Eva Mendes wears lingerie for Calvin Klein

July 25th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Eva Mendes in lingerie is just brilliant marketing for any product under the sun. She could be in an ad campaign for Industrial Strength Penis Melter, and I’d pour it on my cereal. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of “The Superficial Writer is a national treasure.”

Photos: Calvin Klein

  1. Dr. John Blackheart

    Shes my boner pill

  2. Holly

    Not to mention her mole. Her face is just too wide, she looks incredibly manly. Putting make up on her just makes her looks like a drag queen. I don’t find drag queens attractive.

    Hey, I didn’t know Eva Mendez was white! What’s with the skin colour change?

  3. Holly

    look. MendeS. (Before someone takes a whole post just to point that out. Apparently I have trouble with S’s…)

  4. Penny

    She is not that skinny! Serious photshopping. But still pretty.

  5. Aaron

    Dude, I’m already sucking my life away looking at this site. if there are ads that completely take over my screen… like just happened for some bbq ad… I am so out of here. Gimme a break, I’m sure I speak for everyone.

  6. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    I would buy bra’s from her in a heart beat.

  7. This just in.
    We have just scooped ‘Jerky’,’ Perky’ and ‘Lurky’ over at TMZ, ‘ the Sn un’ (sp?), the NSA, and ‘The National Inquirer’.
    We have just intercepted the latest ‘kiss-off relationship’ letter from that ‘Binky’ character who used to bore people here a little while back to his latest little Bic-less flicker of a flame. The saga goes :
    “To whom it may concern :
    Good luck in Rehab.
    OOpps . I inadvertently ‘slipped’ and told my mom and others you drank like a fish and smoked a hell of a lot of dope to the point of unconsciousness. Mom, for one, wasn’t overly impressed…-…
    Well. Ok, then of course, after a while, it became a bit harder to bring you up in normal conversation, in relation to like ‘days events’ – that type of thing.
    But you still kept phoning….
    Enjoy your life exploring abandoned buildings and the circus. I had fun for a few minutes… here and there
    Binky x
    PS : 9/11 was an Inside job.”

  8. re: Aaron

    Where have you been ? I stopped coming here at the start of this year, or last year (I can’t remember) when the site layout changed. It’s total shit and there are far too many ads, too much scrolling and fucking about just to do a simple thing like see a story (sometimes there are only 2 or 3 on a page) or go to the comment box.
    I am trying to get back into it but it’s just not the same and a waste of time. I probably won’t be back after today.

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  10. Jenna

    Dude… she does not look that good in person… its a ad. its a image… its not real… she AINT ALL THAT. I AM WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY HOTTER. EMAIL me at jennasmith17@yahoo.com and I WILL SEND A PIC>> CHRIST.

  11. Jenna

    Dude… she does not look that good in person… its a ad. its a image… its not real… she AINT ALL THAT. I AM WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY HOTTER. EMAIL me at jennasmith17@yahoo.com and I WILL SEND A PIC>> CHRIST.

  12. HoneyBee

    What’s up with the racist comments? number 21, 33? Don’t you know racism is for men with small weeners and big heads? Seriously, racism is soooo lame. And no, I am not black nor mexican, but try to find another way of getting off than being simple-minded, low educated sons of ladies who did not give their childrens enough love.

  13. eggtooth


  14. I think she is really hot ,look like prince

  15. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    If anyone here is bangin the headboard with a female hotter than this, email me pics and I will mad props you for a week…if not and you are gettin down on this fine piece of gash, then look in the mirror tomorrow morning and see what you are bangin on Friday…sheesh. NEXT.

  16. temp

    @15 – she has small boobs?
    who the hell are you looking at?! those aren’t small.

    well…i guess you regularly fuck bimbos with overly inflated boobs then.

  17. I think Eva is absolutely gorgeous. I want to become famous some day, and have been working on getting an RN degree. After all the bad comments on here, other websites, and in the press in general I think I may stick to nursing. I know for a fact I would get talked about like a dog. This way…if anyone thinks of me as being ugly or unattractive then at least I can be helping to save lives on the job while being unattractive. I would be valuable no matter how atrocious I look to the public.

  18. Kathleen

    She’s hot and I don’t understand why people keep saying she is average…
    Is she really average? No, especially considering the number of tubbies in North America.

  19. Exactly Kathleen. This woman is beautiful. If they think she’s average and looks like a man, etc. I guess I don’t have a fighting chance at becoming a star.
    People would probably say Im fat too since Im standing a 5’3 and am currently 110 pounds. It’s a superficial thing I guess.

  20. Ted from LA

    Jenna please send me photos too at Iwanttonailjenna@YAHOOOOO.com.

  21. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    I have made multiple ‘deposits’ in my Fleshlight bank over this photo right here….I am shaggin my right hand 24/7…You peeps have a super week now you all hear :) Madge

  22. spike

    Yikes! Anyone who thinks that thing is attractive in anyway needs their fucking eyes checked. The sixth picture is downright scary!

    @66, she does have small boobs, those bras are stuffed.

  23. Cattyluo

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  24. Jeniffer

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  25. She looks lovely as usual but I like her hair darker.

  26. Cattyluo

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    SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICOLAAAAAAAAAAAAA (sung to the tune of the Ricola commercials)

    and honey bee – go put your obama sticker on your car and hug a fuckin tree. hippie. i bet you smell.

  28. hausfrau

    Something about her grosses me out.

  29. you silly fags

    Of course a site full of homos wouldn’t know a good looking woman if one titty-slapped them in the face

  30. Meh

    Typical slutty American Catholic. What whores you stupid fucking Catholics are.

  31. CougarTexas

    Eh. Whatevs.

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  33. panache lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    eva mendes is probably one of the sexiest model out there. she’s just so gorgeous and classy. very sexy and hats off to her. i like her so match and i guess anything that she wears looks beautiful. eva mendes + calvin klein…awesome!

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