Famous People in Costumes

Because everyone knows Hollywood is a godless bordello of Sodomites, it’s no surprise the stars came out to celebrate Halloween/pay homage to Satan for their careers. So here’s a gathering of costumed celebs In no particular order:

Jessica Lowndes as God Willing, the Future Referee of My Pants.

Mariah Carey as A Victoria’s Secret Angel with Elephantitis.

Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer: For Daddies. (WTF?)

Gwen Stefani as Gavin Rossdale’s Cowpoke.

Khloe Kardashian as Catwoman with Self-Esteem Issues.

AnnaLynne McCord as Batgirl Who Still Gets Asked “Wait. They remade 90210?”

Bai Ling as… Bai Ling? I don’t even know.

Brooke Shields as Flapper Mom with Tom Cruise Punching Action.

Christina Aguilera as the Cheapest Celebrity Mom Ever. (You’re rich, lady!)

Heidi Klum as a Woman Who Just Gave Birth Hiding Her Body in Shame Underneath the World’s Most Elaborate Bird Costume.