Evan Rachel Wood Poses in Lingerie For ‘Esquire,’ Dates Chicks Now

Evan Rachel Wood poses for the latest issue of Esquire where she really wants people to know she’s a bisexual, probably so they’ll forget all that sex she had with Marilyn Manson:

She says she’s feeling free and genuinely happy these days. “I’m up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl…”
This is the third such hint in the conversation, after that androgyny comment and saying she’d “marry” her Mildred Pierce costar Kate Winslet if she could.
You date women?
“Yes,” she says proudly, as if she was waiting to be asked.
Do you look for different things in men than in women?
“Yeah, I’m more kind of like the guy when it comes to girls. I’m the dominant one.” It’s with women, she says, that her inner North Carolina gentleman comes out: “I’m opening the doors, I’m buying dinner. Yeah, I’m romantic.”

Somewhere Marilyn Manson just threw his Blackberry on the floor. “She never opened the doors for me! Why am I such a slut?!” *runs away crying*

Photos: Esquire