Evan Rachel Wood & Mickey Rourke probably having disturbing sex right now

January 27th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke have been rumored to be a couple ever since they filmed The Wrestler together. However, Evan denied the rumors and everyone believed her because, Christ, it’s Mickey Rourke. Turns out the 21-year-old actress really does have a thing for 56-year-old dudes who look like a burn victim. FOX News reports:

The two attended Grey Goose’s Official SAG after-party at the Shrine on Sunday evening but were spotted leaving together enroute to the later after party at the Four Seasons Hotel. According to Pop Tarts spies, the actress went upstairs with Rourke (whose second marriage ended over a decade ago) when he suddenly grabbed her for a lip-lock in the outside area of the swanky five-star hotel.

From Marilyn Manson to Mickey Rourke? Okay, sure. Then again, Mickey was frisky that night. He fondled himself on the red carpet while looking at Kate Winslet’s breasts, and I included pics of him trying to give Angelina Jolie a new baby the old-fashioned way. Which is exactly why Mickey Rourke doesn’t get invited to events: His awesomeness makes everyone look like weak sauce. Seriously, you can’t teach that.

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  1. 293

    he’s disgusting!

  2. How is this a surprise? Every girl’s shameful secret is that she has her most intense orgasms with guys who make her feel filthy.

  3. Jrz

    Old Mickey–HELL YES
    Current Mickey–Fuck. No.

  4. SouthAfricanHotti

    she is almost as hot as i am….almost!



  6. Rick

    He’s famous and has some money and she’s a woman. Riddle solved.

  7. stephen j

    It’s a shame really. It’s a shame that this great actor is just now being honored for his talent. I remember watching Wild Orchid as a young man coming into puberty. The great debate of the time was if they really had sex while fiming? It really doesn’t matter. Watching him bend Carrie Otis over, simulated, or not, was certainly Oscar worthy in my book.

  8. He must get pissed at her wanting to re-enact that 9 1/2 weeks scene every fucking night…

  9. HalifaxDave

    Shes a fecking whore Like Dita and Rose she let Manson shove his micky in her fanny and now shes letting that drunken slob go for seconds next she will be doing hardcore porn total slag she is

  10. britney's weave

    this girl was fucking marilyn manson at one point. is anyone really surprised by this new turn of events?

  11. Sam

    #9 – your comment reminded me of how much I liked “Trainspotting.”

  12. rhythmic defecator

    I hear he likes to dip it in mustard before he inserts and thrusts

  13. wtf

    2 things:
    1. I don’t believe anything preceded by the words “Fox News Reports”
    2. For Christ sake woman, you’ve got to have enough money not to go to a red carpet even with horrible roots. Cover that shit up.

  14. wtf

    dammit, I meant “event” not even

  15. HalifaxDave

    LOL I loved that movie too #11 but she is a total Slag

  16. Quinn

    She’s so fair skinned. I bet he loves making her butthole an angry red swollen mess. That’s true romance.

  17. Max Planck

    What’s on her back… a Surgeon General’s warning?

  18. dude_on

    Congrats to the Mick. I would disfigure myself for a piece of that even with her having been banged relentlessly by a scary clown… and that isn’t just the sauce talking.

  19. hohum

    She has some Daddy issues.

  20. Lia

    Ugh. Why would Jolie even touch that thing? I get nausea just by looking at him.

  21. Deacon Jones


    Very good point Frist. That helps explain my spectacular streak I had junior/senior year of college.

    This girls hot in a weird sort of way, I can’t pinpoint it…

  22. Matt

    This is just old-school stuff. I applaud her for realizing she’s not all that hot or talented, and deciding to try to make it on a “lay away” plan. A cold hearted calculating star fucker can still be very successful.

  23. Frist I must say

    From the look and now the word of you, there is quite the slut we are working with! I always have sex with guys I am in love with. But then again, I am not a whore who has been around as many blocks in as many neighborhoods as you.
    I would bet that you wear underwear with an extra strong crotch, just to hold your sagging vaginal lips from falling out.
    What would one call that, Camel Lips?

  24. Vivian

    Am I the only one who thought Mickey Rourke was hot in The Wrestler? Yeah, yeah, he’s not as hot as he was in 9 1/2 weeks, but I’d still let him blindfold me and feed me leftovers.

  25. Melissa

    ROOTS! Hello??!! That’s horrid.

  26. muhnamuhna doodoodadoodoo

    really, really plain-jane-in’ in up since “13″, huh?

