my calculations, left exactly 98% of the Internet reaching for a cigarette after experiencing it’s first non-self-generated orgasm. I still can’t even walk straight. But while Warner Bros. was somehow making a smart decision by not releasing the trailer for Batman V Superman in the middle of that, it leaked online the same day as Star Wars, and most reactions were, “Are you fucking kidding with this shit?” Except fortunately for Warner Bros., Fox decided to release the new trailer for Fantastic Four yesterday, so congratulations, Batman V Superman, you’re no longer the worst comic book movie trailer of the past week. I’d starting put that on posters.

“Probably Better Than The Fantastic Four! Maybe!”
“Doctor Doom Isn’t A Blogger! (Although Lex Luthor Is The Kid Who Invented Facebook)”
“No ‘Thing’ Can Beat This!” *puts gun in mouth*

Photo: 20th Century Fox