GOLDEN GLOBES: The only part that mattered.

January 18th, 2010 // 133 Comments

Those are happening.

In the meantime, I live-tweeted the Golden Globes, so if you’re into reading random shit in reverse chronological order that only makes sense if you’re watching at the same time, holy fuck do I have you covered.

More pics to come in the morning.

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  1. dawg

    I hope, one day, to see her nude in a film.

  2. dontlooknow

    All I can say is (that hasn’t already been said), what a retarded dress.

  3. BiJenni

    I watch Mad Men for three reasons… Christina Hendricks tits (that’s 2) and her delicious, kissable mouth. I’m getting damp just thinking about her. I wish SHE was the gay charachter on the show. My pussy would never stop dripping watching her kiss another girl!

  4. @_@


    Fapping into oblivion, brb.

  5. Yummy

    #4: Because the right side (stage left) has he dress wrapped under it. It has more support by the dress.

  6. i would pound that harder than an earthquake on a poorly built haitian city

  7. Laughing GUNT

    …aw shit, I already came….

  8. Rasputins Liver


    She’s alright, no doubt about it.


    But what the hell’s that chunk of whatever on the side of her mam? I’ve never seen something like that before.Couldn’t she see in the mirror that that seriously looked bad?


  9. Man, I wish I was Atlas.

  10. Fribble

    58. Rasputins Liver – January 18, 2010 9:57 AM
    “[W]hat the hell’s that chunk of whatever on the side of her mam? I’ve never seen something like that before.”

    It’s called underwire support. LIke they use in bras. You’d know that if you’d ever dated a woman with *real*, large breasts.
    Think of it as structural support for holding up something large and heavy. Like girders are used in a skyscraper, but lots more fun.

    Fribble, “educating virgins since 1542″

  11. gen


  12. Fribble

    Can someone please explain to me why women have decided that the Hitler forehead is now acceptable?

  13. Fuck you fucking fuckers









  14. pimp

    she makes my wiener feel weird…

  15. Klondike Ike

    Wow… look at those Grand Tetons.

  16. Hugh Gentry

    great tits, but that smile is like the Joker. Pic 4 will give me nightmares.

  17. Because she wish to be a hitler maybe?:D

  18. They’re so veiny!!!!

    You all get 3 kicks in the ass for looking at them.

  19. Chris

    So… God DOES exist

  20. gigi

    wonder what Joss Whedon is thinking…. Saffron & Connor [with a beard even!] in the same frame and it’s not even his show!

  21. testington

    Christina is pure perfection! Love her as Joan on Mad Men, the sexiest character in the history of tv

  22. Kitty Furry

    who the fuck would watch mad men sober..oh yeah mad women

  23. gigi to comment #1- kaylia

    because Christina’s human & her breasts are natural, not manufactured… also it could be the angle or the way they’re tucked into her dress… from personal experience, the girls can get unwieldy the bigger they are – makes them even cooler. It’s nice to be proud of what you’ve got, no matter the size, but big boobs rule.

  24. So this plain Jane shows her big tits (probably implants, she got them ’cause she’s plain in the face) and we’re all supposed to notice her? BTW, that bottom part of the dress is atrocious and exposes her as PWT.

  25. shellibelli

    haha #11 nice subtle Firefly reference! Ill be in my bunk indeed!

  26. Angie

    I thought that was Rose McGowan in 20 years.

  27. SOS

    she doesn’t need to bake but she needs to put SOME kind of tanner on that skin…

  28. R

    You can actually see the buttresses in her dress holding those things up there. She doesn’t require a bustier so much as a bulwark. If those ever fall, they’re going to leave those suicide impact prints in the broken sidewalk.

  29. Nameless


  30. Sinamon

    those are definitely real and only seem a little uneven because the dress is not properly holding her up equally in some shots. scope out the last picture, i guess someone mentioned it to her or she pulled up the left side a bit. all better. she is so lovely. i enjoyed her performances in “firefly” on both episodes she was in. talk about a curvy woman–with just as much talent as beauty!!

  31. Christopher

    @25: OMFG, that IS our Mrs. Reynolds! Holy shit, how she has grown…

    Keep your Golden Globes, I’ll take the Creamy Globes

  32. w/e

    nice tuckin fits

  33. laurente


  34. laurente


  35. laurente


  36. Don

    I just came, which is remarkable because I never touched my dick.

  37. edvard

    I have always liked Christina hendrix.

    SHE’S GOT HUGE… tracks of land.

    boobies ftw.

  38. They have their own gravitational pull!

  39. The truth

    I must admit…some of these pix are just awful

  40. Holy Jessica Rabbit, Batman!

  41. Boto

    “Those are no moons. They are space stations.”

  42. UrbanGoddess

    Here name is Christine Hendricks and she’s from the TV show “Mad Men” look it up – its a show based in the 60s. And yes those suckers are real – if you think they are fake then you’ve been spending too much time looking at porn and not enough time looking at real titties in real life!

  43. Slappy san

    I was disappointed to see her on goodplasticsurgery last week,

  44. ds

    What do you mean? Was she nominated for A golden globe, or does she have THE golden globes?

    @89 it’s tracts

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  46. The dress is two sizes too small and the color is hideous. She will be on every WORST dressed list.

  47. Christina is looking way gorgeous. She has beautiful lips, very nicely done hair and an attitude of dressing up. This readhead would have kept the cameras moving.

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