Evan Rachel Wood went back to Marilyn Manson

December 4th, 2009 // 72 Comments

In an interview with Metal Hammer UK, Marilyn Manson reveals he’s having sex with Evan Rachel Wood in his personal dentist chair again:

“I think I’m not afraid to be me. Sometimes [it] happens when you get to this point in your career, and there are so many things that have happened and influences that you’ve had, besides the influences of the things that have inspired you. Sometimes you feel awkward being what you’re best at, you feel like you have to be something new. But I think that a lot of people will agree that me being me at my best [is what] I need to be. I think that that really paid off because I’m back with Evan, that’s kind of breaking news, you can be the first one to say that.

Presumably Alexander Skarsgard kicked Evan Rachel Wood to the curb for Kate Bosworth because he hates breasts and anything more than .005% body fat. But if it’s the other way around and Evan left him for Marilyn Manson, I’d put a goddamn gun in my mouth. Seriously, how do you bounce back from a woman telling you she’d rather lay underneath a gaunt middle-aged man in make-up while he breathes absinthe in her face? It’d be less deflating if she just wanted to have sex with her dad while dressed like a koala bear.

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  1. Cookie

    Eat shit and Die!

  2. #1

    Breaking news is that he is having sex with a woman.

  3. Some Girl

    I think this is the best she has ever looked! That haircolor is amazing on her.

  4. Eder

    No way he stopped banging Stoya for her.

  5. Smile

    Is she holding one of them Google checks in one of the pictures?

  6. Nameless

    She looks really old for someone so young. She already looks like she pushing 30.

  7. Rodham

    Oy! I could plotz!

  8. jumpin_j

    “Seriously, how do you bounce back from a woman telling you she’d rather lay underneath a gaunt middle-aged man in make-up while he breathes absinthe in her face?”

    C’mon Phish, you say that like it was a bad thing.

  9. gotmilk?

    why is she famous?

  10. Max Planck

    Posing with a check in her hand?

    THAT’S what she’ s dating, people.

  11. Chupa

    She’s got a cunty look about her. She can fuck off. She’s about as important or real as vapor.

  12. kate

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  13. in the sack

    one word for this chick: ” necrophilia”

  14. Danklin24

    Someone needs to tell Brian Warner(yes im using his real name because the other makes him sound like the fag that he is) that influence and inspire pretty much mean the same fucking thing. I hate assholes that try to sound smart but end up sounding like complete douches.

  15. Someone needs to remind her that she’s not Dita Von Teese.

  16. Ashley

    Is that Rose McGowan in pic #7? That’d be an interesting conversation.

  17. cc

    She looks stunning. However, she strikes me as being an enormous fucking flake, even by the standards of actresses. And please don’t try and persuade me of her acting prowess. ‘Thirteen’? Incredibly over-rated.

  18. cc

    Pic 7

    Rose: ‘Yes, well I used to be hot.’

    Evan Rachel: ‘I still am bitch!’

  19. cc

    Pic 7

    Rose: ‘Yes, well I used to be hot.’

    Evan Rachel: ‘I still am bitch!’

  20. gross

    How the fuck does Manson do it?

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  22. Tiger Woods

    Who the fuck cares, Fish.

  23. wosh

    @20 MONEY!

  24. mish

    She’s a pretty girl, but she’s trying way too hard to emulate Dita. Remember what she looked like before hooking up with Manson? It’s like night and day.

  25. She’s so much prettier than Dita. Dita is a plain looking girl with a makeup job.

  26. big teeth

    Who is Evan and why does he have a girl’s middle name? And Maryln Marilyn Manson is gay? Who knew??

  27. money

    Marilyn Manson getting laid, proves that money will get you laid.

    Despite the fact the he is a HIDEOUSLY ugly man+woman he is getting laid by beautiful women.What on earth is going on, is this the apocalypse?

  28. angie pangie george

    Probably the best line in the history of written word: “Seriously, how do you bounce back from a woman telling you she’d rather lay underneath a gaunt middle-aged man in make-up while he breathes absinthe in her face?”

  29. bert

    He’s mysterious. Jesus Christ it’s not that hard to figure out. It’s also a statement on her part.

  30. kenortega


    I agree.

  31. See Alice

    I like her classic retro look . Classy .
    Same with Dita, even more so .
    I also think Rose McGowan is stunning .
    MM goes for a certain look
    Why are they attracted to him ?
    I am guessing he is a regular guy under all the makeup ?

  32. lia

    they deserve each other

  33. Nen

    But I read an interview in which Skarsgard said that he never dated her. (from metro canada magazine), poor skarsgard, he can’t walk next to a young woman without being linked to her

  34. maple

    Yawn about the girl with the boy’s name!

  35. RaraAvis

    She’s desperate to maintain some sort of relevence. Oops – failed again. Next!

  36. Heather

    She is famous cause she is an actor.
    She is too good for Mr. Manson if I must say so.

  37. lu

    Dita is a bitch… Evan is beautiful…. Manson is…. hummmm

  38. Lu

    I hate Dita and Stoya because …. Bitch and whore

  39. dude.. she is hot. I want to put her in my personal dentist chair. First I need to get her and then get a dentist chair but these are minor details.

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  41. fuckingcrazytofuckmanson?

    don’t care which overrated designer made them, those shoes aren’t the best pick for that particular dress. Perfect for a Vivid scene though, RCG or DP.

    another of the zillion sighns that she’s trying too hard, and failing, AGAIN.

  42. lesighlepoo

    @9: She’s that girl from the movie ‘Across the Universe’

    @26: Do you need reading glasses?

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  44. Secret Squirrel

    @20 – From what I’ve heard, Manson like many other rock stars, is apparently hung like Seabiscuit. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that McGowan, Von Teese, and Wood here are all size queens, so there ya go…

  45. Darth

    Which sane guy calls himself Marilyn?!

  46. Nero

    That would be the same as me calling myself Daisy.

  47. Boogeyman King Dong

    She’d like to receive checks and show it proud to the world like in pic 4.

  48. brantty

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  49. Thanks for the beautiful pics of Evan Rachel Wood. She is gorgeous and has a very adorable body. All her pics are just awesome.

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