Eva Mendes wears lingerie for Calvin Klein

July 25th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Eva Mendes in lingerie is just brilliant marketing for any product under the sun. She could be in an ad campaign for Industrial Strength Penis Melter, and I’d pour it on my cereal. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of “The Superficial Writer is a national treasure.”

Photos: Calvin Klein

  1. TJ

    Damn she is so sexy….first

  2. ph7

    Our favorite housekeeper still finding modeling jobs. Go figure.

  3. Jason

    Wow, I can say First on an official thesuperficial.com comment page. I can die now.

  4. Hollard

    I would hit this pussy in a heartbeat. yes sur.

  5. Hollard

    @3 You are a typical idiot that posts “first” when really they are anything but.

  6. Eva is boring and average looking.

  7. Hollard – give the man a break. It was a 3-way tie. I am referee.

  8. LivewireT

    She’s nothing special…nothing special at all.

  9. Fiz

    #2 hahaha that was funny, but always remember that she is far richer and better looking than you!

  10. Snoodle

    I can’t really comment on Eva, but as a woman, that lengerie is boring looking as all hell :s

  11. Googlybits

    She looks strange and waxy, like a blowup doll.

    Either she is starving, covered in pasty makeup, or both.

    Not sure about the sexiness factor (I am not a guy), but she nailed “bimbo” right on the head.

  12. angiemedic56

    She is anything but average, waxy, or bimbo! Don’t be jealous. She’s a total babe.

  13. Chaturon "Chubracabra" Wattaporn

    @11: What you’re seeing is strange, waxy retouching! Yikes!

    Nevertheless, she can gurgle my snurg anytime!

  14. Deacon Jones

    “I wanna put her in a bride dress and shit in her mouth”

    -Jim Norton

  15. the typical superficial loser nerd

    She’s ugly and has small tits. Her jaws are too wide and eyes are too small. Her nostrils flare. She has no muscle tone. I’ve had much better girls.

  16. mmetalman

    some of you people would bitch about ‘mother theresa’s’ wrinkles. there aint a damn thing wrong with that! or sophie monk!

  17. Barak Obama

    She is pretty hot. But, I saw much hotter women at the water park the other day.

  18. One

    I don’t know why, but I really cannot stand that womans face, the mere sight of just irritates the crap outta me.

  19. I just made the floor a little wet and sticky in front of me.

  20. JWM

    I would totally go Rick James with her.

  21. coffeebean

    ” there aint a damn thing wrong with that! ” –

    except she’s a fucking mexican.

  22. my2cents

    I think she looks lovely and that the lingerie is classic and elegant (not boring). I love CK’s lingerie.

  23. Karma

    I like EM and I like CK…but CK is “all american blah” and eva is a hot tamale…seems like a bad fit for a spokesmodel.

  24. The Superficial Writer, you’ll always be a treasure to me…

  25. Karma

    #21: Eva is of Cuban descent, not Mexican.

  26. josh


  27. I dont like much.

  28. Cat

    To the girls out there who feel they can’t comment on whether she is hot/sexy/good looking: I’m a chick and I’m confident enough in my sexuality to say that she looks amazing. That doesn’t mean I want to sleep with her.

  29. jonny

    She’s hot. I would deliver a hot sausage to her back door, which she would hungrily accept. I can’t wait…..HA!!!!

  30. chicken pot pie

    well, i’m a girl who thinks this chick is MUCHO CALIENTE, and i DEFINATELY want to sleep with her.

  31. gay

    She’s real hot but these fake pictures/paintings are lame. So photoshopped and gay. Let’s get some pics of Kim Kardashians penis.

  32. Urbanspaceman

    She’s a goddess, perfect in every way.

  33. Jason

    @25 Saying she’s cuban, not mexican is about as relavent as pointing out that you stepped in cat turds, not dog turds.

  34. P

    Damn, Superfish is really on today

  35. Bill

    I, for one, LOVE her manface. In fact, I’m HOPING something will pop out of her panties when I pull them down. And I’m a real man, so it’s going right into my mouth, since I’m the one stripping her. In sex as in anything else in life, fucking finish what you fucking start.

  36. Mike

    Her face looks like the mask a Mayan priest would wear as he’s ripping out your heart.

  37. sasa

    lol. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at **:::M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m:::** that is a celebrity da ting sit e for wealt hy or sexy singles. She is really hot with bikini in that video. You will know how passionate it is after seening it!

  38. clevelandrulez!

    She looks just like a tranny. A really, really hot and sexy tranny.

  39. Oh… she has perfect figure and lingerie is so hot like her only. Quality in everything.

  40. ……………………IS THIS A “MIRACLE”?

  41. She looks like a spic Cindy Crawford.

    And that’s not a bad thing.

  42. I really don’t like her. I think she doesn’t look anything special just average. Not my type at all…

  43. paco

    first….nah!! just kidding. u guys who do that are douchebags. eva is hot!

  44. dragon43078

    Overrated. There are dozens of more attractive women where I work. What is so special about her? She looks like one of the washed up models that I see hawking stuff at the Biker Rodeo.

  45. Frank

    Beauty standards have gone so far downhill in recent years. This manly mestiza is nothing compared to so many girls working small parts in television. (not to mention girls on the street of every town in the Western World) TV is where the real beauties can be found these days. Shit, go to any of the upmarket, softcore porn sites and you’ll see what REAL beauty is.

  46. horsey

    amy winehouse sure got tan

  47. flawed

    just cuz we dont think horsey his not hot we’re considered jealous?cant we just not think someone is hot? she has ALOT of flaws but thats not what makes her unattractive, its the fact that she can’t act and she has to show her silly body off to get a part in a movie. thats unattractive and too easy & common in hollywood today.

  48. blah

    this is the hottest woman evr!! my lesbian crush

  49. ms coaster

    this ad campaign makes me want to buy CK lingerie. i dont like CK lingerie, but think Eva’s body is hot…. would my body look that good in that lingerie?

  50. Sam

    Wow you know I never knew that she was more than just in Revlon commercials and doing cheezy movies. She’s actually a really good model! >_> And she’s been doing quite a bit of modelling lately too.

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