Evangeline Lilly likes the beach

December 19th, 2005 // 35 Comments

Here are some more pics of Evangeline Lilly taking to the beach. I gotta say, whenever I see pics of her in a bikini I’m simultaneously aroused and frightened. There’s just something not quite right about her. I think it might be because she has the shoulders of an NFL linebacker. Seriously, she must bench close to 300 pounds.


  1. Gingerella

    It’s called a mesomorphic body type. Also known as “field hockey girl” look — square shoulders, muscles, kind of boyish. I used to feel sorry for such girls when I was younger but now I see how well most of them age.

  2. Juliette

    Yikes…that ain’t a good bikini bod. She’d look better in a sporty Nike tankini or something.

  3. gferny

    shes pretty toned from the front .. the back is kinda mushy lol … either way shes cute >.>;

  4. Nice Pics……anything is better than another story about Kevin and Britney.

    She looks mnaly but I’d hit it. (in the mouth)

  5. Donna A.

    Her hobbit boy friend seems to like her body.
    Donna A.

  6. khoenman

    Her gut and legs are chunky. And her knees need some lipo. She needs to lay off the sauce and start jogging everyday.

  7. Jo Jo

    Did you see those ankles? Ouch!

  8. juck

    wonderful body,nice and toned.i wish all woman would take care of themselves like this.

  9. MrPloppy


  10. SexualSuspect

    She’s hot nomatter what,
    she has a gorgoues face, nice rack and a tight tummy, what else could we ask for?

    not every girl outthere is build like Shakira, with feminine curves everywhere.

  11. voodoochild

    it keeps creeping me out how evangeline still appears in those late night booty call lines…pretty horrible ads, if you ask me. i still wait for her to go buck wild and kill someone everytime i see them.

    link goes to pics of ad: http://www.cockeyed.com/photos/lostgirl/lostgirl.html

  12. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Who the hell is this girl?? Is she an actress? I read all the tabloids and she’s in them… but I don’t know why. Probably one of those highly dramatic nite soap operas on the WB… right?

    She’s cute enough… It’s nice to have someone new in the mix like the President said…

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Is this broad related to Michelle Trachtenberg? I really need to spend 18 hours a day watching VH1 and E! so I can keep up with this site…

  14. HollyJ

    I have no idea who this chick is but she needs to lay off the testosterone injections.

  15. sammygirl

    FYI, she’s one of the primary actors on the show “Lost”.

    I think she looks great. Not perfect, which is all the more endearing in my opinion.

    I really envy her job, that’s for sure. Living in Hawaii to film the show. It’s truly the good life.

  16. nikki

    most women would be lucky to be this fit. i think she looks strong and healthy. and as if you want to see linebacker shoulders on a woman, look no further than Serena Williams — never mind those photoshopped ‘got milk’ ads that are trying to make her look feminine. Evangeline looks terrific. the day we start criticising women for looking healthy, we’ve kinda missed the point people. i’m all for being superficial — i’m here aren’t i? — but let’s reserve our criticism for folks that really deserve it. like Jessica and her big-nosed sister. or sour-faced Ms. Aniston. but not Evangeline’s physical appearance.

  17. derekd

    She’s aight. Maybe needs to work out her bottom a little harder. At least she aint starving herself to death. Feel sorry for the girls that do that. They will not age well.

  18. Sheva

    She just needs to do a marathon. That will make her look like the frail bony creatures running around in Central Park here in New York City. Can you say sack of bones.

    So even if she’s not my speed, someone should just put her on a low weight, high rep program. Stay off those 300 plus benching baby.

    Overall, you have to say she’s close to normal.

  19. It’s weird that we see so many pictures of this chick frolicking in the sun and yet still, she’s as white and pale as a ghost… Even stranger is that Lost is supposedly filmed in sunny Hawaii, and still no tan. Maybe she’s part of some sort of weird undiscovered species, along with Nicole Kidman, etc…

  20. hafaball

    Why does she have four bottles of sun-tan lotion? O.o

    She’s from some show…Lost, right? Ugh, too many skinny chicks.

  21. mommy_long_legs

    Manly or not, I bet she still looks better than 99.9% of the other people on the beach with her that day.

  22. HollyJ

    I think you’ve posted the wrong photo for the article. This isn’t Lilly. It’s Lou Ferrigno.

  23. julema

    women don’t have to look all the same!! Not having ALL the SAME body! That,s what make them interesting! And im happy that she don’t have those big fake boobs…she’s natural and fit. It’s okay for me.

  24. prideofchucky

    What’s wrong with this girl? Hips ALITTLE narrow big deal. I know this website is called “THE SUPERFICIAL” but jeez guys…

    SIDENOTE: In these high res picks her legs are pretty worked. Must be the rough hobbit sex..

  25. dweebisis

    what??? i mean what???

    y’all think this woman is hot?

    it just proves more and more men are bisexual and..just… gay..many guys just like skinny looking boyish and gross looking women.

    all who think this woman is a hottie should just DIE. and don’t breed either!
    as if we don’t have an influx of ugly hipless, skinny, muscular women. we’re turning into Asia!

    ew. i mean…just ew.

  26. RoxAnne

    Hey, Friends!
    I don’t like your comment! Please remember that the film is not a PlayBoy movie! So, she doesn’t need to be perfect. Actually, if you watch the movie, she is not the fragile doll with some new silicon boobies. Her part is to be a strong, sportive and powerful woman. Let us imagine a perfect woman, a bikini top model with new silicon tits. Oh, my gosh! she can lose one of them in the jungle. Or maybe both…. hahahaha. If you don’t like her face, please change the channel where the Chalry’s Angels plays. And please, doesn’t matter what type of movie is, don’t judge a woman considering her most bad pictures…. nobody is perfect! even you who are hiding in the back of your screens.

  27. sweetlips

    Does anyone know who her sunglasses are by? I really like them!

  28. Sara=hater

    Well, she’s a lot cuter on Lost then she is on the beach, but who looks their best on the beach anyways? Something about the way her lower abdomen and hips are shaped remind me of my boyfriend…and that frightens me.

  29. A Nobody

    Hmm… Am I the only one who thinks she looks fine? How is that boyish? Look at the picture of Adam and Eve’s Eve and tell me again she’s boyish.

    Well, you overly sensitive none-erectional dudes, she’s a rock climber, biker and she’s very athletic. You don’t expect all girls to have no muscles at all, do you? No wonder more and more women get attacked and raped every single year. Because the ones with muscles are a no-no and the ones without are on the top charts of fashion.

  30. fit4fit

    How can anyone say she needs to run a marathon or have lipo on her knees? She is easily one of the most fit girls in hollywood. Looks healthy and able to beat up any of you who say otherwise. She has a body to aspire to, a welcome change to health as the meaning of beauty rather then skinny starvation. She needs to be less strong? What is the matter with you people???? Walking, running, climbing – daily life in general is better when you are fit and strong.

  31. Banapple

    Ha. I think dom deserves someone better than that. This is just my opinion so don’t get all defensive on me -.-

  32. slimey

    Maybe a little too athletic for ME personally, b/c I’m intimidated (OK< I admit it) by chicks who could kick my ass inside out, but she looks great. Very fit and attracitve woman, no real problem areas that I can see unless having a solid build is a no-no for a female.

  33. Chris GIrard

    What a bitch she should wipe her ass too. whore

  34. Don

    A pretty girl, but an awful body.

    She is pear shaped, and needs to work hard to stay in shape.

    Once she drops a kid she will balloon, as her legs and hips suggest she will.

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