Everybody Loves Mel!

July 19th, 2010 // 90 Comments

Mel Gibson – who has not fled the country – received the support of his ex-wife Robyn last week and now his entire family is joining together to say Oksana Grigorieva “pushed” him into flinging racial slurs and punching her in the mouth. People reports:

According to the source, “Mel didn’t ask Robyn for the affidavit,
 where she says that he never engaged in any physical abuse towards her. 
Robyn just felt that enough is enough and stepped in to show that she
 still values her marriage to Mel and that she is sick of the media 
portraying Mel as a heartless and abusive monster.”
“Robyn feels that Mel
 was and is an amazing dad,” the source says, “and she is still very protective of him.”
A Gibson family source says the actor’s family has long seen Oksana as calculating. “She pushed him over the edge,” the source says. “While they do think he needs help for his anger issues, Mel’s family is supportive of him.”

Wow. Talk about the most ambiguous statement ever. “She made him do it, but okay, he has anger issues.” Look, I have no doubt that Oksana pulled some underhanded shit solely to squeeze a giant chunk of change out of her custody agreement, but it’s not like she can go inside his brain and make him fling racial slurs while threatening arson in the absence of fellatio. That’s purely the magic of Mel. The only way he can come out of this unscathed is if it turns out she secretly recorded him reading lines from his new script Fire Hummer, a post-apocalyptic tale of one man’s journey to overcome racism in the pursuit of the last blowjob on Earth. And now that I just typed that, there’s no way that shouldn’t be his next movie. (Mel, call me. — I’m white.)

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  1. I think Mel is just misunderstood…

  2. Cock Dr

    I think there might be a part for LiLo in that “Fire Hummer” screenplay.
    She’s white under all that orange.
    I wish Mel had left the country. I’d sleep better at night for sure without a crazy arsonist running around loose in Malibu.

  3. dB

    You’re not white.

  4. Mel

    yeah, but are you a filthy jew? then let’s do this, sugar tits. can we get tina?

  5. bob

    you lying fuck. you said the new banner girl would be up by monday

  6. absinthe

    why won’t he die

    • Sweetheart

      Why don’t you die, parasite? What has Mel done to anyone? I have nothing against anyone cursing, using racial slurs, getting pissed off, getting drunk. Our modern world is decadent and filled with cameras everywhere recording our every possible move.

    • the thing is

      absinthe, if you have ever blew your top and yelled at someone, then consequently according to your logic, you should die also. Why don’t you go home a beat you self sensless you piece of shit.

      • MilliVanilli

        thethingis, When you finally discover the pile of shit that you crawled out of, do us a favor and jump in along with Mel and other hatefilled ratbags with no decency or guts. All Mel did was yell? Please, only a psychotic who is clearly as nuts as Mel would make such a statement. Mel was dangerous, venal and vile, and the worst was his attitude towards women and sex, then sneering that she deserved having her face punched. He is a scumbag. Just like you, apparently. Try joining the responsible human race and stop excusing cretins who are so selfish they make the cosmos want to retch.

    • Aussie Mama

      sweetheart; many people are disgusted, yet use great language and abuse here, just for kicks. i agree, what’s the problem?
      i say this; she must have done something pretty darn good to get him so fired up. do not believe for a second that this man is like that 24/7. he is not.

      • AM, and every one of us is responsible for what we say and do, even for kicks. Because using your logic, if I call you a rabid anti-semitic racist whore fuckbag and swear that after you blow me I’ll kill you with a chain saw and bury you in 47 different locations right after I set you on fire because you make me want to SMOKE — then YOU have to accept that it’s your own damn fault for making me so “fired up” you forced me into saying vicious threats like that. And that would be absolute bullshit. (And I’m NOT calling you that – I really do mean it only as an example, because I really don’t think you’ll get it unless I go to extremes. Plus, there’s no way I’m letting you blow me, for reals,)

        Because I can guarandamntee you right back that this man’s being out of control isn’t an isolated incident. It doesn’t matter if it’s one hour out of the day or all 24 that he can’t hold onto his shit, that’s a controlling and abusive mindset going on. And your refusing to accept that he really does own it, no matter what type of a manipulative bitch Grigorieva is, because you really want – or need – to keep liking him no matter what IS the problem. C’mon, just what do think his own family means when they say he has “anger issues”? It doesn’t mean you can’t feel sorry for him being outed, but enough with the feeble excuses. What’s really sad about this is that his 11 year old son is probably getting the message that if you get pissed off enough at someone who pushes your buttons, it’s ultimately their fault if you flip out and go postal on them.

