EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian 2009 Calendar Photos – Round 2

December 18th, 2008 // 108 Comments

Here’s the second round of exclusive pics from Kim Kardashian’s 2009 Wall Calendar. Now with more seductively placed area rugs and Western-themed innuendos. Giddy up!

Thanks again to Kim Kardashian who wants you to swing by her online store and pick up a calendar for someone you love this holiday. On that note, Grandma, your Christmas just got shitloads more awesome! And to think, I almost bought you that Josh Groban CD you wanted. You’re welcome.


  1. Greenie

    You sold out superfish. I know you gotta pay the bills and all that, but whats next….will you be asking us to go to Paris Hiltons site to buy some of her perfume?

  2. Mcfeely Smackup

    Two MAJOR reasons why this calendar will flop:

    1. Kardashian is a porn actress, she’s famous for being naked on camera, sucking huge cocks, and getting a mixture of semen and urine sprayed on her while smiling for the camera.

    2. I don’t know anybody who buys calendars any more. Not one person.

  3. I like the funny picture of her with clothes on…Like anyone wants to see that. Haha

  4. Larry

    I am buying Kim’s calendar as a gag gift for my yearly company Christmas party. The gag gift must be under $20 so this works great!

  5. Katie

    Too bad this is the calendar she made for reggie bush last year. so it is nothing new.

  6. Vince Lombardi

    Re: the triple exposure shot…. look at the right-most pic and draw an imaginary line from her hip bone to the top of her thigh. Everything left of that line is a mass of fat cells. *shudder*

  7. Doshii

    Is that a Ruger Blackhawk in the 4th pic? Nice choice, but man, the finish is so beat up … take better care of your guns, please.

  8. el stinko

    She’s just an alright looking girl…with a big FAT ASS!

  9. el stinko

    She’s just an alright looking girl…with a big FAT ASS!

  10. mink

    can she go on the banned list with Heidi/Spencer? she’s so lame

  11. BM

    Dude, weren’t these supposed to be for her bf only? (Hence the March month, which is his bday) What a desperate whore that needs money any way she can get it.

  12. Kahlee

    She looks beautiful, but I prefered the other ones.

  13. Hmm

    Well, I think she is beautiful. Especially in more natural make-up.

  14. Dan

    I’m totally beating off to an airbrush right now.

  15. gosyco

    Contact NASA.
    That azz just told Gravity, “Go eff yerself.”

  16. Rita

    Another post of that fucking disgusting, nasty, flapjack ass, no talent whore!?!

    She is walking, talking shitstain who uses stale urine for perfume. What a sleazy whore!

  17. mimi

    Anyone who thinks Kim is hot is also attracted to barnyard animals.

  18. gawd

    Mudshark!!! Just keep a safe distance, do not make physical contact, then urinate and puke on her. That’s all she’s good for.

  19. Garrard

    She’s a no-talent loser!!! Why is she being promoted here?!

    There is nothing good about her. She’s a HUMAN URINAL!!!






  21. Jonn C. Monet

    She fucks up everything she touches! She could fuck up a wet dream! Totally worthless, vapid, brain-dead slut. A nasty, sloppy, foul smelling fuck that just lays there waiting to be urinated on. Just look at those disgusting carp lips! What a turn-off she is!

    Nothing hot about Kim, whatsoever!

  22. Malcome

    To put things in perspective….most people here find Kim to be disgusting, nasty, foul, skanky and slutty dumb whore. Well, THAT_GIRL_JENN is one rung BELOW Kim, which is as low as it gets. The difference is that Kim K has an inheritance from her daddy, who obtained an education and WORKED. Neither Kim nor DUMB_DUMB_JENN will ever accomplish either.

