Evan Rachel Wood went back to Marilyn Manson

In an interview with Metal Hammer UK, Marilyn Manson reveals he’s having sex with Evan Rachel Wood in his personal dentist chair again:

“I think I’m not afraid to be me. Sometimes [it] happens when you get to this point in your career, and there are so many things that have happened and influences that you’ve had, besides the influences of the things that have inspired you. Sometimes you feel awkward being what you’re best at, you feel like you have to be something new. But I think that a lot of people will agree that me being me at my best [is what] I need to be. I think that that really paid off because I’m back with Evan, that’s kind of breaking news, you can be the first one to say that.

Presumably Alexander Skarsgard kicked Evan Rachel Wood to the curb for Kate Bosworth because he hates breasts and anything more than .005% body fat. But if it’s the other way around and Evan left him for Marilyn Manson, I’d put a goddamn gun in my mouth. Seriously, how do you bounce back from a woman telling you she’d rather lay underneath a gaunt middle-aged man in make-up while he breathes absinthe in her face? It’d be less deflating if she just wanted to have sex with her dad while dressed like a koala bear.

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