Evander Holyfield: ‘Homosexuality Can Be Fixed By A Doctor, Like A Handicap’

“Damn, girl, you’re like a tracheotomy.”

If there’s one phenomenon that always leaves me scratching my head, it’s African-Americans being anti-gay because of The Bible. The very same Bible that’s been historically used to say it’s okay to lynch them for existing in general and/or deny them basic human rights up to and including owning like them property. Yet here’s Evander Holyfield telling his UK Celebrity Big Brother castmate that homosexuals can just walk into a doctor’s office and be “fixed” like it’s a goddamn hernia. TMZ reports:

Holyfield made the comments Sunday — during his first week in the BB house — when reality star Luisa Zissman asked him if there were any gay boxers in the sport.
Holyfield — a deeply religious Christian –cited the bible and said homosexuality is NOT a choice … but rather something like a “handicap” … something doctors can fix.

I’d make a joke that perhaps being black is something that a doctor can fix except I just remembered Michael Jackson literally tried just that and almost pulled it off once you look past the fatal addiction to anesthesia and millions of dollars in child molestation settlements. Small hiccups.

Photo: WENN