Even I’m Offended By This

January 17th, 2011 // 140 Comments

Because the paparazzi always hang out in LASIK eye surgery waiting rooms, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee thought it’d be hilarious if she pretended to lick a magazine photo of Sandra Bullock. You know, because ruining her marriage wasn’t enough. And it’s shit like this that makes me pray to a God I don’t even believe in for exactly three things to happen:

1. Charlie Sheen has AIDS but won’t wear a condom because he’s Charlie Sheen.
2. Kat Von D turns out to be secretly Jewish.
3. PR Baby knows the location of Hitler’s gold, but will only tell Mommy.

If that’s not enough to make Jesse James and Herr Fuhrer’s Fuckbox above wish they never combined tattooed genitals, I’m willing to toss Oksana Grigorieva off a bridge in exchange for Mel Gibson revoking their SS benefits package. Or solicit a blonde hair, blue-eyed hooker to blow him. His call.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    well..at least we won’t need to see the autopsy photos..we now know what she will look like when she dies.

  2. Hate Rough? you probably hate freedom

    Oh great and here it appears again. Never mind Edgar carry on

  3. wim

    yes indeed: SHE IS AS COLD AS ICE.

  4. Agwings

    For some reason, I’m reminded of Paula Abdul’s video “Cold Hearted Snake”.

  5. “Lucky in Love”? Yeah, you sure know how to pick ‘em, toots. Hopefully once you get your eyes fixed, you’ll see what a reprehensible slutbag you are.

  6. Aussie Mama

    imagine what it will look like at 50+, kat von d, all of them. ]
    what an ugly mob of old women they will make.
    cunt is the wrong word guys.
    i have one and it’s lovely.
    this gal is simply a pice of shit.
    has been.
    ruined…. in every way possible.
    sterilise her, so she cannot breed anymore.
    her poor kid.

    • Johnny Cage

      Jesse James should have really stayed married to Sandra Bullock. He could have had all the sex he wanted with Sandra who has that cute girl-next door voice (I used to masturbate to her a lot in the 90s). Most of all, by being married to her, he wouldn’t have had to ever worry about herpes, scabies, or crabies. It’s a known fact that such safeties go out the window when you mess around like he did. God made marriage for a reason.

      • Aussie Mama

        well said man. real fulfilment comes from children and a great home life, not from screwing around and living in fear after you have screwed around. finfd that person you love, have a family, set some goals, work hard and enjoy your creation. it’s the best and nothing beats it.
        JC your my hero x

  7. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy fuck! Her CUModo Dragon spit’s deadly bacteria is gonna do a number on that mag! That attention starved skank bitch is disgusting & proves it every time she is allowed in any media. Trasher.

  8. Paloma

    Skankadoodledoo! Oh, and ugly too!

  9. Burt

    Repulsive is the word of the day.

  10. Alex

    This woman sex with people for money. Seriously, what kind of personality did ya’ll think she had?

  11. That Guy

    Take it back to the Circus…. Freak!!!!

  12. daisy

    I really wanna punch her face in

  13. Lizzard King

    I would personally rather see pictures from Snooki’s last pelvic exam or pap smear.

  14. toopier

    I don’t get it. I do this all the time.

  15. the last hetero on earth

    Im really sorry, Im not posting to troll or anything, I mean this but,
    I really like her, I liker her alot, I know she is a nazi bitch Cunt but I cant help but really want to suck on her boobs, She is just so attractive,
    I know she is diseased, I know, but, damn those boobs look amazing, Have you seen her naked? google it, she has naked pics,
    and WOW no make up, HOLY SH!T she looks so different, she looks like an entire different person, damn that make up changes her, I wish she didnt use it,

    • Johnny Cage

      I don’t really like her because she’s an adulterous home-wrecker. But seeing her lick another beautiful chick is really hot. I have a fetish for women with long wet tongues so I fapped to this post. I once had a Belgian chick spit on me and lick me all over my face while I stroked myself. I ended up coming so hard I ached for a few minutes in my prostate.

  16. i'm your huckleberry

    if i EVER see her and or jesse i’m gonna go doc holliday on their asses

  17. Mojo Nixon

    I wanna be angry, but I’m pretty sure even Sandra Bullock is laughing at Michelle McGee now. Laughing at her from her money chair while eating elephant ivory skittles.

  18. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    She wouldn’t look half bad in this photo if you could wash off the tattoos and the skank.

  19. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    I Fuck the hel out of those hard fake tiits an tight body. as the adage goes put a flg over her face and fuck her for “Old Glory”! Then cum on her tits

  20. eh be offended all you want for sandra, but end of the day this bomshell is a loser skank wannabe and bullock has an oscar and enough money to set a few stacks on fire and still not give a fuck,.

  21. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    Lol this is awesome, maybe if Sandra didn’t come off as the prude of the century Jesse wouldn’t have thrown it into Michelle, I mean when your wife looks like the queen of missionary its not hard to be tempted, I’m not saying he should have cheated but I get it.

  22. linda19

    Wait, did she draw her eyebrow back on after they disinfected her eye area….because you think that shit would smear.

    • cm

      ahahaha I had to go back and look at that. Don’t you just love women who shave off their eyebrows? Yikes, I could never do that.