      • KL

        Ugh, shut up you stupid Australian fuck. Why don’t you blow him when he gets back to your generic, no-personality country/continent/whatever the fuck it is.

      • Aussie Mama

        classy, nice to see you can hold an open conversation, where everybody can have a say, without feeling threatened. amd you bag mel?
        what the hell are you so angry for?
        no wait, i don’t care, to happy to bother with your drear!

  7. Sizzle

    Lesson learned: stay away from the gold-digging foreigners.

  8. Jakester

    Look like the ex-wife and family know that if Mel’s career tanks, there will be no way Mel can pay his alimony and support.

    Of course his ex is going to support Mel – it hurt her pocketbook to say otherwise.

    • Mrs. Mel is his ongoing business partner as he hasn’t got the dough to buy her out of his production company, so she sure does have a vested interest.

      It’s also entirely possible he never hit her, but based on those tapes I wouldn’t bet any money on there never being any threats, violent drunken rages or abusive rants in that control-freak-run household. No one can “force” you to behave like he did on tape – the loser “you made me do it” excuse is what every abuser uses to justify his/her actions.

      • Reality

        Wow, inside scoop for all Superficial readers! Thanks Justifiable (justifiable…psycho?retard?bullshitter?)

        Just how many meetings were you in with Mr. & Mrs. Gibsons financial advisers? Or maybe you are their adviser? Sounds like you were there for the whole divorce and court proceedings. Either that or youre just a batshit crazy gossip whore that cant stand to not interject your 2 cents on everything you know nothing about.

        Good Job either way. Thanks for all the laughs!!

      • Perhaps what’s lacking in this Gibson coverage is a sense of imagination.
        If the most obvious explanation doesn’t fit (Mel’s an abusive racist pig) then we need to look for new ones.
        How about…..
        A Russian organized crime family, guided by the international Jewish cabal, targets Mel Gibson & his bank account for destruction (why? something to do with their anger about that damned movie). Their weapon is a wide mouthed fellatrix with a proven track record for ensnaring successful actors into child support for life, but this will be a far more ambitious project.
        The WMD is launched, Mel begins getting drained on a regular basis, and in short order the agent is impregnated.
        Once paternity is publicly established, fellatrix ceases providing Mel his necessary fix, and escalates monetary demands. Mel has buyers remorse & breaks up, signs some what he thinks are watertight legal agreements to keep things nice & private….but it ain’t that easy! Recordings of numerous arguments (all initiated by fellatrix) are spliced /tampered & presented as evidence of abuse to be released unless 10 million is paid up. Me does not pay. Co-conspirators (dentist?) manufacture evidence of physical abuse….which is leaked along with recordings.
        And now the lawyers make hay while the sun shines.
        Some people are apparently suscribing to part or all of this scenario….but I simply think he popped her once (or twice) cuz he’s an asshole & was just so enraged that she wouldn’t do what he wanted. And I think we all know what that was. You see in the Gibson world having a “spiritual connection” with a woman really means that she’s sucking his cock……often.

      • dnali

        i don’t know how the hell to post under you, and i don’t care enough to continue trying to find the reply button, but franknfrtr…i think i love you.

      • dnali


      • Reality, this is not exactly new news, so if you’re so kinicker-twisted enraged because you can’t keep up or just can’t stand it that anyone has access to information about Mel you can’t control, tough shit – it’s you who looks like the psycho nutjob whore here. This is a gossip site, so if you don’t like people discussing gossip either change your tampon and deal, or crawl back under your rock.

