Ewan McGregor Might Be Doctor Strange

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Here are all of the things I know about Doctor Strange:

1. Jackshit.

With that in mind, Fish, being the sadistic bastard he is, assigned me this post during our morning “editorial meeting,” [Ed. Note: I already made an Eye of Agamotto penis joke. There’s nothing more to say. – SW] which yes, is a Skype call where we each take turns hanging up to sprint to the bathroom after the coffee kicks in. It’s exactly like The Wall Street Journal but with more poop talk. (Suck it, Cronkite. Seriously, ask me if I give a shit if that reference made any sense.) Anyway, according to this website that I’ve never visited in my life, they’ve come across some extremely flimsy evidence that Ewan McGregor could maybe probably possibly be or not be in Marvel’s next grab at a trillion dollars. Via Badass Digest:

Yesterday a new source contacted me and said that Ewan McGregor had been prepping for the role – doing the usual research actors do when looking at taking on an adaptation or existing character. I contacted one of my usual sources and asked if this was true, and I was told “They’re looking at him.”

HOLY FUCK! This dork’s usual source somehow managed to squeeze out the most generic, non-committal confirmation that a studio is aware of an actor and they still have an open role for a film they’re currently producing!! I know it sounds cynical and probably a bit odd for me to be slamming nerd glee so hard considering who ultimately pays my bar tabs, so I promise to get super jacked in the 30 seconds before this movie starts when Fish explains to me what the fuck it is I’m about to watch. Until then, for the love of Christ, seek out vaginas (or butts if that’s your thing, no judgements here), they really are fantastic.

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