Fabio claims he put Clooney in his place

November 15th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Fabio seems to be enjoying his few moments of quasi-relevancy and is talking about his encounter with George Clooney at an L.A. restaurant a few weeks back. Fabio claims George is a “low-class scumbag” that picks on women which prompted the male model to take action, according to Ok! Magazine:

“He was drunk and thought people were taking pictures of him. So I went to the table and explained to him that we were having a charity dinner and I said, ‘You’re more than welcome to come to my table and see if there was a picture of you.’ I apologized and he started being rude so I put him in his place. After I put him in his place — you know I’m three times his size — he got a little scared. I went back to my table and as soon as I sit down he paid his bill, got up and he started insulting the girls. He called the women names. At that point I lost my temper. I went after him and he ran out of the restaurant…. You should be a gentleman. These women were with me and as a man I defend them. He was lucky he ran out of the restaurant. He’s not even half a man.”

While George Clooney might be a drunk that picks on chicks, at least he never did commercials for “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter.” If I was Fabio, I’d be embarrassed to show my perfectly sculpted body in public. Do you think he ever, I dunno, rubbed some of that not-butter on his chest? Maybe while he was at home, alone and feeling kind of curious. A, uh, friend wanted to know. A female friend. Yeah, with a vagina. Phew, totally dodged that bullet. I should be in The Matrix.

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  1. get naked

    i love fabio. he should have killed that smug diva clooney.

  2. fabioeastsbabies

    on the cards tonight for fabio..some hayden pie


  3. mkell

    Oh shit, that’s hilarious!

    What a pair of total asses.

  4. raptor_egg


  5. gotmilk?

    a little handsy with the young ladies fabio! i love how it seems like these two chicks are taking a picture with him as a dare.

  6. fabioeatsbabies

    fuck you get naked….

    i shall be frist in life

  7. Beady Eyes

    LOL, why do women think that caveman looking fool is hot?

    Look at him? He looks like Iggy Pop’s long lost brother!

  8. Superbad


    great last phrase…Neo

    Clooney /Fabio for 08 ! ! !

  9. Jen Aniston.

    i believe fabio’s story.
    george is a conceited bitch, who treats fans like shit.
    fabio is 6’3 and has a huge hard body.
    george is a wimpy 5’9 and not much of an athlete really.
    fabio could have crushed him.

  10. superfinoVTO fan

    I’m disappointed! hayden and kristen look so uncomfortable, i thought for sure you would have some insanely hilarious witty banter to go with those pictures.

  11. clooney got punked

    it looks like fabio has let these bitches know by his firm grip that they’ll be going home with him tonight.

  12. LOL:

    This is sort of like a comeback for him

  13. bb

    GROSSSS!!! He’s so NASTY!!! He looks like Skelator, his eyes are sunken in, and I’m pretty sure he has skin cancer. Bigfoot.

  14. GeorgeClooneyIsAFag

    I wish Clooney would just get over himself the self-righteous, pompous diva. I wish this old geezer looking mofo were one tenth as good looking as he thinks he is.

  15. roastbeef

    george clooney is a whiney little bitch and his GF is fugy. I wish Fabio would have crushed him under his giant thumb.

  16. Biff

    He’s lucky. First those Geico commercials, and now a show on ABC.

  17. fabio is back

    wikipedia says he was born in 1949. if that is true he looks great.
    and he is an accomplished author. i kinda want to hit up barnes & noble and check out some of his work.

  18. fabio is back

    wikipedia says he was born in 1949. if that is true he looks great.
    and he is an accomplished author. i kinda want to hit up barnes & noble and check out some of his work.

  19. RENEE Z...

    Wow, if that story is true then George Clooney is a real jerk off. And Fabio is noble for being protective of the women with him. But overall, I can’t help feeling the way I’ve always felt…George Clooney is a tool and Fabio is a douchebag. Or wait, is it the other way around? Either way, cut your hair already Fabio, come on, its 2007…even Michael Bolton cut his off. You are not a white knight. And Clooney totally needs to get over himself. Paints a funny picture though of him running out of a restaurant with Fabio chasing him.

  20. Marcy

    Fabio is great. :)

  21. minniememe

    “I crush you hard my manly arms and throw over you my muscular back and leave George Clooney with no womens!”

  22. Ted from LA

    I hope they settle this with machine guns.

  23. Hididdlyhoneighborino

    Well Renee, it would just look weird if he cut his hair, that’s part of his look. Plus its starting to swing back around to the long hair look, at least from what I see of the teenagers around here.

  24. dgfd

    Clooney is an Oscar winning Actor as well as a Director/Scriptwriter and has built a career over the years as opposed to Fagio who got by on his looks and is remembered for nothing other than being beefcake.

    Hayden and Kirsten have a “Who the fuck is this douche” look on their faces.

  25. moose hunter

    Fabio is awesome, but man, I get sad looking at him age. I swear, aging has to be the cruelest thing to ever happen to humankind.

    Why must we all end up as helpless, wrinkled smelly hags and hideous senile men? :(

  26. Zanna

    I smell vinegar and water. It must be Fabio..the fucking douchebag. He’s holding on to those chics like they are what’s left of his career.

  27. NotMuchToSay

    Clooney is arrogant. Fabio is simple minded. Combine them and you get Fabiney or is it Cloonio. I forget. Where’s the Bourbon.

