Eva Mendes pats her naked ass in public

December 21st, 2007 // 70 Comments

Eva Mendes unveiled her new PETA ad today in Beverly Hills. She then pretended to pat her own sweet, naked ass which is sort of like watching one of my dreams come true. Now if only some of my other dreams would come to fruition, like being elected president or owning a house made of solid chocolate.

Photo: Splash News

  1. neen

    I met her

  2. That picture is so naughty that I just made a mess in my shorts….in a good way

  3. AdamYYZ

    I’d have a boner right now if it wasn’t for Amy Winehouse.

  4. She likes to “Pet a” that ass!

  5. It makes me wonder how often she pets that ass behind closed doors.

  6. Gerald Tarrant

    Big deal, I’ve patted her ass in public too, it was while we were in line to buy fur coats at Nordstroms. We were doing some porno move. She was blowing me and I decided to pat her ass after I pulled my 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink out. True story…

  7. MindRiot

    At least she wasnt wearing a fur for this photo-op. (Not that i care. Fuck those psychos at PETA.)

    Adam #4 said it perfectly.

  8. The White Urkle

    She wasn’t petting her ass. She was showing Jamie Lynn where to take the cock so you wont get knocked up.

  9. pointandlaugh

    She is SO HOT.

  10. Notice that only one of them is Photoshopped.

  11. ph7

    Standing next to the ad, she looks like my cleaning lady.

  12. Snider

    She’s pregnant

  13. titsonsnack

    Fuck PETA in its “sweet, naked ass”.

  14. Binky

    Insider News:
    1) Those of us in the industry call these type of pix – a ‘Bummer’
    2) (Ok. She’s cute, but who designed her shirt – the Man From Glad ?)

  15. Grace

    Too bad she’s seen everywhere wearing fur and leather. A real friend to the animals, exploiting them for another publicity stunt. It’s amusing that PETA is full of hypocrites, of course, their blatant exploitation of celebrity skin is just the tip of their douchebag iceberg.

  16. She’s not patting it, she’s embarrassed that her arse crack is showing!

  17. The Beer Baron

    Nice art class smock.

  18. Fish’s jokes are weak today. C’mon, chocolate house??? Where’s the imagination? I don’t think it’s him I think it is an unfunny Fish troll..

    Fish is tied up and gagged in a basement somewhere!!! Hmmm….tied up and gagged…..sounds like a nomal friday evening to me..

  19. Ript1&0

    How about a house made of solid vegan chocolate?

    And then when you’re president you can take the eco-friendly public transit to work with the rest of the commoners.

  20. Ben Franklin

    Do you think the poster was printed on leather?

  21. duna

    I heard that she’s pregnant recently. I am not sure. However, it is said
    so many men are still crazy to her and often share her videos at pubspa.com

  22. hello

    E Mis a awful woman,She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs dating club “WealthyKiss.com”. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog and something about her albums…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  23. That pic is oddly sexy.

  24. # 25 Bill, although I’ve enjoyed your comments for a year or two, or is it trois ? – I’ve never, over the years, been able to get your links to work.
    (It’s like a bad case of ‘deja vu’ and freedom fries…. Maybe it’s just me.)
    Oh ok. Re: #15 -Insider News :
    3) 9/11 was an inside job
    ( And Merry Christmas everybody !!)

  25. Now I’m convinced she’s pregnant. Why else would she be wearing that circus-tent shirt? She’s hiding a bump.

  26. lulu

    PETA is garbage. also, she’s wearing leather, so there goes the statement she was trying to make.



  28. lemon

    nice leather boots, bitch.

  29. steph

    why the fuck is Micheal Jackson hiding behind the ad in the last pic?

  30. steph

    Completly irrelevant but why the fuck is Micheal Jackson hiding behind the ad in the last pic?

  31. steph

    Completly irrelevant but why the fuck is Micheal Jackson hiding behind the ad in the last pic?

  32. steph

    Completly irrelevant but why the fuck is Micheal Jackson hiding behind the ad in the last pic?

  33. steph

    Completly irrelevant but why the fuck is Micheal Jackson hiding behind the ad in the last pic?

  34. steph

    sorry about that my sidekick is playing up.

  35. ice dragon

    Man, her ass is a sight to behold. And hold!

  36. #27 Aww Blinky
    It’s good to hear that someone reads my comments, I work very hard on them ;)
    My link is always to the comment # just above mine, this is why it doesn’t seem to work. (I like my name in blue. blue states, lol)
    I like your link very much.
    Merry Christmas

    and that pic is still turning me on!

  37. SHe is damn hot like me

  38. Van

    good woman…

  39. Anal Phlegm Munch

    I’d rape her hard and deep.

  40. sexy hot naked

    hay she is hot and sexy hhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttt
    i want to have sex

  41. Alexandra

    I’ve never liked her.

  42. Berlin

    PETA sucks. ..nothing but attention whores. they burn so much cash on moronic publicity stunts while they should be investigating where all of the legal / illegal fur supply is coming from.

  43. Kirrola

    That shirt screams pregnant.

  44. etc

    Kirrola, look at the other pictures. That is a dress not a shirt idiot. Get your facts straight before you say something that makes you look stupid.

  45. CJ

    Unless her boots and handbag are pleather, she’s in conflict with PETA some where along the way.

  46. judge judy

    she fur is fugly!

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