Evan Rachel Wood Poses in Lingerie For ‘Esquire,’ Dates Chicks Now

April 18th, 2011 // 63 Comments

Evan Rachel Wood poses for the latest issue of Esquire where she really wants people to know she’s a bisexual, probably so they’ll forget all that sex she had with Marilyn Manson:

She says she’s feeling free and genuinely happy these days. “I’m up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl…”
This is the third such hint in the conversation, after that androgyny comment and saying she’d “marry” her Mildred Pierce costar Kate Winslet if she could.
You date women?
“Yes,” she says proudly, as if she was waiting to be asked.
Do you look for different things in men than in women?
“Yeah, I’m more kind of like the guy when it comes to girls. I’m the dominant one.” It’s with women, she says, that her inner North Carolina gentleman comes out: “I’m opening the doors, I’m buying dinner. Yeah, I’m romantic.”

Somewhere Marilyn Manson just threw his Blackberry on the floor. “She never opened the doors for me! Why am I such a slut?!” *runs away crying*

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  1. Evan Rachel Wood Esquire Lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    pff she can take me out anytime she wants… and not exactly to dinner ha!

  2. I remember when girls dating girls was shocking. But then again, I also remember when beating a woman got you jail time and not a record contract.

  3. miley's lesbian lover

    Oh snap! I might have to take a break from Miley & break me off a piece of ERW.

  4. Mark Anthony

    I wouldn’t touch her stank ass pussy after Marilyn Manson shoved his satanic cock inside her. So what if she eats pussy. Who gives a rats ass.

  5. Mark Anthony

    I have seen 100′s of cams with two girls on them claiming to be bi sexual and in the end they don’t do jack shit. Its all bullshit. None of them fuck other women like porn stars anyway. Real lesbianism is in fact boring to watch. I wouldn’t want some chick who eats pussy anyways. Because that shows they feel special and entitled to eat as much bush and suck as much dick as they want. You are best off with a nice straight girl who wants you and your cock and thats it.

    • Lux

      Cue the enraged “claiming to by bisexual” girls from the previous posts accusing you of being shallow-minded.
      In my experience, girls who claim to be bisexual run scared from the real lesbians and just try to kiss all the straight women, which seems kind of counter-intuitive.

      • couldn’t agree more

      • kitty kat

        i feel compelled to defend the REAL bisexual women out there. and yes, it does exist. i’ve been with lesbians, and other bisexual women. as well as men. it has to do with a connection to another human being and gender doesn’t necessarily have to come into play. but i am sick of these celebrities just using it for attention. it took me awhile to come out to the people i knew. it was a real struggle and it does make me happy that awareness has come to it. i get shit from gays and i get shit from straights. real bisexuals don’t really have a place despite what it may seem. sexuality is very complicated. much more complicated than this puritanical society allows. we show sex 24/7 but lets not talk about it. no wonder there are so many kids and adults with a fucked up sense of self.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Kudos Mark. Now finally the real Man has expressed his opinion on that site for a change.
      Kudos to Fish for a funny MM joke too!

  6. Lux

    This bisexuality trend among starlets is pissing me off.
    If I were walking by this interview, I would have asked them to pause it, taken off my panties, laid down on the coffee table, and said “Eat at Joe’s.”

  7. alexreager

    Her air of self satisfaction is like a sniff of rotting liver in the morning. Yuck.

    She’s hot but her persona over-shadows the sweet outside candy shell. Suck sucks.

  8. Evan Rachel Wood Esquire Lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is it that hot chicks think that nasty ass cigarettes hanging out of their mouth is sexy?

  9. DS

    The tattoo on her inner thigh is very sexy.

  10. testington

    maybe she should fuck somebody who can do a decent dye job on her hair

  11. Go Galt

    Cumdumpster, nothing more.

  12. rican

    I would do a threesome with her and Serena Williams in her bikini

  13. Mandy

    “This is the third such hint in the conversation, after that androgyny comment and saying she’d “marry” her Mildred Pierce costar Kate Winslet if she could.
    You date women?
    “Yes,” she says proudly, as if she was waiting to be asked.”

    She sounds INCREDIBLY desperate.

  14. Evan Rachel Wood Esquire Lingerie
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Smoking’s bad for you….mmmmkay?

  15. Evan Rachel Wood Esquire Lingerie
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    Nice tit- ooh..

  16. Frybread


  17. Men’s mags can make almost any chick look good. This being even more proof, given how utterly boring she actually looks 99.9% of the time.

  18. the captain

    ……..youn mean russell brand?

  19. gigi

    Let’s not forget we’re also getting this story from a reporter’s perspective/agenda.

  20. Broctoon

    Girl looked good in her nude scene in Mildred Pierce. Nice tight little body, if that was indeed hers and not a body double’s.

  21. Evan Rachel Wood Esquire Lingerie
    Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    Outfits are really sexy

  22. Marceelf

    I see a guest episode on Glee for her soon!

  23. GDamn

    If you are a young star where your cooch goes so does your rep. I stopped caring after Manson and now she is trying to be edgy at her age.

  24. Evan Rachel Wood Esquire Lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    ‘Unless’ what?

  25. cmoney, esq.

    wait, wait, wait… stephanie pratt was in “mildred pierce” and is posing in “esquire”? this she-pratt doppelganger has confused me and must be shunned.

  26. fapappy


  27. MrsWrong

    Man, I was going to say she would be my perfect woman cause shes hot and smart and SOMETIMES IM bisexual TOO, but I like to be the dominant one, and if we were both “the guy” then thats GAY…and Im NOT gay…(eye roll)

  28. And nobody guessed this already from her dating Marilyn Manson?

  29. Brannie

    Jesus. Is EVERYONE bi-sexual these days? Nothing wrong with it for either sex but hell…

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