Everybody Loves Mel!

Mel Gibson – who has not fled the country – received the support of his ex-wife Robyn last week and now his entire family is joining together to say Oksana Grigorieva “pushed” him into flinging racial slurs and punching her in the mouth. People reports:

According to the source, “Mel didn’t ask Robyn for the affidavit,
 where she says that he never engaged in any physical abuse towards her. 
Robyn just felt that enough is enough and stepped in to show that she
 still values her marriage to Mel and that she is sick of the media 
portraying Mel as a heartless and abusive monster.”
“Robyn feels that Mel
 was and is an amazing dad,” the source says, “and she is still very protective of him.”
A Gibson family source says the actor’s family has long seen Oksana as calculating. “She pushed him over the edge,” the source says. “While they do think he needs help for his anger issues, Mel’s family is supportive of him.”

Wow. Talk about the most ambiguous statement ever. “She made him do it, but okay, he has anger issues.” Look, I have no doubt that Oksana pulled some underhanded shit solely to squeeze a giant chunk of change out of her custody agreement, but it’s not like she can go inside his brain and make him fling racial slurs while threatening arson in the absence of fellatio. That’s purely the magic of Mel. The only way he can come out of this unscathed is if it turns out she secretly recorded him reading lines from his new script Fire Hummer, a post-apocalyptic tale of one man’s journey to overcome racism in the pursuit of the last blowjob on Earth. And now that I just typed that, there’s no way that shouldn’t be his next movie. (Mel, call me. — I’m white.)

Photo: Getty