Fabio claims he put Clooney in his place


Fabio seems to be enjoying his few moments of quasi-relevancy and is talking about his encounter with George Clooney at an L.A. restaurant a few weeks back. Fabio claims George is a “low-class scumbag” that picks on women which prompted the male model to take action, according to Ok! Magazine:

“He was drunk and thought people were taking pictures of him. So I went to the table and explained to him that we were having a charity dinner and I said, ‘You’re more than welcome to come to my table and see if there was a picture of you.’ I apologized and he started being rude so I put him in his place. After I put him in his place — you know I’m three times his size — he got a little scared. I went back to my table and as soon as I sit down he paid his bill, got up and he started insulting the girls. He called the women names. At that point I lost my temper. I went after him and he ran out of the restaurant…. You should be a gentleman. These women were with me and as a man I defend them. He was lucky he ran out of the restaurant. He’s not even half a man.”

While George Clooney might be a drunk that picks on chicks, at least he never did commercials for “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter.” If I was Fabio, I’d be embarrassed to show my perfectly sculpted body in public. Do you think he ever, I dunno, rubbed some of that not-butter on his chest? Maybe while he was at home, alone and feeling kind of curious. A, uh, friend wanted to know. A female friend. Yeah, with a vagina. Phew, totally dodged that bullet. I should be in The Matrix.

Photos: Getty Images