EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian 2009 Calendar Photos – Round 2

December 18th, 2008 // 108 Comments

Here’s the second round of exclusive pics from Kim Kardashian’s 2009 Wall Calendar. Now with more seductively placed area rugs and Western-themed innuendos. Giddy up!

Thanks again to Kim Kardashian who wants you to swing by her online store and pick up a calendar for someone you love this holiday. On that note, Grandma, your Christmas just got shitloads more awesome! And to think, I almost bought you that Josh Groban CD you wanted. You’re welcome.


  1. Mia

    Kim is very pretty and I think the calendar looks pretty good. The only thing I think is that Kim wears a bit too much makeup. She sometimes looks a little fake.

  2. I think Kim looks so sexy and if I looked like this beautiful woman I would be all over magazines, I really will never understand how and why people get so hatefull online about people you do not even know, if you knew who she was you would not be writng such awful things, Kim does a lot of charitys she also has helped familys on her own, taking money out of her own pocket to help strangers and if it wasen’t for people like Kim and our other actors and actress helping this world would be a mess, I am someone who is suffering thru an extremly painful disability I have been compared to other disabilitys because there is no name for what I realy have and I pray that one of our actors comes forward and really wants to know more about my nerve disease because if it was not for them, no one else is going to care, so do not be so quick to judge people you do not know, my whole life change in one day and I never would think something like this could happen to me, so if it can happen to me it can happen to you, so be carefull you may be on my side when you may need there help someday.
    Janice Power

  3. chazlynn

    i love the way she look.. ~ so cute and i wanna be like her..!! =)

  4. I want a fuck only.

  5. Since i had opened my eyes i didn’t find and hot lady like her. She is no doubt hottest in the world got perfect curves.

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  8. I will admit.. at this moment in time, in the looks department she is a very sexy woman. But a completely vacuous woman with no fucking morals who sells her backside for cash is a complete turn off.. or a prostitute. She also falls in the category of looking better with less makeup.

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