Fans Boo Madonna and Guy Richie

September 21st, 2005 // 25 Comments

Madonna_Booed.jpgDuring the London premiere of Guy Richie’s new movie, Revolver, fans booed Madonna and Mr. Madonna after the couple opted out of signing autographs on the red carpet.

Now that’s just not fair. Madonna simply didn’t want to steal her husband’s thunder. She’s really humble that way, you know? It’s like how she and her friends claim Kabbalah Water can cure AIDS and cancer, but they don’t want to prove it because that would be showboaty. And that’s not what Madonna’s all about. Madonna’s all about being as quiet and low-key as a cone-shaped metal bra. None of this ostentatious crap. That’s why nobody understood her fine thespian performance in Swept Away. It was too internal, too human, too real.

Madonna’s just a really old soul. That’s all. Or at least that’s what Demi Moore tells me. But I think she’s just trying to coax me into a three-way. She knows my secret fetish is old people souls.


  1. naked american

    Oh, Madonna… you and your fake British accent. Keep up the good work – you’re almost as pretentious as Gwyneth Paltrow.

  2. Proteon

    I know she’s Madonna and all but I wonder when Guy Richie married her did he know he wasn’t going to be able to wipe his ass for the rest of his life without her leaning in for a photo op?

  3. AL911

    Guy Ritchie is an excellent film maker.
    everyone is allowed one mistake.
    swept away…
    whatever…..You are forgiven.

    Soap’s quote from Lock stock
    sums up everything…

    “Guns for Show, Knives for a pro!”
    “Big Fuck OFF Shiny Ones”

    Fuck ‘em in the ear….

  4. sugarplum

    Madonna is full of it. It seems she can never get out of her her own head, and whatever fad she decides to own, is just another Madonna toy.

    I saw some clips from the making of Swept Away, and boy I was disappointed. I thought her humbling business was real (I don’t watch tv), but from her constant showing off, and fake ‘cute’ voice, I had to realize that she was still just Madonna, after all.

  5. andrewthezeppo

    Now I’m all for knocking annoying or pretentious celebrities off their high horse, but unfortunately Madonna has already fallen off a horse.

    Just 4 weeks ago the woman broke a finger, a bone in her hand, her shoulder and multiple ribs So I don’t really blame her for not signing autographs at a premier for a movie she’s not even in.

    Further, I was at the London premier of War of the Worlds and people booed Dakota Fanning when she left because they didn’t get autographs…But the little girl had been signing them for 3 hours! The brits are just lame like that.

  6. stinkypinky

    I agree with andrewthezeppo. Signing autographs with her broken finger/hand is probably not a great idea. You would think with all her Yoga that she could swing one of those legs up and sign a few with her toes or maybe even with her mouth. Bitch!

  7. bone_daddio

    since the brits are such butts, maybe Madonna should have bent over, relaxed her cheeks and let loose a big smelly blast. I’m sure she’s got something special saved up in there for moments just like this.

  8. Juliette

    Madonna should change her name to ‘Me’donna because that is what it’s all about.

  9. WTFweretheythinking?

    I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was the law of the land that celebrities had to sign every piece of paper that someone stuck in front of their face. Sometimes people need to chill. I’d hate to be a celeb.

  10. haggardtrish

    I’m waiting for the word that a suspicious amount of people who were at the premiere were found strangled by red yarn…

  11. izzy

    hahah haggardtrish

    i can understand booing madonna but who boos a little girl? those people have no hearts.

  12. CastIronBitch

    Dude whatever. Nobody cares about Mr. Madonna, and ever since Madonna started punching out the rugrats…well…lets just say she’s off the list. (Friends reference, I am such a whore!)

    All I’m saying is nobody cares, and anyone who can muster enough breath to boo through the choking fog of their ennui needs to get a goddamn life.

    Besides, who wants her autograph at this late date anyway? Hasn’t her star run out of hydrogen yet???

  13. Hey!! Madonna can do whatever she wants to! She’s a fucking goddes.

  14. AmberDextrose

    Are we allowed to mention other sites?

    Today’s (UK) Times has a cracking (and v. funny) article on just how easy it is to make a Guy Ritchie film and you can watch their 5-min film, Daily Monkey, too!

  15. mutterhals

    Madonna is an old washed up hag and her husband is a no talent hack who keeps making the same movie over and over again.

  16. Eukonidor

    Did anyone else watch My Daily Monkey? That was a fuckin riot. Add about 90 minutes to it, and Guy Ritchie would be jealous.

  17. Dawn7

    She is a mockery of the human race.
    She has no personality!
    I cannot stand her irritating fake accent!
    She also could never sing…
    But I would like to say that I would do her bloke.
    Does anyone agree that she has not aged well at all? I think she looks as though she’s 100. I mean, Prascilla Presley has had work done..but she IS 100 and looks better than Madonna.

  18. Dawn7

    EEEEEEKKKK!! I spell Priscilla wrong!! I don’t want her to come and haunt me so I’ve spelled it correctly here, in this column!Whew!

  19. Dawn7

    Oh NO! I said spell, instead of spelled, so I said it correctly here! haha Just wanted to see how long it took for people to get annoyed with me on that..but I got annoyed with myself first. I’m done.

  20. georgiabunny

    doesn’t it look like he’s begging for his balls back in that pic? or is it just me……

  21. weboboy

    Madonna looks very good for being 47. I guess you guys don’t age. As for being washed up, she was the most searched for celebrity female on google last month, that is pretty good for being a has been.

  22. Queen LaQueefah

    It’s tougher to get rid of a difficult attitude in advancing age. The ever-puzzling problem is simply that bitchy women are praised for unfounded vanity and abrasiveness in their youth, but then become haggard old biznatches whom everyone hates. And she wouldn’t have made it so far in life if she hadn’t had the self-aggrandizing asshole attitude. So if you don’t like the way celebrities act, don’t worship them so much. If everyone pretty much showed these snobby people how to go fuck themselves, this diva-like behavior wouldn’t be as common.

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  24. One might think that all their yoga could swing one of those feet and toes with signing a few, or even mouth.

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