  27. sla

    Mickey’s pros: his plastic surgery has “settled in” a bit and he looks better than a year or two ago, he seems humble and grateful for his recent success, he thanked his dogs in is golden globes speech, his shades are cool, and he could probably drink whiskey and tell wild tales all night long.

    Cons: what the hell is up with his mustache? The hairs are going every direction. The goatee is kind of creepy, and damn, wash your hair.

    The girl: even though she is young she didn’t do the peace-sign-fish-lips pose. Gorgeous skin, nice dress. But damn, dye your roots already.

    If they are doing it, they are probably both getting a big thrill out of it and will tell wistful stories about if for years. I say leave them alone.

  28. Delgo

    The Wrestler was dope.
    She is dope.
    He looks like Thing from FF.

    “His bad.”

  29. Ali Knievel

    She looks like one of those creepy dead eyed cgi corpse puppets from Beowulf.

  30. lauandy

    doese anyone mention “SEX” here?
    Distusting? No! I think it’s beautiful!! and I’m always prepared to learn some from people who are older than me, say, hot cougars and sexy old folks on === AgelessMate.com=== rock!! they are sexy and sincere and lots of know-hows!!!

  31. Guest

    This girl has turned into such a freak.
    I feel bad for her and her parents.

  32. Guest

    This girl has turned into such a freak.
    I feel bad for her and her parents.

  33. Guest

    This girl has turned into such a freak.
    I feel bad for her and her parents.

  34. Petra

    cheap enough dress?
    look at that stupid zipper!!

  35. Plastic Sturgeon

    @27 I believe he is in talks to be a villain in “Iron Man 2″. That could be what the creepy mustache is about.

    I don’t believe stories like this unless I see photos and a video tape.

    However Rourke still has game, and his face is looking better. I have seen him up close, and ~shudder~ in person many times.

  36. steph

    ugh, he is sooo desperate to look cool…anyone who has lived in hollywood knows this…

    women are being gracious when they let him paw them…

    then you have the girl who looks like laura linney trying to be rita hayworth, evan rachel wood, and you have a winner for the mickey rourke dessssperate contest to find an “actress girlfriend” so he can seem legit/cool/straight whatever.

    he is always with sooo many women and “pining” after long lost ex…protesting too much, or a cover, perhaps? me thinks so for many reasons.

  37. Na na na na

    I must say she looks sooooooooooooooooo much better without the jetblack hair n pasty ass white face. Go Rachel! Much more natural and pretty! As for this old geezer i have no comment.

  38. authorego

    Micky, I’d still hit it. I know he looks like House Harkonen after the facial injections but the hotness shines through.

  39. Ummm...yeah...

    Are you all serious? That is one nasty fucking whore…ewww…nasty ass, lice and crab infected Rourke…Please!
    Bitch go take a fucking bath in some delousing solution…get a fucking tetnus shot and hope your skanky ass doesn’t come down with fucking AIDS.
    Didn’t your fucking mother ever tell you to stay away from bums?

  40. authorego

    Christ I have to do all that crap just from blogging? If he’s that toxic, they should just send him to Iran to hang around the saunas. Nothing like a moist, warm enviornment for bacterial growth.

  41. Tracey

    Mickey was never really pretty. He is a hella actor who does not give a shit about what anyone says about him. He’s loonier than a box o rocks and I bet he is GREAT in bed.

  42. What do you mean exactly by saying: MICKY “MOUSE” IS PRETTY DEPERATE THESE DAYS, folks!!

  43. Ratchel

    ..so her hair is orange..

  44. PostmortemG

    I must say, the ‘Old Hollywood’ style looks great on her. All i know about this girl is that she gave it up to M.M.

  45. Michellek

    Idiots…it is a gossip story! he was all over everyone at the SAGs.
    Evan is NOT with Mickey Rourke.
    There was a gossip story saying she was with Edward Norton a few years back, when he was in New York and she was filming a movie inL.A.
    People love to talk shit in this town…it ain’t true!
    God…give the girl a break.

  46. bogdana

    she’s rich, right? So she can afford another box of Clairol to dye her roots?

  47. Ouisa

    Nice roots and hell, she fucked MM, that has got to be disturbing..

  48. AmberDextrose

    Oh, how much does this bitch want to be Dita? Why can’t she bag her own style!

  49. Plato Meat

    Comment 9 is brilliantly shit

  50. Which is exactly why Mickey Rourke doesn’t get invited to events: His awesomeness makes everyone look like weak sauce. Seriously, you can’t teach that.

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