        Since Mel and Mrs. Mel had no prenuptual agreement, she owns half of all shit acquired from the time they were married to the date of their separation, and that means Icon Productions. It was reported last year they were going for a bifurcated divorce, which means the financials are resolved later, and since they own an island, a helluva lot of other real estate and other complex assets like that $42M church compound, that makes sense. And as far as the production company goes, separating out exactly half of her share of all the projects that were and are currently in production would have been detrimental both to the projects and the company. His lack of the liquid for a buyout was reported on Perez, and, I believe TMZ. So until the financial considerations have been hammered out, that means she’s his de facto business partner.

        And in your case, it would be justifiable…homicide.

        Now fuck off.

      • FrankNfrtr, that was great! Except for one thing – Mel is such a staunch, devout Catholic that he’d never even accept a blowjob, much less demand multiple ones like that, so that proves the tapes must have been altered. Blowjobs are sinful because they don’t result in conception, so I know in my heart he’d never do anything that would make Jesus, Mary and the saints cry.

        Other than that, you had me at “fellatrix.”

      • Well the jews are out to crush Mel Gibson & take all the money that he made from that dreadful movie at the same time. What could be sweeter?
        Even as I type this lawyers in several different time zones are working overtime on the Gibson billing clock. So it will go for the foreseeable future. And both of his main American properties are for sale too. Time to liquidate some assets.
        Did Oksana plan all of this or is she just a pawn in an elaborate hustle?

        Or is this just the ugliest public celebrity breakup in recent memory?
        Even if you give Mel Gibson your soul, liver & kidneys, you had better not be too tired for oral sex or he’s done with you.

      • Frank, my personal schadenfreude about that film hit when Ted Haggard (who tried to strongarm critics to gloss over the antisemitic theme by threatening that alienating Christians over it would make them support Israel less) was dismissed from his church and from the National Association for Evangelicals for those crystal meth fueled massages with a male escort. Obviously Mel, who claimed no one would ever think he was gay because:”Do I sound like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them?” needs to look a little more closely at his asshole buddies. Er, I mean, the people he’s in bed with. Er, I mean…

      • Reality

        @ justifiable

        Thanks for proving my point. You sight your sources as Perez, The Superficial and TMZ. HAH!

        Like I said, youre a god damn batshit crazy gossip whore with a community college degree in gobbledegook double talk.

        Again, Thanks for the laughs, intentional or not, at your expense. Its refreshing to see someone who just “doesnt get it”.

      • Reality, you accused me of fabricating what I wrote – I told you quite clearly what’s been reported, and when, and also told you why it makes sense. If you’re so far up Mel’s ass that you’re going to pout and stomp your feet and insist on a source like the NY TImes or another paper of record before you’ll “allow” anything to be discussed, too bad. Why are you here, again?

        If you have a poor vocabulary or are just incapable of reading with comprehension so it all sounds like “community college gobbledegook doubletalk” your ignorance as well as your rage and obvious resentment over your shortcomings are a dead giveaway – and pretty laughable one, at that – but they’re also not my problem. If you’re equally embarassed to be caught flat-footed, which you obviously are, and can’t see how ridiculous and hypocritical you are in ranting about “gossip whores” and slamming sites when you’re currently posting on one, then I suggest you look up “irony”.

        Hint: it’s not something you use to flatten your shirty.

  9. joho777

    Believe it or not, that is what I thought might have happened.

    I saw the wife of my neightbor do the exact same thing. He was drunk and she kept putting him down and shitting on him while he got madder and madder.

    Finally he lost his temper and hit her. Which was what she had been working toward.

    Then she had what she wanted, a reason to walk out (and it all was his fault).

    Me and the other neighbors would have stepped in, but they were on their own porch, not in public.

    I’m not saying it’s OK to hit a woman, but this Oksana sounds and looks like a cast iron bitch.

    That’s what you get when you have to pay someone to be your girlfriend. And you SHOULDN’T pick someone just because she has a “pretty” face, not in Hollywood anyway..

    • Jakester

      Pussy. You saw a woman getting punched in the face, and you did nothing, because it was on private property?

      What a fag.

      • Huh sparkling wiggle?

