Fantasia doesn’t care

tn_fantasia_cr.jpgWhy celebrities are allowed to sit on a jury is beyond me, let alone manufactured celebrities with frightening teeth. But if they’re going to get on and earn their 8 bucks a day, they might as well finish the job. American Idol winner Fantasia should be deciding someone’s fate, but instead she decided performing in a benefit concert in New York is more important.

Testimony took less than a day, and Judge W. David Lee sent jurors out to deliberate late Wednesday, Keller said. But when it became apparent that deliberations would continue into Thursday, lawyers agreed that Barrino was free to go.

Actually, if I’m the defendant I’m praising sweet bloody Christ on the cross that Fantasia got bored with being a juror. She can’t read the judge’s instructions, so what makes you think she would be able to understand evidence, testimony, or anything that doesn’t involve scaring children across America.