Faith Hill doesn’t like other women grabbing her husband’s balls

July 30th, 2007 // 101 Comments

Faith Hill was performing in Lafayette, Louisiana over the weekend when a fan grabbed her husband Tim McGraw’s crotch. Faith scolded the fan, saying:

“Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s — somebody’s husband’s balls, you understand me? That’s very disrespectful.”

That’s some deeply profound advice right there. Only in Louisiana would you have to tell somebody that grabbing another woman’s husband’s balls is frowned upon. Hey, isn’t Britney Spears from Louisiana? It’s no wonder she turned out the classy princess that she is. I’m surprised she doesn’t speak with a British accent and say things like, “Mahvelous, dear!”


  1. hotcock


    and, i don’t care

  2. Valkyrie

    You know, I was wondering what happeded to that cricket Faith Hill. I’m sure hubby enjoyed it just a tiny bit.

  3. Victor

    Hell, since that lady grabbed his balls, I should go grab her pussy, then finger it. And of course after that, lick that nice pussy juice off my finger.

  4. Victor

    Faith Hill is who I was talking about of course.

  5. Kg

    You call that a scolding? She said “my friend”. The least she could’ve done is dropkick the fan. And then some more. For good measure, you know.

  6. wanks

    wtf the video isnt working for me….can you say conspiracy?

  7. The State of Grim

    I wanna dip my balls in it!

  8. “You know D?”

    “D who?”

    “Deez nuts!”

  9. jrzmommy

    Prude! Lighten up, Faith!

    By the way everybody….SJTLQ has had her baby. I pray that the child is able to locate an attorney who understands Baby and can apply for emancipated minor status as soon as possible. And it’s tail really isn’t that noticable.

  10. jrzmommy

    Schwetty Balls

  11. katie

    Don’t talk shit about Louisiana. That’s where I live. Faith Hill isn’t even from Louisiana. That stupid bitch is from Mississippi. Talk shit about them.

  12. AtriumXP

    @ #7 – LOUIE! When Faith Hill dies, you can pilgrimage to her grave and dip your balls in it, lmao.

  13. LL

    Sadly, Louisiana is not the only place you’d have to tell women not to grab other women’s husband’s crotches (wow, that’s a lot of possessiveness in one sentence), but people from Louisiana really should be used to being called stupid and backwards by now. People from Oklahoma are. Hell, it’s in our state motto now. Lemons into lemonade, people.

  14. ssdd

    Just think bitch… what he does when youre not around.


  15. amy sandstrum

    I am from Louisiana (been here all my life) and people are like this sadly. Not all of course, you can’t generalize a group of people but I think things like this happen more here than other places. But louisiana is a culture of partying and lewdness in public (look at new orleans). This doesnt excuse anything but this is just how people are and we think its ok to do these kind of things. It could happen anywhere in the US, not just here.

  16. Danklin24

    I like how she kept on dancing and trying to work into the song. She’ll have a new hit single in a couple months called “Dont grab Tim McGraw’s balls”

  17. BEAM

    She looks and sounds like she’s on coke.

  18. kix

    What is wrong with people that you’ve even got to tell them that it isn’t ok to grab someone’s crotch? Is this where millions of years of evolution has gotten us? What a waste of time.

  19. michelle

    maybe if she paid attention to her husband’s balls, other women would not have to do it. i’m sure Tim did not like the MUCH NEEDED attention to his balls… sure… yea….

  20. jillian

    faith hill is a classy woman. I’m surprised she even said ‘balls’, but I think she stood up for herself very well. I’m sure that louisiana hick felt ridiculous- reminded her what a sleazy bag she was when coming up against a country superstar.

  21. dan rather

    Finally, a story we can trust (ball-grabbing in Louisiana).

    The Jessica Alba story is obvious bs, released to counter the earlier true account that made her look like an ice-bitch, which she is.