        Why would he do anything? Sounds like she deserved it.

        but let me guess…youre one of these “you should never hit a woman” weenies right? like women could never do anything to deserve to get an ass whipping, right?

        Ill bet you also spend more time fixing your hair in the mirror than your “partner” does when hes putting on his makeup…not to mention getting worried about the bedspread when he goes to bust a nut on your face, because OBVIOUSLY youre a bottom bitch.

        Get with it Jakester (yea, definitely bottom bitch with that name)…NO ONE is above an ass whipping in certain circumstances.

      • Cock Dr

        People should not hit one another regardless of gender.
        This is basic 1st grade stuff!
        However, should your house/apartment/tent/houseboat be unexpectedly entered by a pack of n*gg*rs (or wetbacks!) you have the option of using available firepower. This is America after all!

    • Aussie Mama

      joho777; i agree. i am against any guy hitting a woman….unless that woman lashes out first. i have known of gals that think it’s quite ok to slap their man in the face, when they are pist off, or attack them physically. i think when you cross that line as a female, watch out, because you get what you deserve.
      also, none of this has been proven, mel maybe agro when provoked, who the hell isn’t. when it comes to kids, don’t judge, you don’t know what this woman has put him through. i am sure it’s a hell of a lot.
      i am more likely to believe, that this was a set up from day 1, yes his fault for getting sucked in, but i am sure this lady can be very seductive and alluring. he wasn’t the 1st to get totally sucked in by her. the faked tapes, the faked pic’s, the daily leaks, the extortion, the russian mafia ties, this lady is anything but clean.
      how much should he be able to handle, before he cracks?
      the people that matter are behind him, the court will do the rest.
      i bet anything he ends up justifying and clearing his name and she will be seen for who she has been all along. will make for a great movie!

      • nz girl

        Yep, Aussie Mama’s still in denial.

        I do agree that women shouldn’t hit men though. That’s douchey. however, men shouldn’t hit them in response. Eye for an eye isn’t the best system of justice. It’s a douche move.

      • She’s freakin’ Cleopatra.

        Agreed, no one should be hitting anyone – it’s damn sure not OK if a woman hauls off and smacks a guy any more than if he smacks her. For some reason some people find that more “acceptable” because women usually inflict less damage on men – which is fucking bullshit because they don’t need to be swinging a goddamn toaster for it not to be OK. Last season in The Closer a female policeman hauled off and slapped a male member of the team and her superiors did not one damn thing about it. Write to Kyra Sedgwick who co-produces the show about condoning female on male assault if you”re so moved, because if the roles had been reversed there would be no end to the outrage, No hitting back ever, unless it’s to counter deadly force. Waffle irons count there, IMO.

      • Aussie Mama

        true, but there are some woman, not refering to oksana, ok, just saying there are some women that play really unfair and lash out. men aren’t the only violent ones out there at all. i think it’d be really hard to hold back, if you are being abused and have someone swinging, slapping, whatever.
        we were at a pub not too long ago to see a pretty cool band. at the end of the night, people going to their car etc. this chic comes like a mad woman, to her much smaller man and starts yelling all this psycho verbal abuse. all of a sudden bang, punched him right in the gob! he went down like a tree, flat on his back. poor guy was just standing there. never seen aything funnier in my life, but at the same time, not cool at all.
        just saying; just cos your a chic, doesn’t mean it’s ok either.

      • Aussie Mama

        nz girl. happy to hear we agree on something.
        there are soooo many women, gals that think, because they are weaker, they can slap, hit, lash out. they are men, they’re stronger, they should take it.
        not true at all.
        i think no matter who you are, a slap in the face, is so damn humiliating and uncalled for.

  10. Mike Nike

    Mel….Sugar Tits….Shut the fuck up you disgusting maggot. Because of you I threw out my Braveheart DVD you ass grab. No matter which way you slice it, your a fucking douchebag Mel and your real God like ego was on display for the world. You may be rich, you may be famous, but that doesn’t change the fact that your a fucking scumbag. Fuck off to your private island and suck some indigenous cock, dick licker.