  23. Benji Madden Loves the Cock, so does David Beckham

    #6, Believe me you, you have nothing to worry about in regards to the “depths”….your little inchworm could never cover any of that vast terrain. In fact, the diaogue would go something like this, only faster…

    Kim: I’m ready when you are
    Park: I’m finished already, whachyoo tawkin ’bout?
    Kim: What, I can’t hear you, pull your head out of your ass and into mine!
    Park: I said I’ve been in and out dozens of times now, you didn’t notice???
    Park: It’s that small?
    Kim: Yes, plus my ass is that deep!

  24. Tom


  25. Tom


  26. WE LOVE HER, and that big tight ass of her. Plowing would do her an injustice. I believe its more like demolition time on her ass. I’ve got a big dick, Ray J your shit was weak.

  27. Chuck


    I almost spit out my water while reading Kim has a big tight ass lol! Kim has a big ass for sure, but tight lol! No way!

  28. Jon


    Awe you poor fat short chick with a big bottom half like Kim. I jerk off to fit chicks, not fat short chicks like Kim, not tall fat chicks, and definitely not females that are underweight. Fit females are hot for sure!

  29. momo

    After reading these posts we ask what is wrong with the world? lol lol lol … a bunch of low self esteem HATERS … love the comments from the guys … lol lol lol … never mind touch her most of you guys couldn’t even talk to her … lol lol lol … hell you couldn’t even talk to me … but this is a great read after a loong day a work … lol

  30. momo = homo

    Kim is a disgusting slab of a carcass. Kim is simply disgusting, nevermind the carcass of a body.

    78 (translation):
    “WE LOVE DREAMING, and that big loose ass of her. Plowing would be only an attempt. I believe its more like demolition time on her canyon of an ass. I’ve got a big imiginary dick, Ray J your little shit made mine look like a little boy. Wait, I have the dick of a little boy. Nevermind. Out—–

    81, momo, This is a celebrity bashing site, you must have thought you were on your favorite celebrity ass licking slurp site. The truth is that most sane people find Kim to be a nasty skank with no talent and no usefulness whatsoever. Only desperate weirdos are attracted to that shitstain, hairy flapjack flabroll ass bitch.

    You’re welcome

  31. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  32. HITLER

    She reminds me of a sexy camel.

    I STILL LOVE KIDS….especially at Christmas.

  33. Fuck this

    Fish Why isn the fuck are you being nice to this cow??? I love how this rich shopaholic bitch is helping out charities during the season of GIVING with her calendar… wait… she’s just helping herself so that in a world full of poverty and need and a country in peril with families who can’t even pay for their kids chemo this rich useless bitch who has no skills or talent is just trying to make herself richer by adding more vanity to this already vapid world so that she can go on a few more hundred shopping sprees this year. Aw that’s awesome that is THE definition of Christmas.

    Kim can you please tell me how you and your greedy useless family sleeps at night, how do you live knowing that you, a useless sex tape whore with nothing but an out of proportion fatass makes shitloads more than firefighters, and police officers, soldiers, doctors and nurses to name a few who SAVE LIVES and make in a YEAR (with families to feed and actual billls to pay) what you can make in a day?

    YOU and people like you are why this world is so fucked up you take and take and take and give crumbs back, you contribute nothing of value to society and in your sick fame whoring you encourage other people to be as useless and destructive to society as you are.

    GET A REAL FUCKING JOB one that actually helps society and take some of the EXCESS you lavish yourself in a REALLY give back.”Charity” parties, throwing CRUMBS at causes and posing for vain selfserving pictures does not count kardashians. Look around uyou and get some fucking perspective and GIVE BACK this Christmas and always.

    I’d rather pay a rino to piss in my eyes and shit on my face than buy your calendar, consequently it would probably be a very similar experience.

  34. KK is a DoucheNozzle

    She’s an heiress. Her daddy was educated, an attorney and he worked. So, one educated, working person in the family per century is enough for the 4 surviving Kardashians. They consider themselves princesses, much better than the working class stiffs; they’re, in reality, deluxe douchebags.