    And the Paris story is too good to be true. Grandpa’s money popped her from jail until the DA and judge forced her back, and then he threw a party for her when she got out. Sure, maybe he’s giving a lot of money to charity, but he’ll take care of his granddaughter. There’s not a chance he’s actually “appalled” by her behavior, that’s not they way the filthy rich think. He’s probably still pissed at the DA and the judge, and figuring out how to get revenge. He’s much more likely to destroy the two of them than to disown Paris.

  22. dewdle

    #17 – Agree; it was kind of creepy how she kept swaying her body, and sort-of singing while telling the bimbo off.

  23. Laura

    That is funniest thing I have read all day! LOL

  24. Ball Graber

    What I can I say I couldn’t help myself! But FYI it was very disappointing!! Imagine cupping 2 grapes. 2 seedless grapees!!!

  25. edamame

    I was born in Lafayette, and have tried to escape my White Trash Roots my whole life! Louisiana is like a fucking third world country, and you know it Katie (#11)! I seriously don’t know if it is years of inbreeding or eating polluted “seafood” like snakes, turtles, gators…you’d better hope to hell that you don’t fall into a water hazard on the golf course, because somebody will eat you!!!

    I’m sure the skank that grabbed his crotch meant it in the sense of “Hey, I just love your music, man!” I wished Faith would’ve been a little ballsier herself and had security escort her out of the building. And Tim, be a man and tell her off yourself! Letting your wife do the dirty work?! Come on!

  26. crazy otto

    inbred toxic waste listen to that kind of music anyway

  27. edamame

    #17…cracking me up!

  28. Aerialgreen

    While Faith was scolding that lady, where was Tim McGraw?

    Where else? holding to the fresh memory of his nuts getting fondled while jerking furiously in the dressing room’s bathroom. I mean, even if Faith rode him that night to reassure her territory, the dude must be still on “masturbation watch” or “white alert” because of what happened.

  29. love it. good for you faith!

  30. Texas Tranny

    They were in Dallas last night, and Faith didn’t mind when I sucked Tim little cock. In fact, she watched the whole thing and enjoyed watching me drink every drop. Yummy

  31. lambman

    LOL, good for her…that’s pretty funny….I like that she said balls lol

    I miss Faith Hill and Shania Twain, I’d much rather see those hot chicks than Britney or Paris.

  32. Aerialgreen

    Seriously, with those pants as tight as Tim’s, it’s a miracle that lady tore the whole package off.

    Alas, it was long over due to happen, have you seen Tim McGraw’s publicity pictures, he is visually marketed to the ladies (and gay men, why not) as boy toy.

  33. Sheva

    Too bad the cut off the new song, “Someone scapped my husband’s scrotum tonite” Faith’s new dance hit.

    His balls , his balls, his sweaty crudy balls. She cupped them and she rubbed them, his balls, his balls.

    To the beat yall.

  34. Bozo

    Everybody knows that in Louisiana, when you tweak a stranger’s junk, it’s polite to make a loud “honk” or “aa-oo-gah” sound. When seated for dinner, it’s considered polite to just go “meep-meep”. Faith was correct in addressing this faux pas.

  35. b1tch

    hey, #11, ya dumbass. learn to read. they didn’t say anything about Faith Hill being from Louisiana. They said that she was performing in Louisiana. And by the way, Louisiana people are a “special” breed of people….you should know that, being from that you are one

  36. NOLA

    #26–Just because you’re white trash from Lafayette, it doesn’t mean that everyone from Louisiana is. Try going to New Orleans and its suburbs like Metairie, where everyone is civilized, doesn’t inbreed and doesn’t eat polluted snakes, turtles or alligators.

  37. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    oh yeah she really showed her. pffft. that was the lamest shit i ever saw.

  38. LF

    That’s the risk you take when you marry a celebrity, honey. People want his balls, and some women will do anything to grab them. If you can’t handle it, and think that he might get off a little too much from it, then the problem isn’t with the other women, it’s with your relationship.

