Evangeline Lilly tries to look angry

June 19th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate on Lost, was spotted at Vancouver Airport giving the finger to the paparazzi. Although for some reason it’s way less annoying than when Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne do it. Probably because she’s so adorable. It’s like a puppy trying to bite you with its tiny little mouth. You just want to shake you head side to side and go, “Who’s a little princess? You are! You are!”


  1. 100% NO IDEA who that is.

  2. Damn, my link was dead. Wonder how long that has been going on …

  3. coco

    She’s not flipping the camera off; she’s just pointing out the place on her head where the family of rats lives.

  4. Ditto #1 comment. Cute? Maybe in an elf looking way.

  5. maxxjedi

    Who is she?

  6. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    dirty hippie!

  7. missj

    I dont know who she is either. And adorable? She looks like a fugging elf

  8. Sierra

    Yeah, who is this “Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate on Lost”??

  9. janet reno

    She is so fucking beautiful…even if she looks like a dirty hippie.

  10. 15piecesofflare

    For being in the limelight for such a short time, she’s already awfully short-tempered with the paparazzi.

    What Evangeline? You didn’t know this was coming?

  11. 15piecesofflare

    Maybe she should go back to making those phone sex ads.


    she is beautiful! I have nothing bad to say about this picture, except I think she should have looked angry!

  13. It’s means FUCK YOU

  14. Darcy

    This irritates the heck out of me. No one had heard of her until “Lost,” and now she is rich and famous and can do and see more then most all of us, but she has to flip off the camera. I don’t doubt it is a bummer to have cameras in your face all the time, but if that is the price I had to pay so I did not have to worry about paying my bills, then so be it. She needs to realize how lucky she is.

  15. woodhorse

    The photo of Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson smoking weed is far more entertaining, especially since they are wearing clothes from the Salvation Army.

  16. stank

    What a dumbass. No-name, stupid, loser who actually is lucky enough to have some lifeless slob take her photo. So she flips ‘em off.

    WDF is it with these retarded hags flipping off the cameras? Hope they die.

  17. hollyj

    “A Complete Nobody Flips Off the Paparazzi”

  18. GOD

    So being buck toothed and grungy is adorable? Hmmmmm… well there are a lot of adorable tweeenaged bums begging for money outside strabucks these days then.

    I have never seen a princess who looks like this.

  19. Actually one of the papazzos yelled, “Evangeline, what do you think of the writing this season on Lost?”

  20. GOD

    #13. Thank you beer for explaining this to me.

    Now I know why male cashiers always give me the middle finger salute when I buy my EXTRA LARGE condoms.

    Maybe one of the paprazzi peeps was a girl with giant boobs.

  21. Yeah, you just can’t take that seriously.

    Did my comment add a lot to the conversation?


  22. beer

    #20 Yeah, gay dudes riding behind me checking out my nutsack bouncing in my lycra shorts always flip me off and smile.

    If you flip someone off and they suck your finger, hey, you’re in like Flynn.

  23. beer

    #20 The bird = “Sex you very much!”

  24. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Look at those teeth in picture #6! LMAO! Looks like a beaver!

  25. mike

    In picture #8 doesn’t she look a BIT like Alfred E. Neuman in the face?

  26. 1MILFhunter

    She’s a star? Why IS the paparazzi following her??

  27. sea

    Don’t care about her. Certainly don’t care about Lost.

  28. Reality Check



  29. blpressure

    I’d like her to put that finger right up my arse. Yes I’m British and I say ARSE!

  30. What happened to her boobs and butt?

  31. Binky

    She’s from Vancouver.
    They all dress like that. They only see the sun once a month, so they just sit around, dress 1968, smoke dope, and live at Starbucks.
    You know – Vancouver.
    (The strange thing is, you know, the job thing.)

  32. 29. If by “British” you mean “half a fag”, then by all means put her finger right up your “arse”. Let your freak flag fly.

    I’m American, so I’d strongly prefer to fuck her senseless, than to have a prostate examination.

  33. She is ugly and I fuck ugly chicks but she just looks dirty. Clean that hippie off you girl from lost.

  34. Wanky

    i think she wants to fuck me!


    By the time that stupid island show goes off, her cuteness will have worn-off as well, so save your money now, Evangeline, and marry up if you can. And btw, thanks for the news from Vancouver, Binky. I mean it.


    Oh, and from the looks of it, she bites her fingernails.

  37. Quinn

    She makes hippy soso sexy! She couldn’t look angry even if you smacked her, too damn cute!

  38. Awww

    If I were a guy I’d probably follow her around like a puppy.

    How can anyone still look so cute in such a sloppy outfit?

  39. Aw. What a pretty little…bum. Honestly. No actress who probably makes millions on one of the most-watched shows on TV should dress like a homeless person, and have god-awful hair like that. Hell, MY hair even looks better than that on my worst hair days.

  40. HotDogger

    Cunt with her finger,
    Thinks she is being funny,
    Stupid bitch should die.

  41. Re:#31 Well. Ok. I was a bit hard on ‘Hong-Coover’ as they say in the ESL classes.
    -The Lions did win the Cup.
    -I do still get an occasional check from doing business there.
    -they do have a Truth conference coming up this weekend
    - she is kinda cute… (but lost)

  42. miss oblivious

    You can just see her saying it in pics 6 & 7….FUCK….OFF. I can’t decide if this chic is attractive or not. One minute I think so, the next she reminds me of Melissa Joan Hart…or Pippee Long Stocking…

  43. miss oblivious

    But to truly see her cuteness and beauty you have to watch Lost. I was always wondering what was the big deal abt this girl. In fact, she has been quoted as saying something to the effect that its not easy being so pretty (seriously). I would think she was full of shit, but she’s engaged to that little hobbit guy from LOTR, so obviously she can’t be that superficial (like the rest of us, harhar).

  44. pekpek

    She ignores her fans and refuse to sign autographs or take pictures.

    Josh Holloway, on the other hand, I’ve met and took pictures with.

  45. pekpek

    she doesn’t dress like a homeless person, she’s just being canadian.

  46. Ewan

    shes hot, and I guess they dont get so many paparazzi in Hawaii, guess maybe shes not used to it so much

  47. Methos

    @ 14. Well said she needs to remember that!

    Maybe she’s pissed because her little hobbit is off the show…and is starting to realize she could be out of a job anytime..I can but hope so..she irritates the hell out of me in lost.

  48. PAT

    She looks a bit lost with that hair thing and all…

  49. star69

    I lost interest in “Lost” a long time ago. It was fun for the first season then it got old.
    A lot of people I know have stopped watching it too. So, I think instead of acting liken a spoiled brat, she should enjoy her last seconds of fame cuz it’s over betch!
    You can put that chunky lil finger away now.

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