Fabio claims he put Clooney in his place

November 15th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Fabio seems to be enjoying his few moments of quasi-relevancy and is talking about his encounter with George Clooney at an L.A. restaurant a few weeks back. Fabio claims George is a “low-class scumbag” that picks on women which prompted the male model to take action, according to Ok! Magazine:

“He was drunk and thought people were taking pictures of him. So I went to the table and explained to him that we were having a charity dinner and I said, ‘You’re more than welcome to come to my table and see if there was a picture of you.’ I apologized and he started being rude so I put him in his place. After I put him in his place — you know I’m three times his size — he got a little scared. I went back to my table and as soon as I sit down he paid his bill, got up and he started insulting the girls. He called the women names. At that point I lost my temper. I went after him and he ran out of the restaurant…. You should be a gentleman. These women were with me and as a man I defend them. He was lucky he ran out of the restaurant. He’s not even half a man.”

While George Clooney might be a drunk that picks on chicks, at least he never did commercials for “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter.” If I was Fabio, I’d be embarrassed to show my perfectly sculpted body in public. Do you think he ever, I dunno, rubbed some of that not-butter on his chest? Maybe while he was at home, alone and feeling kind of curious. A, uh, friend wanted to know. A female friend. Yeah, with a vagina. Phew, totally dodged that bullet. I should be in The Matrix.

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  1. El Sueno

    Hope those pix were taken after Hayden’s 18th birthday.

  2. The United Nations

    George’s mansion in Italy is called Villa Oleandra. Fabio is an Italian actor who did ads for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” Cosmic convergence? Perhaps grounds for resolving this girly spat, over a decanter of chianti?

  3. Lady Sin

    Fabio’s 58?
    Stinky old man peen totes grey & wrinkly!!!! Yech!!!!!!!

  4. Soy

    she is one stiff hemale
    looosen up

  5. Soy

    #25…moose hunter

    cuz in the beginning you get to be a Prick,
    now you just amuse your grandchildren

  6. elva

    i think the man is not good looking, but the girls he hugs are so happy and they are very beautiful, am i right. is he has something special? maybe that is why he is so popular on a dating site called sugarcupid.com.

  7. LaDrones

    #48: Because the weather in LA dipped to a frigid 59 last weekend.

  8. Acid

    Ok, so Fabio would have done exactly the same thing I would have done if Clooney was acting like a dick… I’m 6’5 and weigh well more than enough to take Clooney to the dumpster like a little freshman if I wanted to… If I was him and someone Fabio’s size was coming after my ass, I’d run too.

    As far as you all saying the girls ( Hayden and Kirsten ) were “acting” when their pics were taken with him… I don’t think so. Their smiles are genuine. You can only act so well.

    Fabio may have made his career on his good looks… but, how many can say they didn’t in Hollywood? Gimme a break. Looks are the most important thing in our society. Don’t even try to say they aren’t. People in the public eye are judged on every little aspect of how they appear in life. As an example… Britney Spears gains or loses a pound, it’s public news the next day. Don’t even play… The criticism that girl endures is more pressure than most people can deal with or even would want to deal with.

    Another thing… Fabio hasn’t been in anything latey… Well, take a look at how old and haggard he looks now… pretty much explains it, doesn’t it?

    He still is in great physical shape… well more than enough to mop the floor with someone like Clooney, that’s for sure.

    Clooney has been overrated in my opinion. His acting style is poor. He has all these physical ticks of his that are pronounced in his on screen characters as well. His little head movements and other little quarks are in all his characters that I’ve seen him portray.

    You see someone like Johnny Depp play significantly different roles and he controls himself to the point he becomes that character. His own personal quarks and thoughts are put aside and he becomes the character he is portraying in his roles. Clooney doesn’t seem to be able to do this, making him a so-so actor in my opinion.

    Fabio may have done very little in his career (according to some of you), but he made the best of what he was given and didn’t become a little ‘diva’ boy, like Clooney.

  9. Suzie

    Did you notice how hairy Fabio’s knuckles are? Well, you know what they say about big fingers in relation to something else? I wonder if hairy knuckles relate too? And … you that are calling Fabio “old”….. well, we all get there eventually. At least I hope we do! “OLD” is good :)

  10. sandi

    I used to think Clooney looked pretty good until I saw him in person and realized I was taller, and I’m not exactly tall enough to be a model.

  11. Narcissist

    I figure his eyes might be sunk because he’s like 48 yrs old and not 35% blubber.

