Evangeline Lilly tries to look angry

June 19th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate on Lost, was spotted at Vancouver Airport giving the finger to the paparazzi. Although for some reason it’s way less annoying than when Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne do it. Probably because she’s so adorable. It’s like a puppy trying to bite you with its tiny little mouth. You just want to shake you head side to side and go, “Who’s a little princess? You are! You are!”


  1. WowJustWow

    Never heard of this dirty hippie.

    She should be happy someone thinks she’s ‘somebody’.

  2. Waffleholic

    She has this cute little innocent face while flipping us off. My favorite Bird Flipper by far.

  3. RichPort

    What’s with the fucking hat? Is she a mime?

  4. Johnny Bravo

    For those who dont what the finger means, it means FUCK YOU ! For those who know what it means, it means FUCK YOU, YOU HATERS. When you’re done writing your petty comments or death threats or whatever, you can all go back to your pathetic little lives !

  5. lawpunk

    I hear she likes to use that finger on Hobbit parts. They seem to like it that way, so maybe she was confused and thought she was back in Hobbitown.

    Still, I’d bang her silly.

  6. She looks like one of Peter’s lost boys that go around all day being dirty. She has ugly ratnest hair that reminds me of Britney Spears ugly extensions.

  7. MOD

    #44 – Believe it or not, what she was actually quoted as saying was that she “was so uncomfortable with her beauty when she was a teenager she would plead with God to make her ugly”; based on picture #6, I would say her prayers have been answered.

  8. jrzmommy

    zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz

  9. blpressure

    32. Penis up arse = gay. Hot ladyfingers up arse = straight as a ruler. Even if they do u up the arse with a strap-on it’s straight, depends on who the woman is. Evangeline Lilly, fine. Britney would be borderline gay cuz we’ve seen her nipples mutating, maybe she’s growing a penis too.

  10. yolatengo

    i LOATHE people that complain about how tough it is to be beautiful…cry me a river bitch!!

  11. star69

    58. Posted by MOD on June 20, 2007 12:47 PM

    #44 – Believe it or not, what she was actually quoted as saying was that she “was so uncomfortable with her beauty when she was a teenager she would plead with God to make her ugly”; based on picture #6, I would say her prayers have been answered.


    LOLZ!! Delusions of grandeur is funny shit I tell ya!

    Dude, I’ve heard all kinds of arrogant shit from all kinds of stupid people, but this one by far tops them all.
    How fucking into herself is this waistless, Medusa-haired, chubby-fingered, neversmiling, always-the-fucking-same -expression-in-that-played-out-tv-show-whorebag?
    “oh I was so pretty it made me uncomfortable”

    First off sugar, let’s get this straightened out once and for all: You ain’t that hot. Go check those chubby ankles and fingers of yours, you bloated-faced-pasty-little scumbag.
    Second. You’re engaged to a damn lawn genome. Or a hobbitt. Either way he’s strange looking and has VERY SCARY TEETH. The type that can gnaw you in two while you’re asleep. If you were as hot as you think you are, you’d be engaged to someone who actually looks human and not settle for that thing you’re with. But I understand you wanna make sure your offspring don’t have to worry about being too pretty, like you once did (what a tool!)- so they will be freakishly-looking-weird-things. And then they can join the circus. Or live in Hobbittland. Or travel with the travelling lawn gnome. I’m sure he gets lonely on the road and wouldn’t mind the company.

  12. 15piecesofflare

    For your viewing pleasure:
    Kate from LOST in Phone Sex Commercial

  13. TheRage

    i think she’s adorable normally, but most of these pics don’t do her looks any justice.

  14. Annie

    Geez, why all the hostility toward poor Evangeline Lilly. It’s not like she was flipping you off personally. I think she’s delightful…though these photos aren’t all that becoming.

  15. i wanna eat her out for the next 6 months with out a break!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s so hot, major wood!!! i need slap my salami, miss lilly, you’re tooooo hot!!!!!

  16. theblender101

    awww shes cute

  17. oh wait she has a boyfriend, sorry hope i didnt offend

  18. wrong wrong wrong again

    “your” is spelled incorrectly again! only this time it’s just “you”

  19. fray23

    she plays kate from lost (like said), and shes so bomb! i love what she’s wearing in the pic; its so pretty!!

  20. Leave Kate alone

    For those of you that haven’t seen her on the show can’t comment. She’s a hottie… no doubt! I would eat her azz if I could.

  21. alaskanchicsickle

    Many people from Southeast Alaska, British Columbia on down to Oregon dress like this. I think she looks adorable. So is her boyfriend.

  22. cabbie

    r u kidding me? adorable? this is just tacky!! her style of showing some unattractive angry face and permanently lifting her finger is obnoxious as hell. ugh, she’s just plain ugh. go away now EL and go do whatever charity you claim to be all about yet never do, and stop acting b/c you are not good anyway and clearly you hate the fame. just. go. away.

  23. Sheena

    God give me a break….This finger flipping business is getting more than stupid…They all look like asses…No one knows who the fuck this is anyway?? Sorry lady…

  24. DoonMan

    On the heels of her role in Lost, she was voted one of the Breakout Stars of 2004 by Entertainment Weekly. Although Lilly placed eighth in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006 and initially placed second on Maxim’s Hot 100 list of 2005, she slipped to #67 in Maxim’s 2006 list. On December 14, 2006, Lilly was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actress-Drama.

    Some ‘nobody.’

  25. kill_bell

    If she’s a “Nobody” why do you keep talking about her? LMFAO. hyp0crites.

    Evangeline Lilly is the most natural simple ethereal beauty in Hollywood. i love her. <3

  26. It is sad how today’s “starletts” have gone down the tubes.

  27. Big D

    Re: post 45
    “She ignores her fans and refuse to sign autographs or take pictures.

    Josh Holloway, on the other hand, I’ve met and took pictures with. ”


    This is probably because Josh’s fans are pre-teen girls and Eva’s fans are emotionally disturbed middle-aged men like myself.

  28. What would be awesome is if the lingerie were made in Brazilian factories that rely on child labor. By the children, for the children.

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