Eva Mendes hates fur with her nudeness

December 6th, 2007 // 124 Comments

Eva Mendes is the new face of PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. What an awesome coincidence. I, too, would rather see Eva Mendes go naked than wear fur. To prove how much I hate fur, I hunted down a bunch of forest creatures and put them in a wood chipper. Yeah, let’s see someone make a coat out of them now. I should be the president of PETA. I get shit done.

The pic above links to a NSFW version that’s full of assy goodness.


  1. D. Richards

    NIce ass! Her ass looks like my ass, except my ass is a little hairier. Hard!

  2. Matt


  3. JoJo

    Third? OMG, please? That is my main goal in life.

  4. Dear PETA,




  5. you mean Second!

  6. Yes, but is she wearing fur in the front? She must prove that she’s entirely fur free!

  7. mike

    4th’s with her is still would be special! what a nice bod…and face…and eyes…and….well ya get the picture…just look up and look at it again…and again….and again….

  8. Gerald_Tarrant

    All I can think when I look at that pic is she needs a sign above her ass that says “Dump your load here”

    And I sure would too.

  9. pro animal

    4- funny picture. Is that you? I hope so.

  10. dumbpeoplearedumb

    look at Mike trying to speak in complete sentences. Making progress……… yet…..still…..not….quite……there…….

  11. Jesus, don’t click on animated pics on #4′s website. Good God my eyes!!!!!

  12. I would shove a live mink halfway up her ass, just for the irony

  13. Tunz

    Why was this even censored with that tiny black bar? It doesn’t make a difference anyway.

  14. egar

    i’d love to shove my nose up her ass and take a good, long whiff.

  15. jsmack

    That’s a tight heiny. I’d loosen it up quite a bit.

  16. mike

    Hey Frist is your ass that tight? I’ve always imagined it as kinda fat and broad, with lots of cellulite.

  17. Steve

    I wonder if she even had to show up for that “picture?” PETA’s campaign would probably get more attention if they used pictures that weren’t photoshopped so much. I bet she looks way better in the original.

    PETA is a bunch of nutjobs.

  18. Chauncey Gardner

    Awesome, another PETA-loving Hollywood scumbag. Whose labia are probably gray.

  19. Malffy Hernandes

    I hate her

  20. Chauncey Gardner

    Also, look at that ass. Now, imagine it spraying diarrhea after eating too many chorizo burritos for breakfast. Is she hot now??? ‘Cause I can guarantee that’s happened at some point in this bitch’s life.

  21. @12 How about we shove a mink up your ass troll. I bet you would like it..

  22. #16, not even close, dumbass.. not fat, not broad, and no cellulite. Wanna see?

  23. starship

    mmmmm she’s hot

  24. How come they don’t show us the fur she is wearing??

  25. @20 – that made me get a raging hardon.

  26. Erin

    Gotta disagree with you lot of haters in here. I think it’s a great campaign, and applaud Eva for contributing to a good cause!

  27. Chantal

    Why the hell does she look so PALE? She’s competing with my Scottish heritage over here…

  28. 23apples

    Nice eyeliner… looks like a clown drew it on.

  29. she has a hairy mole tho!

  30. Man?

    She used to be a man right?

  31. JustSaying

    I totally support any woman who’ll get naked while I’m in the room. That is why I make so many charitible contributions at Centerfolds.

  32. Andy

    You’re not likely to encounter diarrhea, not unless she’s trying to send you a message. But what I hate is when my tongue encounters tiny bits of soiled toilet paper. She’s a spic so it’s 100% guaranteed she doesn’t wipe herself properly.

  33. Grace

    I hope peta gets eaten by wolves. >: (

  34. miggs

    Her pussy is Cuban but I’m pretty sure her anus is of mixed heritage.

  35. Sauron

    This looks better… Only her hand looks like it’s amputated.Lol

  36. combustion8

    he’s hot.

  37. WHAT!

    I think PETA are a bunch of freaks, but their ass I mean ads are great. Keep up the good work furless bitches.

  38. kels

    All you people are jealous haters…this LATINA is HOT and has all the natural ingredients the whities try to attain: tan and booty!

  39. alex

    whats with the amy winehouse eyeliner?

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  41. poo-eater

    It would be a privelege to eat her poo.

  42. Ted from LA

    I can almost guarantee you it would smell like shit.

  43. Ted from LA

    Poo or pussy? There is a big difference…

  44. 1MILF Hunter

    #6 – my thoughts exactly. She’d better be totally up front with her beliefs. No landing strips.

  45. isitin

    She has one nice ass.

  46. jacknasty

    she is so freakin sexy! Way hot

  47. isitin

    She has one nice ass.

  48. Ript1&0

    All of PETA should be locked in a meat locker and frozen until they break down.

    Which will they do first? Eat the meat or put on the fur coat for warmth? Hmmm…

  49. john

    she looks like amy winhouse with that makeup.

  50. Karisha

    She go nakid anytime! Rrrroooowwwrrrr! Maybe I should buy a fur jacket and invite her over…..its NAKID time! That’ll work….

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