Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan get frisky on the beach

October 10th, 2006 // 63 Comments

  1. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Hey that borad is way doable. And after seeing her with that bad-bodied dork it makes me think I actually have a shot. (Dies laughing)

  2. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Its BROAD. I know Im a fuck up.

  3. BigJim

    I wonder if Dom really is Hobbit sized. Maybe she just loves him for his personality.

  4. aussiecrumpet

    Awwwww How romantic i think they make a good pair.Its not like they both havent been spared a beating from the ugly stick.

  5. ApacheRose

    So many things wrong with this, I don’t even know where to begin…looks like some very strange body language.

  6. Binky

    Well she’s a lot cuter than the UFC guys I’m watching now.
    Then again – so is he…
    A ‘Living is easy with eyes closed’ Tatoo? Deep. But damn – you run into a lot of furniture.

  7. CruisingForCock

    I’m off to spray Windex in my eyes.

  8. sortit


  9. attraction-chronicles.blogspot.com

    Nice. Good job to Merry

  10. Robyn

    ‘Living is easy with eyes closed’ is Dominic’s reminder to Lilly. That’s the only way they can stay together.

  11. S.P.F.R.S.

    She must like scrawny co-stars. I will say they are both talented and she is pretty hot, lucky him.

  12. Evangeline: He has a little dick, but he sure can eat out a belly button……..

  13. if you got rid of the hobbit in these pictures kittens everywhere would fear for their lives…

  14. From the Superfish guys caption, my guess would be, he watches way to much pornography and he’s got a couple of “stories” simmering in his head.

  15. ScottInFlorida

    I would so bang dat!

    ON EDIT: I would so bang her! Him, I would just as soon light on fire.

  16. LilRach

    Good for them. They look really happy with each other. I hear they are planning to get married soon.
    It so nice to be in love!

  17. DrDanny

    Good lawd she’s a major babe. He must be packin’ something.

  18. Tracie

    #10, After reading the tattoo, I was thinking the exact same thing. Looks like Evangeline likes to be dominated, and isn’t that the biggest fantasy for a little dude with a Napolean-complex like Dominic?
    Personally, my Hobbit of choice would be Billy Boyd, at least he can sing…

  19. Tracie


  20. poos'n'wees'n'bumblebees

    1) ew, poo Billy Boyd. “spew!”

    2) Look where they get to live/work…so unfair!

    3) They look so cute together.

    4) Apparently he is a really nice cool fun dude, cool fun dudes are fun. That’s why she likes him. For fun, with fun bits.

  21. Binky

    Hummm… Jenna Jameson was the only celeb at the UFC show
    I guess she knows her audience…
    (Not that I’ve ever seen the shows – I don’t even know who Jenna is sweetie – All my comments are based solidly on rumor)
    Just got a text msg – I… M… off… tpc

  22. Dory

    She dosn’t seem particularly interested in a few of thoses photos… “I’ll just lay here with my arms by my sides and let him do whatever he has to do.”

  23. Flip21

    Dominic Monaghan’s claims to fame: playing a midget with a girl’s name in a trilogy, having uglier ears than Harland Williams, and sounding like a 12-year-old with an awful lisp whenever he opens his mouth.

  24. Binky

    Stephen Hawking : Personally – I’m finding these ‘Scream Awards’ a little lame.
    Binky : Tell me about it Steve. I didn’t even know I got this channel. Where’s the remote ?
    (f off Bink and read the f’n thread – Mr Fish)

  25. assfacecocknocker

    i’d go dat! i’d wear her ass as a hat!

  26. BarbadoSlim

    My opinion is that , I don’t know who Evangeline
    Thinks she is ..really.
    So, she’s famous.

    So fucking what?
    Usually people have a little more decency.
    Can we get a little perspective here?
    Kick the fucking media whoring habit already!

    yes it took a lot of work, I’m not very articulate ….YR!!!!

  27. jrzmommy

    Surfer: “Here, guys, I thought you could use my board to do the horizontal bop on! Could I get you to autograph it when you’re done? I’ll just wait here til you’re finished………”

  28. Tracie

    I stand by my earlier statement. ;)

  29. camabron

    Who the fuck are these two putzes ?

  30. DancingQueen

    For shit’s sake, where are the Others when you need them? God how I hate PDA.

  31. RichPort

    What would hurt more, having sand in her pussy or having to stare at this failed genetic experiment up close? Tough choice…

  32. frangly

    Wow, her body is unbelievably fit. Whew.

  33. pinky_nip

    I’d rather fuck the driftwood.

  34. serial snarkalec

    Two midgets get sand wedgies, how cute. All they need are braces for their strange teeth.

  35. captainwalker


    Usually there are 5 of them. The paparnazi. Jesus how dumb.

  36. Bioplant

    Good to see Shamrock retire. After getting the shit pounded out of him for the third time, I think the viewers want to better matches.

    Wanderlei versus Liddell would be good. Too bad it’s never going to happen. Franklin should jump up a weight class and clean things up.

    And then do some algebra.

  37. Bioplant


  38. What is it with beautiful stars and ugly guys?! It’s like a weird trend!

    Christina Aguilera—>Jordan Bratman
    Janet Jackson—>Jermaine Dupree
    Beyonce’—>Jay Z
    JLO—>Marc Anthony

    What the hell?!


  39. NipsyHustle

    hurray, ugly guys are having the best week ever! now those two geeks who created youtube and sold it for 1.5 billion to google will be swimming in hot snatch too. ugly seems to be coming out a winner alot. i’m voting for “ugly ’08″

  40. blahblahblah

    Must have something to do with his *GASP* personality.

    Imagine that.

  41. Just goes to show that attraction is not only about looks.


  42. 86

    I’ve heard of her but who is he?

  43. They must be about to Break up or having relationship problems. Celebs only allow the paparazzi to photograh them making out if they are trying to hide trouble in the relationship.

  44. DancingQueen

    How can people who live in Hawaii be so freaking white?

  45. c

    ugh, Dominic still looks like a hobbit. I can only hope that his personality is stunning enough to make up for that pasty body and scruffy face.


  46. ponk

    she’s playing dead while he sniffs her so she doesn’t get eaten.

  47. skilzaw

    she’s got a butterface.

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