  39. Kristen

    Excuse me, just because Britney Spears is from Louisiana does not mean people should categorize all Louisianans to be stupid and trashy. Also, just because someone in Lafayette decided to be slutty and grab Tim McGraw’s balls does not mean that we are all that way. Although Lafayette tends to be the cheesiest place in Louisiana, it doesn’t surprise me that someone from there did this. I am from New Orleans and regardless of what stuck up Northerner’s think about the South, not everyone is an ignorant trash ball. Yes, New Orleans is known for its partying, no I have never flashed anyone on Bourbon Street or done any of the so-called things that girls do in New Orleans. Last time I checked, all the sluts you see on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras flashing 9 out of 10 of them are tourist that believe that is what you are suppose to do because you are in New Orleans. Do not talk shit about Louisiana if you are not from here. Yes, there are these types of people, but they have those types of people every where. When we live in a society that has become so obsessed with sex, drugs, and celebrities people are going to become ignorant and girls are going to become immoral sluts, especially since their role models are Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Last time I checked, the biggest sluts in Hollywood aren’t from Louisiana.

  40. theoriginalmilf

    Faith needs to grow a pair of ovaries.

  41. Kristen

    well said #37

  42. LL

    Yeah, come to think of it, this is a country song that writes itself. “Them Balls Are Mine” or something like that.

    Bozo – greatness. I prefer “ah-ooh-gah” myself.

    And I also concur with Dan Rather, I doubt old man Hilton will put Paris out on the street (as much as we would all enjoy seeing that). He’s probably already bought whoever’s going to be running against the DA in the next election.

    Texas Tranny – thanks for that mental picture. Does he say “Yee-haw!” at the appropriate moment?

  43. Shania Twain

    I’m sure she would have liked to pound the bitch that did it, but she probably couldn’t punch thru a paper bag with those stick-arms.

  44. Ashley

    I was born and raised in Lafayette, LA and I’m not gonna apologize for the actions of some woman, whom could have driven here from Texas or Mississippi, but it does no good for people like you you # 26, whom perpetuate the stereotype that we are all uneducated, inbred rednecks living in a 3rd world country and we must all eat eat snakes, turtles, and gators.

  45. Rachel

    Oh wow, Kristen in # 40 – I have managed to travel to Louisiana for work many times and had to stay in both Lafayette & New Orleans . It would totally make sense that Britney’s hometown is closer to New Orleans because on top of NOLA being a nasty, smelly cesspool of trash and filth – I have never met so many trashy ‘local girl’ skanks with no manners, as I did in New Orleans. In Lafayette, I found that town to be clean and filled with some of the friendliest people I have ever met in my life.

    Take it from me – an outsider. The crazy chick in Lafayette who offended Ms. Hill, probably drove in from New Orleans!!!

  46. Kristen

    Let’s see you prob did what most tourists do and locate yourself in the heart of the city and traveled on Bourbon Street. Of course you are going to go into a disgusting part of the city. Hmm…I wonder how a entire block filled with bars and tourist can get dirty? How about go to the suburbs of New Orleans such as Metairie and Harahan, where most of the family-oriented people live. Also, it says a lot about yourself if you found Laffayette clean and not cheesy. Also, New Orleans and Laffayette are not the only cities in the state of Louisiana. Try going to Baton Rouge or other cities in the state and say that it is dirty and trashy. You do not know what you are talking about.

  47. Kristen

    Any never once in my previous comment did i claim that New Orleans is a clean city, it never has been and it is even worse now since we did have a hurricane basically destroy our city. So, say what you will about it being dirty because I’m not going to argue with you. I don’t live in the city, I live in the surrounding areas so say what you will

  48. Lady Madonna

    Faith Hill is an ice bitch. Did you see her reaction when they announced Carrie Underwood as the winner for some country awards thing? She was pissed. Dumb bitch.

  49. Rachel

    Quit assuming you actually know me and what I did in New Orleans Kristen. I stayed with a co-workers family in Metarie and another in Marrero- so don’t just assume I met all these ‘locals’ on Bourbon.

    I have also worked in Baton Rouge, Minden, Shreveport and Lake Charles. Lake Charles is pretty bad, but New Orleans takes the cake – so don’t assume. I wonder what parts of Lafayette YOU visited – I wonder if it’s the ‘cheesy’ tourists spots that New Orleans most definitely is full of?

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