  28. Lisa

    While I’m sure George Clooney may have been a bit of a ‘diva’ in this situation, Fabio’s probably thanking his lucky stars that the media is giving him a smidgen of attention, considering he hasn’t done much with his life aside from pose for romance novel covers and hawk a butter substitute.

    Fabio is such a cheesy loser, and will NEVER, EVER be as successful as Clooney. Fabio’s also a fugly bastard, and Clooney’s a sexy beast.

  29. Andrea

    george is short and old. fabio is tall and old. what’s the point i’m trying to make here? that britney is more interesting than these old wrinkled ball-sacks.

  30. Lisa

    P.S. Hayden looks like she’s REALLY happy to be posing with Fabio. She’s about to burst out into laughter.

  31. tp

    hayden has a stupid fat head

  32. Jo smo

    So… Is the girl in pick 2 the same girl on your header of ‘superficial.com????

  33. D. Richards (Right.)

    I don’t have a problem with Fabio. He seems cool enough. And he rides dirbikes so that gives him street credibility. Once, I saw Fabio two a triple backflip on a CR-250. Amazing! It would have cool if Fabs man-handled Clooney-fag in to the fetal position and fucked him from the side in front of the entire restaurant. I don’t think Fabs is gay at all. He would fuck Clooney like straight men fuck in prison. Just to let him know who’s boss. Alpha.

  34. canuck

    Goose to the face!! hahahahahaha

  35. clarkehead

    When did Fabio start looking like Herman Munster?

  36. Ript1&0

    YES!!!! YES!!!! Fabio is awesome!! Love how he defended the ladies, ooooo, that’s so strong and manly and protective. Hell yes. Look at his hands, they’re so huge… He can defend my ass any day.

  37. DeepFriedFish

    HAYDEN: Oh my god…oh my god…oh my god…oh my god…oh my god…please don’t let this shit be catching…

    KRISTEN: (whispering) ….shhh, Hayden …find a happy place …smile, something… you’re an actress, damnit.

    HAYDEN: I was downing saki shots all morning to have the nerve to get into that water! And now I come home just to catch death by D-List!

  38. zzzz

    yeah, but atleast fabio never did a commercial for Budweiser….

    f-ing gross.

  39. LL

    Eh, they’re both kinda idiots. Fabio didn’t wrestle a tiger or run into a burning building, he yelled at another guy in a restaurant. As for Clooney, maybe the best way to convince people you want to be left alone to just do your thing is to NOT help cause a scene in a restaurant. Just sayin’. I’d rather look at Clooney than Fabio (Fabio kinda looks like a chick in my office, and that’s not compliment to either one of them), but douchebaggery is douchebaggery. To be avoided.

  40. The Eyes


    God damn, LET ME SPLAIN how HOLLYWOOD REALLY works…

    George (and his people) DON’T ALLOW FABIO’s … HAS BEENS…
    get near them. NOT for a second…

    AND WHY?

    FABIO IS THE MALE CHYNA… they leach for every photo on sites like this…


    George is the best Box Office gamble in 40 years in motion pictures.

    And if YOU don’t KNOW that…
    if you ARGUE that… you know nothing in Hollywood.

  41. Feckless

    Jesus 40 take some medicine or speak fucking English.

    Secondly, Fabio is awesome. Never paid much attention to him before this (although if you check the previous post you will see that I bet $50 on him against Georgee) – tough guys sell butter, wusses make good night and good luck.

  42. 21st century digital boy

    I love the looks of pure terror on the girls faces.

  43. Kimberly

    Hayden Panettiere looks so awkward and uncomfortable with Fabio. She must be feeling a poke down there…

  44. Nathiest

    bull fucking shit!

  45. Eye-Dish Lass

    GC is a bore who dates common women as beards. He and Fabio probably were having a sword fight in the bathroom and this was just part of their role-playing. ACTORS 99.9% of the time = I’m Gay Gay Gay! Clooney, owns a f’g pig (probably likes the creepy squeal – ewwww!), and is the ultimate “confirmed bachelor.” Hahahahahaha! Sure George, we buy it…..just like Liberace….
    George: Shhhh….Lance Bass is FREE! Go 4 it!

  46. @ Fabio

    Great publicity stunt you big nasty fuck. It’s one thing to stand up for the ladies because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s another thing to do it just so you can go and brag about later to try and jumpstart your sad career.

  47. Eye-Dish Lass

    …..Why is Hayden Panawhatever dressed like she is about to do a weather report in Chicago? Anyone?

  48. Eye-Dish Lass

    …..Why is Hayden Panawhatever dressed like she is about to do a weather report in Chicago? Anyone?

  49. sindiva

    pfffffft Fabio trumps Clooney.

    Fabio can do silly adds for a stupid butter commercial which he did after it was discovered he modeled for romance novels. He DOES not take himself seriously. When he’s been on Conan he makes fun of himself. He has found a niche and he rocks it.

    George Clooney plays the same character in every film. WOO.talent. George was just embarrassed that he was put in his place in front of his woman. So he had to be a big shot.

    How is this jump starting a career when this was spur of the moment?? He was illustrating how George was weak because instead of attacking Fabio he attacked the ladies.

    yeah, SO self serving.

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