Everybody Cross Your Fingers, Chris Brown Might Go Back To Jail

Posted by Photo Boy

Just two Chris Brown posts ago, I suggested he violated his probation by being present at not one, but two incidents where people got shot. Turns out I’m a legal genius, because at a progress hearing yesterday his probation officer recommended that Chris go back to jail and who cares about the rest, that guy is a national hero. Via TMZ:

The probation officer — who thinks Chris is focusing too much on his career rather than community service and rehabilitation — recommends to the judge that Chris serve time. The officer says the singer has shown “a pattern of making choices that are counterproductive.”

Seriously, do we have a parade for him, or just tell Lindsay Lohan he’s a wealthy financier looking to produce indie fil– and she’s blowing him already. You know what? We probably need to do the parade now, too. Maybe throwing candy at kids from a Corvette will soften the blow when he gets that blood test back.

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Photo: Getty