Evangeline Lilly can’t find dates

December 14th, 2005 // 16 Comments

Looks like before she got famous, Evangeline Lilly filmed some commercials for Livelinks in 2002. I’ve seen them about a million times while watching Conan O’Brien, I just never made the connection in my brain that it was her. I was always too busy unzipping my pants and getting my phone ready because the pretty girl on TV told me all the cool people call in to chat with “real” girls. Real! Look at me now, ma! I’m talking to real girls!


  1. nukular

    Um….who is she?

  2. Georgia

    Evangeline is naturally beautiful, however with make up she looks terrible.

    Is there a name for this phenomenon?

  3. batteryacidqueen

    She’s dating the guy from the Lucky Charms box. You know, the one with the clover in his hat.

  4. sammygirl

    Ha! Lucky Charm guy is also Merry from Lord of the Rings:


  5. andrewthezeppo

    Yeah who is she?

    Lost is for nerds

  6. Realistic

    The Lucky Charm’s guy definitely looks better with make-up.

  7. MrPloppy

    The full number looks like 1 800 210 10 10 . Now do I drop the 1 if I

  8. Georgia

    That leprechaun shes dating is German.

  9. I don’t really think she’s even good looking, but I’d make love to her and ask her to hold me.

  10. nukular

    Ummm…there was a straight hobbit in those flicks? Damn…metrosexual midgets make me feel a bit queasy….

  11. derekd

    Is she prego in that pic?

  12. bob

    I actually ran into her, before she was famous, at a White Spot in Abbotsford BC. She’s the daughter of my best friend’s boss, showed up to say hi at lunch or something. At the time all she was known for was being a Livelinks whore, so me and my buddy mocked her sluttiness behind her back. I suppose she got the last laugh.

    And yeah, she’s pretty but nothing special in person. It seems most celebs are like that.

  13. Well, this is old news, but worth of the post nontheless.

    The thing that amazes me, is that some Dweeb hasnt found a way to link 1800-210-1010 and 4 8 15 16 23 42

  14. jujucabana

    isnt she a porn star?

  15. TaiTai

    #14 Speaking of dweebs, what are those six numbers you mention?? :)

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