Famous People in Costumes

November 2nd, 2009 // 70 Comments

Because everyone knows Hollywood is a godless bordello of Sodomites, it’s no surprise the stars came out to celebrate Halloween/pay homage to Satan for their careers. So here’s a gathering of costumed celebs In no particular order:

Jessica Lowndes as God Willing, the Future Referee of My Pants.

Mariah Carey as A Victoria’s Secret Angel with Elephantitis.

Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer: For Daddies. (WTF?)

Gwen Stefani as Gavin Rossdale’s Cowpoke.

Khloe Kardashian as Catwoman with Self-Esteem Issues.

AnnaLynne McCord as Batgirl Who Still Gets Asked “Wait. They remade 90210?”

Bai Ling as… Bai Ling? I don’t even know.

Brooke Shields as Flapper Mom with Tom Cruise Punching Action.

Christina Aguilera as the Cheapest Celebrity Mom Ever. (You’re rich, lady!)

Heidi Klum as a Woman Who Just Gave Birth Hiding Her Body in Shame Underneath the World’s Most Elaborate Bird Costume.



  1. Eric


  2. Celeb Costuming 101:

    1.Put on corset
    2. Add accessories from the Halloween Store
    3. Claim it cost thousands.

  3. Kathryn

    There are only eight photos, not 40. :-(

  4. joez

    heidi klum is probably still hot….not fun

  5. Vanilla Ice

    Heidi Klum was covered in chocolate and now blacked face…….what is she trying to say!? Once you go eh er um you never go eh er um.

  6. Sluts are ordinary

    Thank you to the three moms here who didn’t dress like sluts, and thank you to all the women out there who didn’t dress like sluts for Halloween. It’s just so uncreative. Heidi, I don’t even know what to say about your costume. Strange, very strange….but creative, so props.

  7. jklklj

    OMG… i read that as KIM kardashian as catwoman. my fucking eyes wont stop bleeding. *BARF*. take that bigfoot photo down at once!

  8. It's Me Fuckers

    Heidi Klum always has awesome costumes! She does the best in Hollywood by far.

  9. timbo

    Did Khloe Kardashian just come from trick or treating with that bag? How many cupcakes could she fit into that bag?

    She doesn’t really look like Cat Woman, more like a woman with cats.

  10. ELH

    I think Gwen Stefani is supposed to be Jesse from Toy Story 2. Now I feel nerdy for knowing that.

  11. fetus mcnuggets

    jessica alba sooooooooooooooooooooo boring

    heidi FTW
    THATS priceless

    chicks who dress up put EFFORT into their costumes or ugly themselves up are awesome


  12. Tessa

    Heidi always goes all out on Halloween. Her costumes are original and extravagant.

  13. jem

    jessica albas costume IS boring. i had no idea who she was based on the pictures. I hate everyone in this post.

  14. Erica

    I’m pretty sure that Bai Ling was dressed as one of Andy Warhol’s Factory Girls.

  15. Becky

    Oh, I get it…Heidi is the Raven…Nevermore…Right on.

    Pretty sure Gwen is that character from Toy Story 2.

    I like the sexy costumes, they’re fun for the younger women.

  16. Pat

    Once again, Heidi has an awesome costume, though nothing tops Kali from last year.

  17. maría

    Gwen stefani as jesse from toy story 2 such a great costume
    ELH i feel more childlish than nerdy..:P

  18. JPRIcharadson

    Dora the Explorer will never look the same in my eyes…

  19. Lamar Odem looks like a fucking fool. And so does that fat cow next to him.

  20. Iron Chic

    PIC #20, PERFECT example of Khloe will look in a few years (see background of woman taking photo).

  21. eyehateme

    Id have a mask on to if she were next to me Lamar, how much grease did it take to get her in that thing?
    Celebs, u got MONEY get better stuff if u r going out!
    now to put my bathrob man costume away for another year!

  22. Jim Lahey

    My costume was way more terrifing than all these idiots. I went out as Rumer Willis and scared the bejesus out of everyone that crossed my path.

  23. obvinot

    Hey, Karfattian! Cut that shit out. Fat beast bitches need to stay the fuck away from leather, pleather… & for god’s sake don’t even think the word spandex fat-ass.

  24. Daylin

    JESUS FUCK! Mariah Carey has the upper arms of a 70 year old man with prostate cancer. Start dressing your age GRANDmother. I feel dirty looking at you now, like I should cut my dick off to have it re-baptized. How has Nick Cannon not committed a homicide on this OLD ass lady yet!

    Awww…Lamar Odem brought a ”Make A Wish” boy out for Halloween. Didn’t realize he had some community service left to finish. WAY TO GO Champion.

