Evangeline Lilly makes penises feel funny

March 5th, 2007 // 56 Comments

Dominic Monaghan was spotted rubbing his balls while taking a walk with Evangeline Lilly in Hawaii. Although I don’t know how flattered she should be, since he looks like he’d try to have sex with a lawn gnome. And who knows, if he wears heels he might even be as tall as one.



  1. Mr. Goat

    suck this! biatches!

  2. CPR

    Oh Please!! Like it’s so abnormal for a guy to grab his package.

  3. He has no penis.

  4. fritobandito

    Nice Shirt. Maybe his matching skeleton underwear were pinching his weenie!

  5. sol

    it’s a little abnormal for a white guy to grab his package, at least in public. and i think trying to have sex with a lawn gnome = masturbation for hobbitboy.

  6. Sheriff Jen

    a white guy can’t grab his package?!

  7. itspat

    He’s just now realizing that Evangelina popped one of his balls into her mouth.

  8. danielle

    Perhaps he was making sure it was still intact. He DID star in three Lord of the Ring’s movies.

    Anyone in their right mind would examine their package if they’d been running around set with little monsters with jagged teeth.

  9. JandalOfDoom

    It’s probably the crabs I gave to Evangelina last week. Haha… pwned little hobbit boy.

  10. DingleberryJam

    I rearrange my junk in public all the time. What i’m more disturbed by is the hoodie Slim Goodbody’s rebellious goth son would wear.

  11. D'oh Eyes

    Nice frock, fraulein.
    Seriously, she looks like the German nanny to his ball-scratching ‘tard.

  12. p911gt10c

    Why is Keannu wearing a dress and holding that guys’ hand?

  13. Tits_McGhee

    Who are these two people?

    He’s prolly got crabs or something. Maybe lobsters, who knows.

  14. Bugman4045

    God I hate hobbits.
    Jared Leto

  15. MR_DG

    I see nothing wrong with this.

  16. NipsyHustle

    he must have given her her first orgasm because there is no other explanation for her hanging on to this freaknik.

  17. Jill

    Heh I love this guy. I think he’s a cutie.

  18. crestlin


    i know it’s hot and uncomfortable on the set of lost, but practice some discretion man! he’s alllll up in there.

  19. schack

    12- i was wondering the same thing

  20. Summer Kat


  21. LoneWolf

    It looks to me like he’s giving the paps the ole Brooklyn Eye-talian salute: “Ay, I gotcha photo oppuhtunity right heah!!”

    Although given how Evangeline looks in this pic, the grab and squeeze would be the only attention my tallywhacker would be getting *shivers*.

  22. bugg

    your balls do get sticky in humid climates

  23. PrettyBaby

    The only way he’s cool is if there’s another pic in this series where he’s saying “ok, Neo, smell my fingers now!”

  24. Stink

    Sneasky hobbitses ALWAYS play with precious!

  25. Bree

    That’s not even a slight “my balls itch” adjustment, that’s a full on ball grab and his facial expression says it all. I didn’t even know hobbits had penises?

  26. Manistoned

    Can’t a little hobbit adjust his little hobbit package in private?

  27. HollyJ

    12 & 19 – HA!
    I was like “Who the fuck is Evangeline Lily? Is she related to Keanu..?”

  28. Carsten5577

    He’s oozing class. Who’s Evangeline Lilly and why is she dating a caveman?

  29. alaskanchicsickle

    Not the best picture of Dominic, but I think he’s incredibly adorable. I would cuddle with him every night, uh huh!

  30. NipsyHustle

    this chick isn’t hot and obviously has no self esteem to be dating this skank troll. i bet her vag smells like patchouli and old soy milk.

  31. 29. Who wouldn’t like a little leprechaun fuck buddy. And I love the way he adjusts his lucky charms. Adorable!

  32. NicotineEyePatch

    21, LoneWolf, I was thinking the same thing, only not in that Jersey accent. Nice call.

  33. NicotineEyePatch

    Did I say Jersey? Because I meant Brooklyn….

  34. sumnersgal

    I have never laughed so hard as I did at this thread – you people ROCK!!!!!

  35. lambman

    Maybe he’s grabbing it as an F-U to the paparazi, Evangeline is one of those whiney celelbs who always complains about paparazi and signing autographs and stuff grabbing your junk to flip off the paps could be a way to impress her.

  36. sid

    “Dominic Monaghan was spotted rubbing his balls while taking a walk with Evangeline Lilly in Hawaii. Although I don’t know how flattered she should be, since he looks like he’d try to have sex with a lawn gnome. And who knows, if he wears heels he might even be as tall as one.”

    Weak picture.

    Weak story.

    24: But you were funny.

  37. Fuck this, they need to get the fucking show Lost back on track. It’s been bullshit this season.

  38. Candycane

    The guy jerking off, the girl pretending like she isn’t aware of it…

    this picture brings back fond memories of 8th grade.

  39. fame is funny

    Their entire wardrobe is sponsored by a 15 year old boys garage sale.

  40. MadameO

    Haha – she looks like a man

  41. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    YOU’RE A BIG FAT LIAR, Superfish!!

    The only balls Dominic Monaghan has are the ones he teabags in his mouth when having sex with Evangeline Lilly!!!

    How dare you deceive us…*sob*

  42. almostfamous


    doesn’t look like keanu to me

  43. saintmaybe

    Please–he’s clearly dissing the papparazzo who took this lame photo–marginally funny at best; what I want to know from Miss Lilly is where I can find the nearest Rompers-R-Us outlet


    Two nobodys who found one another, it’s like Romeo & Juliet all over again. And enough with the man-arms. It’s repulsive for a woman to have man-arms.

  45. PrettyBaby

    #23 Shut up Troll- Smell my fingers? Gross.

    Anyway, I like these 2- they are cute, come on now.. besides he was a Hobbit..wtf?! Leave ‘em be.

  46. Truthseeker013

    Re #2- no, it’s not abnormal. But who wants to have it preserved for posterity??

  47. lilygirl

    Has anyone noticed how white this chick is?
    I mean shes been in Hawaii for how many years now and still no tan?
    But seriously she must be pretty desperate if she is dating this derelict, he looks like he was just hit over the head with a blunt object.

  48. wtf

    he is Lord of the Cockring

  49. SuperChic

    It looks like he’s trying to control his hard-on. You know those shorts aren’t too flattering for a guy with a hard on. She’s like “baby, I know you want it again, but we are walking in a public park. Wait till we get behind a tree and I’ll let you hump on my leg, we’re almost there puppy wuppy. That’s a gooood boy.”

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