Fans Boo Madonna and Guy Richie

Madonna_Booed.jpgDuring the London premiere of Guy Richie’s new movie, Revolver, fans booed Madonna and Mr. Madonna after the couple opted out of signing autographs on the red carpet.

Now that’s just not fair. Madonna simply didn’t want to steal her husband’s thunder. She’s really humble that way, you know? It’s like how she and her friends claim Kabbalah Water can cure AIDS and cancer, but they don’t want to prove it because that would be showboaty. And that’s not what Madonna’s all about. Madonna’s all about being as quiet and low-key as a cone-shaped metal bra. None of this ostentatious crap. That’s why nobody understood her fine thespian performance in Swept Away. It was too internal, too human, too real.

Madonna’s just a really old soul. That’s all. Or at least that’s what Demi Moore tells me. But I think she’s just trying to coax me into a three-way. She knows my secret fetish is old people souls.