Faith Hill flips out at CMA’s

November 8th, 2006 // 62 Comments

I wasn’t going to post this because it’s super old and I don’t care about Faith HIll, but the emails in my inbox suggest some of you might. If you haven’t already seen it keep your eyes on Faith Hill when they announce the winner. The only way she could’ve gotten any more owned is if a fist came flying in from off camera and punched her in the face.


  1. 3dogowner

    If you look closely as they are saying “and the winner is..” Faith is already in the process of throwing up her arms. She truly expected to win. When Carries name was announced, Faith forgot all about the camera pointed at her. Her reaction was one of shock. No joke there. Kind of makes her “sweetheart” image laughable.

  2. theyareidiots

    She’s acting. If she really thought she was going to win, there would have been some sort of shocked look on her face before she “freaked out.” She didn’t look shocked; she smiled at the camera before saying “What?” You don’t look AT THE CAMERA if you think you’re going to win. You ignore the camera and start heading for the stage.

    She planned to do that, people. And now you suckers are talking about her. Point – Hill.

    [Oh and Orson Welles' radio broadcast about alien invaders wasn't real either.]

  3. jrzmommy

    #52–Are you Faith Hill? Or are you just some hilbilly,banjo-pickin’ fan of hers? Either way, go away.

  4. Now we’ve begun profiling award nominees? That’s racist.

  5. kenzier


    I didn’t know there was etiquette for such a thing.

    Also, did you pointedly ignore the fact that she lifted her arms up in victory before she freaked out? That’s why she was smiling. Because she had already rehersed her reaction to winning.

    I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m going to believe she purposefully made an ass out of herself to get press. If that’s the case, she’s an an even bigger ass. She loses either way.

  6. veggi

    #38- I love you! ain’t nothin’ like guffman!
    as for faith, ha! joke my arse-

  7. Nyx

    Its blatantly obvious that she’s joking.

    Jesus Christ. You’re so fucking stupid.

  8. Tits_McGhee

    Jesus, is Carrie Underwood, like, 12 or something?

  9. KelKel

    Country music makes me want to beat my head against the wall.

  10. GullibleYanks

    Jesus, you Yanks are so gullible. It’s obvious that it’s her idea of a ‘joke’. Country music is crap anyhow. You’ll be telling me next that Elvis and Tupac are alive, and that the face of Satan can be seen in the cloud of smoke above the World Trade Center.

  11. Zara

    Oh dear, Faith. Looks like her record sales are going down!

    As for that Underwood “Artist” (Ha-Ha, she is hardly an artist!) winning, WTF? At least give it to an artist who isn’t some dumb, plastic, blond clone.

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