    Kim thinks very, very highly of herself. More so, in fact, than most people posting here. Yes, there are a few celeb suck-ups and hangers-on whining about poor little baby Kim, a few paid by Kims mother but most people here despise the greedy, vapid, fake, phony, nasty, skanky, dumb, uneducated, no-talent asshole douchenozzle.

  35. send it to: “BERGOS@PLANET.NL” , please?

  36. bop

    OMG I am so tired of this “person”
    She is amazing in her narcissistic stupidity and annoying attention needing…..

    no one cares how you look. you dont matter

  37. bop

    OMG I am so tired of this “person”
    She is amazing in her narcissistic stupidity and annoying attention needing…..

    no one cares how you look. you dont matter

  38. Evil Father Time

    She’s the only girl I would insist upon having a 3-way with ANOTHER GUY. one with a HUGE weiner, so he could shove it in her yapper and keep her quiet while i frolic in her ass cheeks. Or maybe a transorbital lobotomy. She is not sexy at all when she talks, because she basically vomits stinky baby poop when she talks.

  39. eerger

    6. Parker – December 19, 2008 7:44 AM

    Dancing on a razor blade is something YOU need to do. With your face.

  40. SB

    So, just because Celebuzz (or whatever the fuck it is called) owns both your blogs, now you are promoting this worthless cumbucket? Fuck this cheap piece of twat and her whole greedy, materialistic family!

    Useless bitch thinks she can manipulate everyone into forgetting that it only takes $4.95 to watch her take a load of jizz to the face? Most people are too smart for you, Kim. Not gonna happen. You might have convinced that retard Reggie Bush but not the rest of us. SO< fuck you!

  41. “$4.95 to watch her take a load of jizz to the face?” torrent anyone?

  42. W

    Kim was probably more happy than anyone that her Dad finally died. An Armenian man would never allow his little girl to date black dudes. Well, maybe not as happy as the golddigger wife he had.

  43. Spagett!

    shes fucking sexy but have you heard her talk? i heard her for the first time on the video game awards the other day (because im not a 14 year old who watches mtv all day) and she sounds like shes fucking 12!

    but still, god damn shes sexy. too bad she likes the nigs, and that being said what the fuck is she anyway? some type of indian?


    what a stupid bitch

  45. PostmortemG

    “Kim was probably more happy than anyone that her Dad finally died. An Armenian man would never allow his little girl to date black dudes. Well, maybe not as happy as the golddigger wife he had.”

    Well, the man may have been Armenian, but it’s plain to see he didn’t teach K.K. anything of value, much less her own culture. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume she’s an absolute shame to traditional Armenians everywhere… *ESPECIALLY* Armenian women. She’s turned the beauty and mythos of exotic women into $hit. I’ll never watch her porno, but it would be amusing to see ‘leaked’ footage of her boyfriend beating her. =D

  46. Dick Gozinya

    Kim, you ignorant slut!

  47. SWEET! Check it out, http://www.lasvegasnightlifenetwork.com/events/new-years-eve-lax-nightclub The Kardashian sisters are hosting an event at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  48. Dr. Tomah Tuyokota

    I would give ten years of my life for a night with Kim. She has the most beautiful face and the most fantastic ass on the world.
    I do not understand why those gays morons and stinking feminists hate her that much….

  49. PostmortemG

    “I would give ten years of my life for a night with Kim. She has the most beautiful face and the most fantastic ass on the world.”

    Damn, son. You need female physical contact… and *FAST*! You’re already delusional. I doubt you’ll ever meet the whore in person, but should you ever, i doubt even more she’d give a shit about you [ Unless there's a way she can use you to further her 'career', which i also doubt ]. No one should feel so beaten down as you; if you lived near me, I’d rent you a hot slut that actually knows how to work it [ Unlike Kim, according to what I've heard about her porno ].

  50. olson251160

    divina kim k enviar mas fotos

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