  11. BWD

    Mel’s the man. Keepin it real! He needs to hand out Russell Crowe phone beat downs on MF’s.

  12. this is so well said

    “Look, I have no doubts that Oksana pulled some underhanded shit solely to squeeze a giant chunk of change out of her custody agreement, but it’s not like she can go inside his brain and make him fling racial slurs while threatening arson in the absence of fellatio. That’s purely the magic of Mel. ”
    - love it

  13. Jessica

    Oksandiasdaase aka cologin lips is so full of shit I might barf if I have to hear one more thing about her. Not only was it already proven she was never hit, but the tapes were altered. Although I do wish the stupid cunt was hit in the face. I hope she gets indited on extortion.

    • Aussie Mama

      she will and she’ll lose her kid and she’ll get spat at, with big, thick, green phlem spit, wherever she goes!

  14. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I once googled his wife -just to see what she looked like. And there was a story from a few years back that they had an argument with Mel because she went shopping and spent million dollar on his credit card in one go. Now who is the sellout?

    • Cock Dr

      Damn. That’s a lot of shoes.

    • Aussie Mama

      robin spent a million in a day!
      that is an absolute fabrication. have a look at her, she is very down to earth and simple, she has never done any; fake tanning, fake nails, hairdo, spa’s, fashion, constant travelling, cosmetic surgery. she is nothing like that at all and well known for it too.
      robyn is well known for being careful and anything but the hollywood shopaholic or flashy. none of the gibbo’s are like that.
      the people got together as kids, and grew apart, grew up. no crime there at all. they still love each other a hell of a lot, the respect is there, but the relationship, lust etc, went a long time ago. it happens man. they are very civil to one another and always family no matter what.

      • You know nothing of the kind. She’s not Apple Annie, but neither is the other choice one of the Obvious Housewives of Orange County. They have a lifestyle that’s not in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean she cuts her own hair or travels coach – money like that insulates you from attention if you don’t want it. My friend’s daughter used to play with hers when they were younger – she’s very nice, but she definitely doesn’t deny herself anything she wants, especially when it comes to real estate.

      • Aussie Mama

        i am sure you are right. it’s one thing to have a nice, comfortable life, but it’s another thing all together to be driving ferraris, sipping gold dust cocktails, eating truffles, wearing 10k dresses, 5-30k handbags, manolos, getting your hair cut by the best, flying your hairdresser, etc around with you. she is not that person and never will be. she’s not posh spice, flashy n crass with it all. if she has real estate, it’s a smart investment for her huge family, it’s not a waste like a first class trip to anywhere. sh knows where she came from and i am sure she rememembers being broke too. the million in a day comment, no way.

  15. Bilbo

    Racial slurs. Who cares? So what. Big deal. Makes me like him even more.

  16. Bob

    I think “she pushed him over the edge” is code for, “I want more money.”

  17. kpatra

    The comments here sympathetic to Mel and in support of abuse of women are really, really sad.

    • dont make me smack you bitch!

      yea, so so so so sad…im crying for you that you are forced to come here and read them…

      You want equal rights, than you get them all…no special cases or exemptions from anything men have to deal with on a daily basis, so put on your big girl pants and learn how to control that mouth and youll have nothing to worry about.

    • allrightythen

      I suppose you’re o.k with the comments in support of him being a racist.

      • Huh sparkling wiggle?

        In this environment with Black Panthers saying the want to kill white men, women & babies, the nation of islam wanting to kill whites and jews, mexicans attacking American citizens and murdering people on the border & muslims beheading Americans, driving planes into our buildings and then this nation electing someone with a muslim name and even CONTEMPLATING letting muslims build a mosque at ground zero….YES, IM PERFECTLY FINE AND DANDY HIS COMMENTS AGAINST OTHER RACES.

        Hes pissed, like so many others, and feel like our hands are tied. CAN YOU EVEN FATHOM the dune monkeys wanting to build a mosque at ground zero and have it open on September 11th, like they are planning on doing? Fuck them, fuck the blacks that support/DONT condone them and the black panther party/naacp/noi and fuck mexicans that think they can come live off of our countries wealth without paying taxes.

