Ew, Someone Lied About Dating “Blob” Kardashian

Last week Rob-Blob Kardashian found himself in the babymakin’ crosshairs of another C-list woman with a giant ass. Her name was Mehgan James and I immediately hate her because that’s not how you spell fucking Meghan. I’d even let Megan or Meagan slide – but “Mehgan” is just barbaric.

Anyway, she put out a tabloid APB saying that she and the blob were smashing butts about a week ago and has since doubled her social media following. TMZ is now reporting that the Blob himself has squashed those rumors and now ‘Meh-gan’ looks like a big duh-mee.

Mehgan was the mastermind of the whole thing.
Our sources say Mehgan’s “team” contacted a bunch of media outlets planting the story. We’re told her goal was SOP … spread her name, grow her following.

On the surface the most disturbing thing about this story is that a C-list reality TV personality tried to piggyback on Rahblahb K’s stupefying celebrity status to step up her Instagram endorsements for boutique colon-blow, but it’s not. What blows my colon away is the fact that this lady has followers that consider her big ass to be a talent. It doesn’t take talent to have a big ass. Classical piano composition takes talent. Doing lines of creatine in the Hollywood Fitness bathroom between squat sets does not take talent, I’m sorry.

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Those socks are fitting… If you’d like to know more about RobBlob Kardashian, please direct your attention to the closest bare wall you can find. Walk up to it really close and stare… give it at least an hour or two and you’ll catch up on all the latest gossip!