Faith Hill flips out at CMA’s

November 8th, 2006 // 62 Comments

I wasn’t going to post this because it’s super old and I don’t care about Faith HIll, but the emails in my inbox suggest some of you might. If you haven’t already seen it keep your eyes on Faith Hill when they announce the winner. The only way she could’ve gotten any more owned is if a fist came flying in from off camera and punched her in the face.


  1. ZoomBoy


  2. shankyouverymuch


  3. mmbelle

    oh god i’ve been wanting smth. like this to happen since that ‘friends’ moment where joey doesn’t win .. this is awesome


  5. el_princess

    god that’s comedy!

  6. bigsteamyone

    kanye west said ” the C.M.A’s doesn’t care about Faith Hill “.

  7. sayll

    aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fantastic

  8. PunjabPete

    Pretty funny I must admit… She says it was a joke…. Seeing that, I think she is an idiot… The camera was on you dipshit…

  9. Bioplant

    What the fuck are you looking at, sugar tits?

  10. That’s nothing, you should see the way she freaks out when you wipe your dick on her curtains.

    She’s all, like ‘Why are you wiping your dick on my curtains?’

    And I’m, all, like, totally goin’ ‘Shut up, loser!’

    I got nothing.

    O’Doyle Rules!

  11. That is very funny. There is no way she meant to do that.

    Glad you posted it, I do not follow the country scene much.

  12. Charm

    that was not a joke, people in hollywood are never that funny on purpose.

  13. Rogue

    That’s kind of hilarious.

  14. BigJim

    Sippy sippy?

  15. BarbadoSlim

    Superfish doode has it right, I don’t care about Faith Hill either and can’t imagine how anyone possibly could.

    I’m aware of the irony of not caring and then posting about it. Even so, I stand by my statement, ’cause that’s how I roll.

  16. slantingthroughdarkness

    Faith must’ve drunk some Kanye juice.

  17. Major pwnage.

  18. assfacecocknocker

    thats gold. she is a turdface. she reminds me of turds.

  19. Claude Balz

    I’ll bet she’s great in the sack when she’s pissed off like that.

  20. KnuckleCrackTheBone

    You couldn’t have left it at K-Fed?

  21. LindaParson


    lmao at #4

  22. ImaCracka

    Faith Hill is a spoiled cunt that left country and could not make it in Pop music so came back and got her wrinkled old ass handed to her by a girl that does nothing but sing kareoke… did I spell that right?

    Anyway…. glad she got knocked down a few points…..

  23. RichPort

    Did I just teleport back to fucking Monday? Damn, this is some great weed…

  24. Off topic:

    Ryan Phillipe left Reese Witherspoon because of a “Moley Russells wart” between her juggs.

  25. Danklin

    Brian, thats Christina Ricci you turd.

    At first i didnt notice Faith flip out but then i watched the little shot of her. Does she sayswhat? or “fuck!” or what?

  26. Danklin

    Edit: like Faith Hill hasnt won enough flipping awards. Carrie Underwood is fuckin hot.

  27. animated

    This just makes me think of the scene in Zoolander when Hansel wins instead.

  28. @26 Danklin – Damn you’re right.

    I officially retract post #25.
    That’s still one ugly “Buck Melanoma” just the same!

    P.S. The name is Brain Embolism. Brian is my equally retarded younger brother.

  29. kristaldmix

    In the close up on youtube it looks like she says “oh my fucking god”. At least the cameraguy filming Sara Evans had the courtesy to turn away….

  30. HollyJ

    Faith, as cute as she seems, is just another fucktard uneducated conservative moron. Who the fuck cares? She’s like the homecoming queen that didn’t also get varsity cheerleading captain, only 28 years too old… Fuck her.

  31. She’s the redneck Kanye West.

    Well done, Faith. You’ve united the redneck and black spectrum.

    You’ve done god’s work.

  32. kristaldmix

    I want to hate her, I really do but this is so goddamn funny it just made me love her a little bit more. I’d totally do her husband too.

  33. gianttwins

    what is wrong with you people, clearly she was taking the piss

  34. iheartgossip



    I love that above all the music, you can hear her say “WHAT?!” Sooo fierce.

    LOVE. IT.

  35. jrzmommy

    “You’re all bastard people and I’m going home to bite my pillow. I hate your ass……face!”

  36. RichPort

    People, relax. Someone told her tit was hanging out right at the moment the winner was announced. She was clearly screaming at her stylist. Easy mistake.

  37. MargeAggedon

    There are awards for country music? So what kind of categories do they have? Most tobacco spit during a single tune?

  38. jrzmommy

    40–hee hee. Yep. They also give awards for:
    Most References to a Pick-up Truck
    Most References to Jack Daniels
    Best Female Artist/Survivor of Domestic Abuse
    Most Tattoos
    Thickest Twang
    Most Sequins on a Cowboy Hat

  39. I don’t know if anyone has figured this out yet, but actually her reaction isn’t of a jealous person.

    It looked like someone told her earlier (a producer or somebody?)that she would win the Award and she was real psyched about it.

    Then, when they announce someone else, it was like: WHAT the hell?!

    I feel your pain, darling!

  40. gatorbates

    Faith is just jealous, because the younger, cleaner, tighter, shaven, beautiful smelling, wart-free snatch won.

    Kudos to Carrie.

    Faith, crawl back into your hole with some Vagasil.

  41. gatorbates

    A Limerick:

    There once was a chick named Hill
    Who took a dose of a “pill”
    The ex got her flyin’
    Then she started cryin’
    When she got punched in her grill.

  42. #10 quote: “That’s nothing, you should see the way she freaks out when you wipe your dick on her curtains.”

    You are my fucking hero!

  43. I am not a Faith Hill fan or a country music fan, but I don’t think this is serious.

    First, she’s still smiling right after they announce it. Secondly, why would she look right into the camera and say that so blatantly, knowing so many people were watching?

  44. DancingQueen

    The best part of the video is right before they announce Carrie’s name Faith is standing there with her shit eating grin, just waiting for her name to be announced while all the other nominees look kinda worried. Then you can see she’s just waiting to get the spotlight all to herself and then BAM they say Carrie’s name and she looks like she’s freaking possessed. That is just awesome. Yet another priceless moment of a celebrity caught on film acting the ass they truly are.

  45. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    To cheer her up I bought Faith one of those black “Over the Hill” cakes with a little tombstone on it and some extra large support hose. It was really funny, but her crying started getting annoying, so me and Tim decided to finish having sex at a hotel where we could concentrate.

  46. bigponie

    come on fish give us something new, but in the meantime

    What do you call a smart blonde…

    a golden retriever.

  47. BoognishRising


    First: delayed reaction.

    Second: Because she’s dumb.

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