      • Sheep with no wool

        The reason all of these things are happening is because America as we know it no longer serves it’s citizenry. It serves the interests of the Globalists and you should know who they are.
        They own this world and will send military forces or police over to anyone who does not agree.
        Both world wars were bullshit as is everything else going on.
        Believe in any bullshit you want though, it’s far too late to do anything about it.

      • Aussie Mama

        sheep with no wool, nice to see your eyes are wide open. the average person would be fine, if the elite, evil fuckers weren’t out there destroying the earth, our food, water and us. they don’t care about any of it. eveything we see is done purposfully and noting is accidental. we are not the one’s that can make changes, apart from sticking together.
        say no to political correctness, do not let anyone take your rights away with speech. this is the beginning of much bad coming our way. we could do away with plastic and oil now, with hemp, which breaks down, not ruining anything, it grows fast, it used to be illegal not to grow it, versatile, clothing, rope, everything we need, it’s god given it was put here for us. but the billionaires want to saty billionaires, so we have plastic and oil, patented to do what hemp could continue doing.
        mels a scapegoat for bigger things.

    • Aussie Mama

      kpatra; how do you know there has been any abuse. wait until he says his side, he has not yet done that. he’ll do it in court, not in the tabloids. keep an open mind, you just may get a big surprise and think, “holy shit”, who would have thought? well, i don’t blame him!

  18. FuzzyBean

    I mean, what was she going to get raped by? A pack of a squirrels?

    And, by the way, if you don’t think he should be blown before the jacuzzi, then your wife or girlfriend doesn’t blow you… and you’re pathetic.

    Team Mel.

    • Aussie Mama

      i remember in christina aguileras DIRTY days reading, she only employed big, burly, black body guards. one time her assistant walked in on her in bed with all 8 of them, having a hum dinger of a time.
      (google it, it’s there.)
      i bet anything she didn’t run screaming, ” I’ve just been raped by a pack of niggers!”.
      she liked it, she like it a lot!

  19. kariberry

    2 points.
    1. stand up like a man and get hit like a man, pure and simple. my daddy always taught me to not stand up to a man unless I was willing to risk getting hit like a man. it is not ok for anyone to get hit but there are those who will hit and you are more likely to get hit by one of them if you do that. Not to say don’t stand up for yourself, just how you do it. YES I BELIEVE SHE WAS TRYING TO GET HIT.
    2. it was proven SHE WAS NOT HIT. please remove your braveheart dvd’s from the trash or your asses or where ever you have placed them and sit down with your jiffy pop and spend the day paying homage to MEL.

  20. pink ink

    I can’t help but wonder what Mel’s ‘people’ think of him. I mean, with all this trouble and all this spinning and all this pr work that needs to get done, the man HAS to have a few Jews on his team no?

    • Aussie Mama

      his people; ed limato, his longtime agent dies on the 4th july 2010, aged 73. the media reported his agency dropped him, on the 7th of july, 3 days after ed’s death. conveniently the media never says the full story. he is not represented by anyone at the moment. hell he has all of the media representing him for free, not in a good light, nor truthfully either.
      but ….mels’ not a jew, so he won’t sue.

      • There’s no “convenient” conspiracy here – get it right. It’s common knowledge in the industry that no matter how much Gibson blamed it on booze, Ari Emanuel’s despised him since that drunken anti-semitic rant in ’06. Ed Limato, a senior agent at William Morris, was responsible for bringing his career along from the beginning and still represented him. Ari Emanuel, who’ was the CEO of Endeavor at the time, publically – in print, no less – said his alcoholism didn’t excuse his bigotry and no amount of income was worth endorsing that behavior. Gibson had earlier claimed when “Passion” came out that his faith proscribed him from being anti-semitic, and that he wasn’t a bigot. Emanuel now called him a liar and hypocrite and said no publicist spin or apologist alcoholic excuse could cover it up, and urged Hollywood to shun him. You can’t get much clearer than that, and the the “media” published it all, from Gibson’s apologies and excuses to Emanuel’s excoriation. Not much ambiguity there.