    Bai Ling can’t the USA depart this Thai whore!? Seriously I hear they are filming Full Metal Jacket 2 only with more guns and less camera’s.

    I’m done.

  25. Sheena

    Takes a lot of nerve to go out in public wearing a skin-tight Catwoman costume when your ass is big enough to affect the ocean’s tides. Yowza!

  26. my take on it all

    -don’t know who the first girl is, but she looks great.

    -mariah and khloe are big girls, but they look fine. might not be your cup of tea, but i don’t think its disgusting. bet they actually look hot in person (when not in the same post as someone as thing as jessica alba).

    -its nice to see gwen, brooke, and christina keep it g-rated for the kiddies.all look pretty, appropriate, and festive. oddly, christina comes across as a really nice mom.

    -bai ling is a disaster. always.

    - annalynne mccord should stop pretending to have tits and stop pretending to be hot.

    -if jessica alba got any more boring, she would be dead. she is pretty but i can’t think of a more sexless human. i might even take someone like mariah over her, just just cause mariah at least wants to be sexy.

    - and heidi klum has a fantastic costume, as usual.

  27. Parker

    I want to explore Dora’s behind.

  28. Christina

    Wow Odom, what a classy shirt. Seriously, what a douchebag.

    Heidi always has the most intricate costumes. I like the women who dress up as something non-slutty. It takes no skill to be a whore, but being sexy and unique without being trashy actually takes some thought.

  29. Katie

    Heidi Klums outfit= Win.

  30. titsonsnack

    Okay. Did no men dress up for Hallowe’en in the entire city of Hollywood?

  31. Kate

    As weird as Klum’s costumes are, they speak volumes about her self-confidence. Klum is sexy and gorgeous everyday.

  32. I asked Bai Ling what she went as for Halloween. She responded, “What’s Halloween?”

  33. Rupert

    I’ve never wanted to bang Dora the Explorer so hard.

    Wait, yes I have.

  34. missywissy

    I thought Christina Aguilara was Michael Jackson.

    Mariah Carey looks slutty (as usual) only with wings.

    Who the hell is Bai Ling?

    heidi klum rocks. That’s all I have to say about that.

  35. some of those are rather disappointing.

  36. Wow they all are looking really an awesome, what a beautiful costumes they are wearing.. I really like the collection of this pics..

  37. Nice work guys!
    this is just Amazing!

  38. Pixie

    Gwen Stefani is Jesse from Toy Story…

  39. It may be hard to take that trust seriously on the internet, but to abuse it is to put your friends at risk. Never mind all the derisive gossip, what do you suppose the odd pervert out there will do with this site?

  40. Not that everyone posted on this site would consider their bounderies crossed, but it will blur that line and that’s very sad. “Calm down. We’re not trying to support or promote hegemonic masculinity or objectify these women (who have already done both of these things quite well on their own).”

  41. Sam

    I have no idea who that “Londes” chick is, but she’s effing GORGEOUS. Fantastic legs too.

  42. More proof that Halloween is for kids, and should stay that way. Except w/ respect to the Jessica Alba posterior shot. Oh, yes.

  43. wow

    OKAY so the idiots on this web site have just wrote HAIL SATAN all over the page, and nobody seemed to be bothered..Look up illuminati people!! This is not a joke, most “stars” have sold their soul to the devil, and thats how they obtain all their fame..take rihanna for example, b*tch can’t sing or dance, but shes famous, WHY? Tupac sold his soul, jay z beyonce, soo many more please look this up on youtube under illuminati..open your mind..and be ready to get blown away

  44. hehz

    anyone notice how that huge chick is loling at khloe in pic 20? what a shit one!

  45. EuroNeckPain

    What’s with Alba’s underchin ? There is a hole, it’s weird.

  46. r k

    re: Khloe Kardashian as Catwoman — Wonder what her criteria was in choosing this costume? “Hmm, if I wear something really tight it will hide my hugeness!” She should have went as a Yeti.

  47. vicks

    if you think Jessica Alba’s costume is boring, you must not have kids or are forgetting she’s a mom. That’s a great costume for someone with kids! They love the Dora. It’s so nice to see moms not dressed like sluts for Halloween, I like a sexy costume every now and then but jeez it seems like every person with ovaries wants to show em off every Oct 31st. And truth be told, most people look pretty ugly in their whore costumes (coff- MARIAH – coff).

  48. Andy

    i heard jim crowe laws were out of fashion, but this is just fucking ridiculous”

    (Heidi Klum’s costume)

  49. Andy

    i heard jim crowe laws were out of fashion, but this is just fucking ridiculous

    (Heidi Klum’s costume)

  50. Really nice work ! All are looking very nice in that costumes . All are looking so awesome . Thanks for sharing this..

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