    • I suspect its eyebrows are…wait for it…TATTOOED on.

      Why would you want your face to look like a distracted drunk’s sketchpad? Yikes.

  23. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    this is how a woman is promoted from a bitch hawk to a full fledged cunt dragon.

  24. James

    You reap what you sow.

  25. kilin

    Why is she even getting lasik, I assumed that all whores who wear glasses use them as a shield from the all the cumshots haha

  26. nonminti

    my level of disgust reach is limited…

  27. Steelerchick

    What a FUCKTARD!!!!!

  28. castallare

    I think we’re all underestimating her. I believe she’s a performance artist, trying to bring to life a personified image of the Medieval “Succubus.” And, obviously, she’s quite dedicated to her art because she looks almost dead-on, sans the wings. (I’m sure surgery to have those attached are next, though. She’ll use the money she’s making selling photos like these to fund it.)

    Brava, madame!

  29. As insulting as the whole thing is, I can’t help noticing that even this skankerdog looks better without the ton of makeup that “celebs” wear these days.

  30. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    I wanna see Sandra Bullock just beat this bitches’ head in. I don’t have a problem with either of them really and I’m not offended by this picture, but I’ll bet Sandra Bullock could scrap this bitch. Just because she has tattoos doesn’t mean she’s tough…and just because Sandra Bullock is a lady all over town doesn’t mean she can’t whoop a disrespectful bitches’ ass.

    Tattoos/Classy gowns do not denote toughness.

  31. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    Forget the tatts on her face, she has shitty tattoos all over. I just don’t get it. Bad skin, bad tattoos. There are so many hotter tattooed chicks out there, why’d he pick this skank?

  32. Michelle “My Uncle Molested Me” McGee is undoubtedly the 2010 Miss Skank-iverse title holder, and a strong contender for the “decade” trophy.

    However, I still find myself utterly without compassion for Sandra Bullock. She married a tattoo’d, bad-boy biker, whose ex wife is a jailed porn star, and has a history of legal problems himself. She knew all of this…but she had to have the bad boy. Then…OMG…he turned out to be a bad boy who likes tattoo’d strippers. How could we ever have possibly foreseen this? I mean other than common sense.

  33. Mitch

    I got drunk and ended up in a tranny bar last night.

  34. Lauren

    Pfff. These “women” are so trashy. Hey, if they don’t mind trading all of their class and self-worth for being little home-wrecking whores, then whatever; it’s their funeral. Sluts these days.

  35. burner

    what a lame attention seeker, fuck off whore.

  36. Agwings

    What’s next for this famewhore, a 3 way with Jesse James and Micheal Lohan?

    • akewlazzmom

      Egads! That…can. not. be. unseen!
      Thanks, now I need to pour draino on my brain to try and get rid of that visual!

  37. JP

    Wow, that is one unattractive woman. That is a woman right?

    • Aussie Mama

      imagine waking up to that head?
      i can’t imagine a worse nightmare than having that ugly tattooed face looking back at me in the mirror. i don’t know what keeps her going and how she hasn’t commited suicide yet. she is fuckin’ disgusting. when that skin gets older and saggier, it’ll just be a grey/green blur of faded tattoos. bad enough seeing it on an old man. just imagine her later, kat von d later. it’s all great while we’re young, but age is guaranteed and so are huuuuuuge tattoo regrets!
      blonde hair, pierced ears, plucked eyebrows, shaved muff, legs n pits, naturally sun tanned skin are the extent i change. that is plenty and far sexier than any of the other fads, that stay with you for life.

      • Burt

        It won’t take that long for the tattoos to fade. Tattoos have to be touched up every 10 years or so. I still remember my uncles’ old faded 20 year-old tattoos from when I was a kid (they had what’s now considered a traditional style swallow tattooed on their forearm). They were already badly faded back then. By the time my uncles died, they were barely visible.

      • Aussie Mama

        ok i didn’t know that. i don’t have any. still she has very fair skin. i can’t see them completely going away. oh well she’ll be as ugly on the outside, to match the inside.

  38. Stephanie

    You can tattoo a dirty white trash whore, but it’s still a dirty white trash whore. Who the FUCK gets tattoos on their FACE??

  39. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Like a G6
    Commented on this photo:

    Sandra does not come off as prude. She has class. Just because someone doesn’t dress like a hot goth mess doesn’t mean she caint bring it! Sandra is a mega babe w/bad taste in men. This pig is a piece of damaged shit covered in gross looking stains all over her body making her look like she needs a good scrub. Classy (NOT). What fucked up child hood and parents raise something like this mess? I’d be heart broken if my daughter turned out like this. Quite an accomplishment bombshell. Did you even end up with the guy? Nope. He’s on to a real person w/actual direction even if she’s covered in goop/stains too. At least she has some talent. THis chick is all insignificant, irrelevant and a waste of time and attention. You will never hear about her again because holding a pic of Sandra is about the last thing she can do for attention. How basic can you get. All she can do next for attention is die, please get to it ‘girl’.

  40. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Commented on this photo:

    what an ugly fucking selfish scrag. sandra should kick the shit out of her.. and kat for that matter, used to be a fan but fuck me, someone needs to arse screw Jesse for a change.

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