        Big surprise to no one but you – when Endeavor took over WM last year, Emanuel wasn’t happy to inherit Mel with the WM stable. Emanuel didn’t have Limato’s history with him, nor his paternalistic feeling for him, so Gibson’s been on shaky ground at WME, which is now the most powerful agency in Hollywood. The rumor is that WME wasn’t representing him before Limato died, but the day BEFORE his death, Emanuel cut him loose because of the “pack of n****rs” remark. He co-owns and runs the agency, so he doesn’t have to represent anyone he thinks is a racist, a hypocrite and a liar. Great timing, but what’s one more day? After Limato died he’d have been gone anyway.

        Your assumption that Mel’s supposed forebearance and not being “jewish” is making him take the higher road (knew you’d throw that one in – but ironically for you, in this case it means standing up for ethics rather than the bottom line) is completely off base and has fuck all to do with anything – Gibson has no grounds to sue for shit. He’s been kicked to the curb but good because WME has chosen publically not to soil their hands by representing him – no matter how much money he might mean to them in future. And no one, least of all Gibson – can force them to.

  21. Georgeo

    “but it’s not like she can go inside his brain and make him fling racial slurs while threatening arson in the absence of fellatio”

    You wanna bet? Give me a tape recorder and 5 minutes, and I’ll have a tape that makes Mel’s rant sound like a bedtime story.

  22. Aussie Mama

    With rumors that Mel Gibson and his former wife of nearly 30 years, Robyn, may be headed toward reconciliation in the wake of domestic abuse allegations against the ‘Braveheart’ actor, it’s time to examine the relationship between the two.

    According to PopEater’s Rob Shuter, the pair may be headed back to Australia together to flee the circus that surrounds Gibson. But what happened to them over the course of three decades?

    Gibson met Robyn Moore met in the late 1970s in Australia, when Mel was a struggling actor and she was a dental assistant. They both happened to live in the same house in the Australian city of Adelaide.

    The pair married in 1980, in a Catholic ceremony in New South Wales. That same year, Robyn gave birth to their oldest child, daughter Hannah.
    They would have 6 more children over the years — all boys. Twins Edward and Christian were born in 1982, William in 1985, Louis in 1988, Milo in 1990 and Thomas in 1999.

    The Gibson also have two grandchildren by Hannah, who married musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd in 2006.
    Over the course of nearly 30 years, their marriage did survive Mel’s alcoholism, which took him to rehab several times. He often credited his wife with his recovery. “The real medal goes to my wife, who’s a wonderful woman,” he told Diane Sawyer in 2004.

    Although Mel’s traditionalist Catholic beliefs put him at odds with his wife’s own religious upbringing, he still had the utmost respect for her. “My wife is a saint. She’s a much better person than I am.” he said in an interview in 2004.

    Even right after his DUI in 2006, a source told PEOPLE that Robyn was still standing by her man. “She’s as supportive a wife as you’ll see. His marriage is as strong as ever.”

    But everything wasn’t as it seemed. That same year, the pair became estranged and separated. However, the actor’s wife didn’t file for divorce until 2009. Citing “irreconcilable differences,” the documents indicated that they separated on August 26, 2006, just a month after his 2006 arrest.

    The couple issued a joint statement concerning their split. “Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so.”
    At stake was Gibson’s $900 million, but most believed the divorce would be amicable. “There’s a lot of mutual respect and they’ve worked hard on their marriage and worked hard on their separation,” an insider explained to PEOPLE shortly following the breakup.

    The “irreconcilable differences” between the two could have had something to do with Gibson’s relationship with now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. In May of 2009, Gibson announced that he and Oksana were expecting their first child together. Their daughter Lucia was born in October of last year.

    Meanwhile, in the midst of Grigorieva’s allegations against Gibson, Robyn has spoken out.

    “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage. Mel was a wonderful and loving father,” she told the court in a statement, in an effort to protect their children together.

    “Robyn’s tried to stay out of this, but she wanted to make sure there was no speculation of what happened within her family,” a source explained.

    Many friends speculate that they could be back together.

