Evan Rachel Wood & Mickey Rourke probably having disturbing sex right now

Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke have been rumored to be a couple ever since they filmed The Wrestler together. However, Evan denied the rumors and everyone believed her because, Christ, it’s Mickey Rourke. Turns out the 21-year-old actress really does have a thing for 56-year-old dudes who look like a burn victim. FOX News reports:

The two attended Grey Goose’s Official SAG after-party at the Shrine on Sunday evening but were spotted leaving together enroute to the later after party at the Four Seasons Hotel. According to Pop Tarts spies, the actress went upstairs with Rourke (whose second marriage ended over a decade ago) when he suddenly grabbed her for a lip-lock in the outside area of the swanky five-star hotel.

From Marilyn Manson to Mickey Rourke? Okay, sure. Then again, Mickey was frisky that night. He fondled himself on the red carpet while looking at Kate Winslet’s breasts, and I included pics of him trying to give Angelina Jolie a new baby the old-fashioned way. Which is exactly why Mickey Rourke doesn’t get invited to events: His awesomeness makes everyone look like weak sauce. Seriously, you can’t teach that.

Photos: Getty