    40. “George is the best Box Office gamble in 40 years in motion pictures”

    You know it. That smarmy b grade TV doo-doo has probably made almost 1/1000th the money Harrison Ford has with his string of stink bombs like “The Peacemaker” and…I can’t even recall any more. Oh, Oceans Crapteen made significant money for some reason. I agree with 49. Clooney plays one character.

    Fabio seems to have fun with his image and laugh at himself. Like those “Nationwide-Life Come At You Fast” commercials I’ve been seeing in the past year.
    Watch it here:

    Clooney seems insecure and thinks making jokes about people with Alzheimer’s Disease is funny.

  12. Linda

    I love Fabio. In all the interviews I’ve seen of him he’s been charming, witty, and totally self-deprecating.
    Growing up, his siblings called him the “Nazi experiment.” Heh.

  13. BaconMessiah

    Actually Fabio was doing a charity lunch for widows of 9/11 when Clooney went off, apparently insulting the womens wieght. Fuck I hate that smug assclown. Fuck off and die already GEORGE and the rest of your know it all, liberal fucktard friends.

  14. Mike Motorcycle

    That’s right Georgy boy, your gig is up and you still think you’re relevant. Even Faggio is more relevant than you, at least he seems like a real person instead of some washed up sitcom actor who was afforded the opportunity to make films because of his liberal bullshit politics. They only people who like you are echo-chamber hollywood tools who kid themselves into deciding that they are the big trendsetters and america cares about them. I’m talking about basically the whole lot of craptors who ‘starred’ in the craptacular Ocean’s films plus Pitt, Jolie, julia Roberts, the Gyllenhall siblings, Reese Witherspoon and basically the entire list of left wing hollywierd traitors can all fuck off and suffer poor ticket sales as the country sees through your transparent shells.

  15. I believe Hayden and Kristen obviously irritated…

  16. jenny

    Oh I finally get it! The writer/poster of this site is GAY!!! That’s what’s with all the chauvinistic boobs and ass comments…he’s poorly trying to convince us that’s he’s not gay. It’s ok little guy, we accept your gayness!

  17. Sofia

    fabio is fabio…. and george clooney was in “the return of the killer tomatoes”
    I rest my case.

  18. Panther59

    I used to like George Clooney when he was younger. But after all of that stupid multiple Ocean’s 11 tripe, and his creepily, almost homosexual relationships with the co-actors (yeh, you know who I mean) and his megliomaniac political views, I got over over him pretty fast. I wish Fabio would have crushed him like a roach. Fabio showed much more class, whatever his background. Not to mention that Georgie is only a Harley wanabee…yes, accidents happen, but if he wasn’t so worried about everyone watching him, he may have been able to keep his girlfriend safe from harm!

  19. mari

    #24 what’s the big deal about being an acadamy award winning actor ? You basiclly win an award for putting on makeup,dressing up in a costume and playing pretend -give me a break. there are so many other people in this world who deserve the accolades that clooney keeps lapping up. oh yes Darfur-but does he really spend the time or the money to try and make a difference when he’s not in the spotlight??It seems he spends an boatload of money on movies edifying himself as an actor or director-give me a break

  20. blizzy

    Fabio is full of shit. Clooney wouldn’t have to be scared…unlike Fabio, Clooney still is a current star, and could afford to get a group of ninja midgets to kick fabio’s ass.

    LoL ninja midgets! Tell me you wouldn’t wanna see that!

  21. Arguman

    Wow. Fabio is really close to looking like the “ancient Fabio” from that Nationwide commercial.

  22. Fake

    Well he’s almost 60 years old and could still kick Clooney’s ass. Plus he would rip those two munchkin chicks in half with his kong dong. GO FABIO GO!

  23. Tammy

    Clooney is gay and hides behind all his dating sluts. Clooney is the ultimate scumbag and treats women like garbage insiders say.

  24. Freckles M.

    Clooney is a fag in the closet and an arrogant doucebag phoney. He would lie his ass off to look good. Nobody I know likes him. Who the hell is voting for him on those assinine magazine covers???

  25. Jeffrey

    Clooney is a nasty person who cares about nobody but himself. He jumps on the latest charity causes to just look good. He is a self absorbed narcissist prick.

  26. Rita

    Hate Clooneyass. He’s a phoney and a bad actor who’s so full of himself. Someone beat the shit out of him please. Fabio should be popular just because he is a nice human being and a decent person.

  27. Pete

    George is not a human being. He’s an arrogant fucktard and needs to be pushed off a cliff. Let’s boycott the clown’s movies!!!!

  28. Harrison


  29. Jaime

    ugh George again. he is a fucking monster and has zero qualities as a decent human being. what’s it going to take for him to stay in Italy for good?

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