    “Meeting Oksana Grigorieva and leaving his wife was the biggest mistake of Mel’s life. Robyn and the seven children they have together are heartbroken to see what has happened to him. Seeing the man they know as a husband and father being portrayed as a monster is very painful and not the man they thought they knew. However, neither is the man who would walk about from them for a younger Russian gold digger,” a friend of the actor told Rob Shuter.

    • tallulah

      Wow, you seem to be severely obsessed with Mel!! How many times have you posted on this board? Do you actually have a life? It would be creepy if it wasn’t hilariously funny.
      How old are you? 40? 50? He goes for the young girls now, you see. Your blowjobs won’t be up to par anymore.

      • Aussie Mama

        gee thanks. no, not 40, not 50. this is the only site i bother writing anything on and this is the only topic of interest to me at the moment too. don’t care bout the lindsays etc. just find it interesting at the one sidedness of the press that’s all. wasn’t even a fan really until all this came out. am now though. the underdog can have fans too.

  23. StopYerWhinin

    My first wife started out the I’m going to hurt myself if you don’t do what I ask and moved to the I know, I’ll will call my parents and YOUR parents and say that you’re mistreating me, to the *slap* take that, I saw you looking at that girl ( a coworker that she didn’t know when we were in a grocery store) I never once hit her, even after she slapped me so hard on the left ear that I felt the bleeding before seeing the blood. Still I did not hit her. I fell for numerous traps (I was young dumb and full of fun) like the come get your car and you can have my wedding ring but meet me at my job – only to have her call the police (he’s stalking me) claimed in the divorce paperwork that I had a history of abandoning she and her son from a previous relationshite. I was active duty military! she claimed that I wasn’t supporting she or the kid which nearly got me kicked out of the service (USAF.) In the end I moved 2 states away and dug myself out of the financial ruin that she put me in (again I was active duty military but gave her access to accounts – even an account with 14K

    • Cock Dr

      So sorry you got involved with very bad person…..possibly mentally ill?
      Good for you for having the restraint and not getting into a punchfest.
      And thank U for your service to our country.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Thank you for no matter how provoked – you never hit a woman. That’s a real man. Not like pansy ass mel, who moved to Australia to avoid military service. Kudos for everything

    • Aussie Mama

      mate it happens far too often. i have stopped seeing friends when they show they have no heart towards their ex. the all about me attitude really stinks, everyone is entitled to a quality of life.

  24. StopYerWhinin
  25. captain america

    please remember just one thing:

    (this is a fact)

    • No, drunk people and little kids just walk and drive cars the same. Drunk people say what they really think, but little kids will often lie like shit. However, they can always be counted on to be brutally truthful in front of your boss. Or your ex.

  26. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier

    If Mel Gibson is so wonderful, WHY HIS EX-WIFE let him go?

    I want to marry Mel Gibson now….. I love him and I am Mexican,,,,,

    Te amo papacito chulo…..mmmmm….ven y dame un besito

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      lol you have to stand in line now. You are number 2 after Aussie Mama, the biggest Mel’s ass rimmer ever!

      • Aussie Mama

        thanks for the ever so classy shout out, as usual, doc, but happy as a pig in shit where i am mate.
        mel’s my ma’s age, so nothing drawing me there what so ever. just think that until he actually speaks, we should not judge too harshly.
        if he is guilty, i will be the 1st to say, well….holy shit, who would have thought!
        but, i really doubt that will be the out come at all.

  27. Oud

    That woman provoke him to make him angry and record his voice and try to distroy his career by publish the recording. What was the reason for doing that? I can think of only one reason. Money. If I were a movie star and award winning director, I would stear clear of these plasticed-up woman. If I need a woman. I would look really hard.

  28. hmm

    Hey, Reality… It’s nice to see that those with severe learning disabilities get to post here too! Good for you! So, by “gobbledegook” do you mean complete and coherent sentences? What the hell?! It seems you have a beef with intelligence. Did justifiable go and say something all smart and stuff? Must be hard for you to get by on a day to day basis. Jesus, I don’t know if you have a past with each other, but your argument against him/her could not be more deranged.

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